Tuesday, November 17, 2009

N&O reporter, photographer, head to Afghanistan to cover the war

Reporter Jay Price and photographer Chuck Liddy from the the News & Observer are in Afghanistan for several weeks to cover that conflict. To see a gallery of Chuck Liddy's photographs, click here.

Speaking of McClatchy's foreign coverage, still no update on the bureau chief position at McClatchy's Baghdad bureau. The previous bureau chief there, Leila Fadel, left last spring and I haven't seen her successor announced. The commitment from the organization is to Afghanistan. Is McClatchy about to close the Baghdad bureau?

Update: a reader points to more Chuck Liddy Afghanistan photos here and here.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the lost dolts at McClatchy and a McClatchy newspaper to send a photographer around the world to a war zone only to create a photo gallery with just five photos, all of which are visuals of some kind of market and close ups of food packaging. We have a winner!

McClatchy Watch said...

Agree, five photos is pretty lame.

Anonymous said...

Liddy is taking many other photos from Afghanistan. That link is specifically for a story about the market. Here are some other galleries:



Kevin Gregory said...

7:33 thanks

Anonymous said...

Another criminal waste of budget money that could be used to save jobs at their papers. Leave the international news to the big boys McClatchy and concentrate on what's left of your local and regional coverage papers. Can we please get some real managers for this corporation?

Anonymous said...

It's a good question: Will that many people care that they're sending their own folks instead of just using AP stories? No doubt the money going into this could have helped save someone's job.

Anonymous said...

Will local readers appreciate (or even notice) that Afghanistan is now being covered by N&O staff? NO. They instead notice the declining local coverage.

Anonymous said...

You people are showing your ignorance. I know these two reporters, they are awesome! They are there reporting on the NC based troops. 82nd Airborne and the 2nd Marine Division and the HQ for Special Forces are all based in NC.

These same two covered our NC troops for years in conflicts across the globe.

Its much more than five photos. Make an attempt to know what your talking about before you insert foot in mouth..

Anonymous said...

GREAT. So McClatchy pays to send 2 journalists across the globe, to get a few photos on the web and maybe some stories.

Ask the dwindling N&O subscriber base which they would rather have - coverage of the war zone, which is quite well covered by other media, or more coverage of what's happening locally.

Local coverage is cut and cut, and combined with Charlotte, yet they can dig up the money to send folks to Afghanistan? As much as I hate to see the way the papers are going, I can see that these kinds of choices have helped shape McClatchy's future.

Find something that you can do well, something that others cannot do as easily. Report locally. There are wire stories and photos from Afghanistan. Use them. Spend your resources on focusing on your own back yard...

Anonymous said...

Gosh...I hear ignorance rearing its head again. These reporters drove to Ft Bragg and took the next transport flight to the warzone just like the troops. All McClatchy did was pay for the gas to drive to Fayetteville from Raleigh.

The stories those reporters are putting out are far superior to anything Ive read so far.

The N and O has been covering NC troops in war zones long before we were born and will continue as long as NC troops are in a war.

Try to comment on something that you have some knowledge of.