Friday, November 13, 2009

Rumors swirling in Miami

Rumors are flying around the Miami Herald that a sizable chunk of employees are about to get pink-slipped.

The last layoffs at the Herald were less than three months ago, when 16 employees were laid off and 18 positions were left vacant.

Still, layoffs wouldn't be a surprise. The plunge in circulation at the Herald is almost catastrophic -- in the six months ending 9/30/09, daily circulation dropped by 39,862.

And ad revenue for newspapers has been plunging at at 25% clip for more than a year. Do the math: when your revenue drops every month you have to keep cutting expenses to stay afloat.



Anonymous said...

But, but, the recession is over and the economy is on the rebound.

All is well on the good ship Lollipop. Full steam ahead!!!!

Anonymous said...

Buh, but we're profitable! Gary and the Pumper said so!

Anonymous said...

The circulation drop is just in the "outlying counties" and they were not profitable anyway.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Carol Rosenberg will volunteer to relocate to her to her fantasy country of origin, Cuba

Anonymous said...

Spin aside, they have to cut more bodies to boost profit margin. Fewer of anything in media is not good, no matter how you spin it.