Sunday, November 1, 2009

Star-Telegram sports columnist to retire after 40 years

The Star-Telegram is reporting long-term sports columnist Jim Reeves is retiring.

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Anonymous said...

Flashback! To the Dim Witt email:

* Salary - Gil makes 65 percent more than her and Jim makes twice what she does. They are the "senior'' people and she is jr. - just like the difference in a senior photographer vs. a regular photographer.

* Experience - Gil has 29 years, Reeves has 40 and Jennifer only 12.

* She blogs multiple times daily online on any number of topics. Because she's always at practice/games, she provides insider information on all of the teams we cover. Colleges, too. (Leb doesn't blog; Reeves just started contributing to our Texas Rangers baseball blog for the upcoming season).
* She writes twice a week in print and once online. Leb/Reeves write 4 times in print only.

Yep. Maybe he just had enough of being compared to some hack girl. I'd get the hell out of there, too.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Dim "Oops" Witt also gushed about his girl Jen's chicken wing story in the Lifestyle section for the Super Bowl.
Wonder what, if anything, the S-T will do for a cheap-ass going-away party for someone who has dedicated his career to the paper.
The last time someone with that experience left the cheapskates got a few pizzas and put them up on the counter in the newsroom.
But when a finance exec left the paper after only a few years for a VP of finance job with Knight Ridder she was feted at the swanky Fort Worth Club. That speaks volumes of the entitlement arrogance of the S-T's execs and the contempt and disrespect they have for the hardworking rank-and-file employees.

Anonymous said...

Revo was useless, just kissed ass in words. Sports was never an issue in his work. JUNK!

Anonymous said...

8:49 Very true on the going away parties - but they would be broke if they partied for everyone who leaves that dump.