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Thursday November 5 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

Wake Up Call: CNN’s Election Coverage Finishes Fourth (

So the news organizations that Obama says is an actual news organizations isn’t producing the viewer ship of a real News Organizations like Fox? Is Obama just plain wrong on everything!!

Highlighting even further the ratings erosion at CNN in prime time, the “Most Trusted Name in News” finished in fourth place among cable news outlets during election coverage last night.

Fox News was #1 by a mile, followed by MSNBC, then CNN sister network HLN and CNN in 4th place.

They were fourth in both total viewers and the A25-54 demographic.

CNN’s 4th place finish last night was only made more glaring because last year’s election coverage on the network was their best night of all time.

They didn’t just have more viewers than every other cable news network last year – it was the most of all time.

Here’s the ratings breakdown in prime time last night:

FNC: 4,043,000 in total viewers (1,130,000 in A25-54)

MSNBC: 974,000 in total viewers (308,000 in A25-54)

HLN: 842,000 in total viewers (341,000 in A25-54)

CNN: 826,000 in total viewers (227,000 in A25-54)

Anonymous said...

CNN Closes Out October…Off The List Of Top 30 Cable Channels
(Media-ite )

I just wish FOX was a relevant news station just like CNN and McClatchy.

We’ve written about CNN’s ratings drop in October, specifically in prime time.

Using another metric, it was made even more clear – in the final week of October, CNN did not crack the top 30 cable networks in prime time.

For the first time in more than two years, CNN fell out of the top 30 cable channels last week in prime time (total viewers). Fox News ranked 3rd, behind USA and ESPN, while MSNBC was 26th. It was the 43rd consecutive week Fox News finished in the top 5 cable channels in prime time.

In total day, FNC was #5, CNN #27 and MSNBC #31.

CNN has pressed that prime time is just one of many metrics the network uses to measure audience data. And that’s true.

But seeing the network dip out of the top 30 for the first time in years is a telling sign something isn’t working in prime time – and it’s something that will have to be corrected to pull the network back into the top of the cable news, and general cable, ranks.

We’ll see what happens with last night’s ratings – CNN aired a largely election-focused prime time, even more so than FNC and MSNBC during the 8pmET hour. Will it translate to better ratings?
We’ll find out in a few hours…

Anonymous said...


Oh yes, that’s the cable show where Anderson Cooper called American patriots “Tea Baggers”. I remember now?

Financially CNN must be bleeding to death. I remember that in ad revenue per/x viewers, they used to garner more than FNC, because of a more valuable demographic mix.

But when you shrink this far it doesn’t mater what viewer composition you have.

Anonymous said...

The Cartoon Channel is beating CNN?

Anonymous said...

Morris Publishing Group working to restructure outside bankruptcy court (AtlantaBizJournal)

Morris Publishing Group, the parent company of three daily newspapers in Georgia, on Monday said it's working with debt holders to keep a restructuring plan out of U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Details of the agreement struck Friday between debt holders of 75 percent of outstanding notes and the Augusta, Ga.-based media company were provided in an after-hours regulatory filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

According to the filing, a successful deal now hinges on the cooperation of a holdout minority.

Anonymous said...

Forget the 2-1 Spin; [Last Night's Election] Was a Rout (American Thinker )

The Democrats did not lose a 2-1 squeaker last night. They lost two huge races, saw an overall evaporation of 25 basis points of support -- and lost by nearly 500,000 cumulative votes in the three high-profile elections.

Or put another way, Republicans won two races decided by millions of voters -- and Democrats won a small race dominated by party operatives. In addition, the GOP made some historic gains in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Washington state special elections to boot.

In the context of Bob McDonnell's huge win in Virginia and Chris Christie's surprisingly comfortable win in New Jersey, of all places, the fact that Bill Owens scraped up enough votes to win NY-23 is a testament to the superior political insider maneuvering of the Democrats over the Republicans.

So you mean the GOP party apparatus stinks? Well yes, but I think we knew that already.

What we did not know was just how overwhelming the anti-Democrat tide would be among voters.

In the three talked-about races, it was a blowout of something like 55%-42% overall in precincts that voted for Obama 56%-44% just a year ago. The raw totals will end up a tad under 2.4 million GOP votes to 1.9 million for the Democrats in round numbers.

So don't buy into any 2-1 split-decision analysis. It was a stunning reversal of a full quarter of the electorate in one year's time.

For the record, Barack Obama "voted present" by not even watching the election returns -- let alone commenting -- as his party suffered the massive 25% reversal. (Okay, I don't believe White House reports that he didn't watch, but who could blame him a little fib considering the magnitude of the actual loss?)

The stunning stat of the night might be this: that McDonnell beat Creigh Deeds by a thousand times the margin he did in 2005. Or it might be that Christie overcame a 700,000 party voter disadvantage to win a race with about two million total voters. Or it may be that all this happened with zero references to "reaching across the aisle" or mavericks. So what does this mean?

It means Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and "big tent" politics just suffered a huge electoral defeat.

Likely the same can be said of whatever this week's Obama-Baucus-Bogus-Consumer-Ponzi-Care bill is being passed around these days.

To quote CNBC's politically-minded financial analyst Jerry Bowyer, the 1,900-page health care bill is "now pulp." He made that call before 8 p.m. eastern.

Anonymous said...

Not as Advertised: MSNBC Goes with Taped Olbermann During 10 P.M. Hour on Election Night

It's probably safe to assume many Democrats weren't happy about last evening's election results, no matter how they spun them and how they pertained to President Barack Obama. And to his credit, that's something MSNBC "Hardball" host Chris Matthews admitted was not good for the Democratic Party.

However, MSNBC, the so-called "Place for Politics" hyped up its Nov. 3 "Super Tuesday" election coverage throughout the day (emphasis added):

"Tonight, Super Tuesday continues on MSNBC with live coverage of ‘Decision ‘09' inside the key elections that will set the stage for a 2010 political battle," the announcer on the TV spot said.

"Follow the results on MSNBC's primetime line-up. Plus, special live editions of ‘Countdown with Keith Olbermann' at 10, ‘The Rachel Maddow Show' at 11 and ‘Hardball with Chris Matthews' at midnight. Super Tuesday continues tonight on MSNBC, the place for politics."

Anonymous said...

Barone on the Hidden Numbers (Big trouble for Obama & the Dems)
(Weekly Standard)

Unsurprisingly, Michael Barone has an interesting and incisive roundup of numbers from last night that go deeper than the top-line results. Some nuggets:

* Bergen County, New Jersey, a 56%-42% Corzine constituency in 2005, came within a point or two of voting for Christie.

* Westchester County, New York, voted 58%-42% for a Republican county executive after voting almost exactly the opposite way, in a race involving the same two candidates, four years before.

* The Virginia Board of Elections has results by CD showing that three Dems who captured seats in 2008 by very narrow margins (the 2nd, 5th, and 11th districts) saw their districts go to McDonnell by whopping margins (24 points, 22 points, and 10 points, respectively).

Barone believes this last fact will not be lost on those freshman Democrats.

Anonymous said...

L.A. Times on the Important News from Yesterday’s Elections: Democrats Won a Couple of Races!!!!

So, did anything important happen yesterday? Let’s mosey over to the L.A. Times web site for the latest. Here’s their top headline as of 11:12 p.m. last night:

Ah, so the Big News is that Democrats won victories in California and New York!!!!1!1!!

(And, oh yeah, Virginia and New Jersey elected Republican governors. Minor point, that. Hardly worth mentioning, really.)

Anonymous said...

Ad Revenue Eludes Newspapers (WSJ)

Newspaper publishers are running out of costs to cut, and they need to show some real ad-revenue gains soon.

Executives from major publishing chains have clung to a slight moderation in their ad revenue's year-over-year rate of decline from quarter to quarter this year as a sign of improvement.

But that probably has more to do with the mathematics of easing comparisons to last year's economic decline than it does with any actual improvements in this year's ad performance.

The reality is that newspapers are suffering severe declines in ad revenue this year on top of the double-digit percentage declines they suffered last year.

Compared with the first half of 2009, their recent performance doesn't appear to be getting much worse, but it has yet to show any real recovery.

Anonymous said...


From our perspective, we won last night," the California Democrat told reporters during a Wednesday photo op.

"We had one race that we were engaged in, it was in northern New York, it was a race where a Republican has held the seat since the Civil War. And we won that seat.

So, from our standpoint, no, a candidate was victorious who supports health care reform, and his remarks last night said this was a victory for health care reform and other initiatives for the American people."

Anonymous said...

AP Sources: Dem Health bill to get AARP backing (AARP screws Seniors)

WASHINGTON (AP) - In a coup for House Democrats, AARP will endorse sweeping health care overhaul legislation headed for a history-making floor vote, officials told The Associated Press on Wednesday.

An endorsement from the seniors' lobby was critical when then-President George W. Bush pushed the Medicare prescription drug benefit through a closely divided Congress in 2003.

House Democratic leaders are hoping it will work the same political magic for them as they strive to deliver on President Barack Obama's signature issue.

An announcement from the 40-million member group is expected Thursday, said officials with knowledge of the group's decision.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because the endorsement is not official yet.

Anonymous said...

CNN ran Corizine's concession speech but not Christie's acceptance speech. But, who knew? The Obama cult says CNN is a REAL news outlet.

Anonymous said... --The Day After Obama's Election Disaster

I opened the day after the Democrats and Obama got destroyed in the election and what do you know. This is what is in the right hand column (YOU CAN'T MISS IT)

A Look Back The 2008 Election:
The 2008 Election PHOTO President-elect Barack Obama waves to supporters during his election night party at Grant Park in Chicago, Tuesday night, Nov. 4, 2008.

ELECTION MAP REPLAY: How Obama Won the White House

Obama Promises New Dawn of Leadership

'08 Election Is One for the Record Books

EXITS: Economy Allows Obama to Remake Map

WATCH: Obama's Road to the White House

WATCH: McCain Concedes Presidential Race

PHOTOS: Backstage on Election Night

50 STATES, 50 DAYS: ABC News Travels the USA

SEE HOW THEY RUN: Voter Preference & Polls

MATCH-O-MATIC: 2 Candidates, 1 Vote

Anonymous said...

Limbaugh says Obama 'in over his head' (AP via Breitbart)

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh warned in a TV interview of unprecedented "radical leadership" in the White House and called President Barack Obama a narcissist who is "immature, inexperienced, in over his head."

Limbaugh, who regularly rails against the administration in his weekday radio program, said the health care overhaul working through Congress would become "the biggest snatch of freedom and liberty" ever seen in the United States.

In an interview taped for "Fox News Sunday" nearly a year after the presidential election, Limbaugh derided Obama's recent visit to Dover Air Force Base to observe the return of 18 service members' remains from Afghanistan.

He called it a "photo op" designed to "create the impression that he has all of this great concern" while he dithers over a new strategy for the 8-year-old war.

"He really has no experience running anything. He's very young.

I think he's got an out-of-this-world ego. He's very narcissistic. And he's able to focus all attention on him all the time," Limbaugh said.

Limbaugh often calls Obama a "man-child president" on his syndicated radio show. "That description is simply a way to cut through the noise and say he's immature, inexperienced, in over his head," he said in the TV interview.

Anonymous said...

Jarrett: GOP 'more and more extreme' (Politico)

White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that the rise of a Conservative Party challenger in a closely watched upstate New York House election shows that the Republican Party leadership is “becoming more and more extreme, and more and more marginalized.”

“It’s rather telling when the Republican Party forces out a moderate Republican and it says, I think, a great deal about where the Republican Party leadership is right now,” Jarrett said when asked about the GOP candidates’ decision to suspend her campaign, making it more likely the Conservative will win Tuesday’s special election.

On other issues, Jarrett told host George Stephanopoulos that she sees “a great deal of momentum … on heath care,” and said the White House does not view the decision of Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s leading opposition candidate, to withdraw from a Nov. 7 runoff.

Asked what the New York development shows about the Republican Party leadership, Jarrett said: “I think it’s becoming more and more extreme, and more and more marginalized.

Look at the number of people who actually say that they’re registered, consider themselves a Republican. And if that’s the direction they want to go, fine.

What we’re going to do is what we’ve always done. And that is, we’re going to reach out.

Valerie Jarrett was married to the son of Vernon Jarrett who was good friends with Frank Davis — both communist.

The Bowman and Jarrett families were very close and Valerie Bowman married Vernon’s son.

It gets even better, Jarrett’s mother was friends with Tom Ayers, father of Bill Ayers. It all is beginning to fit together the more you look into relationships.

It looks like Obama was groomed by Frank Davis (communist) and introduced into the Chicago scene by the same person (Davis originally came from Chicago).

Until I did the research on Tom Ayers, I never knew he was a major player in IL politics.

Anonymous said...

In U.S., Majority Now Say Obama’s Policies "Mostly Liberal" ( )

PRINCETON, NJ -- A majority of Americans now see President Barack Obama as governing from the left. Specifically, 54% say his policies as president have been mostly liberal while 34% call them mostly moderate.

This contrasts with public expectations right after Obama's election a year ago, when as many expected him to be moderate as to be liberal.

This finding comes from a USA Today/Gallup survey, conducted Oct. 16-19, which offers several indications that Obama's public image has changed since his election last November.

Much of that change is inauspicious for Obama.
Perhaps related to the re-evaluation of Obama's ideological orientation, fewer Americans today than in April say Obama is keeping the promises he made during the campaign.

Anonymous said...

-Fox News pulls huge
ratings on election day-

Los Angeles Times
by Mark Milian

If you followed the suspense of Tuesday's elections, odds are you landed on Fox News. Fox News Channel absolutely crushed the other networks in prime-time election coverage ratings...

Anonymous said...

Obama Watched HBO Special About Himself Instead of Election Results (Narcissus had nothing on this guy.) Newsbusters

(Kind of reminds me of Hitler during the last days of the Reich. Didn’t he watch movies of his past glories while Germany (Berlin) was being bombed?)

During the 10AM ET hour of America’s Newsroom on Fox News Channel, fill-in co-host Martha Maccallum told viewers what President Obama watched on election night while Democrats suffered big losses in New Jersey and Virginia: “Robert Gibbs said, well, he was actually watching, you know, the HBO special about his year-long campaign and how it all went.”

On Tuesday night the White House had worked to downplay the Democratic gubernatorial defeats by claiming the President did not watch the election returns.

Apparently Gibbs thought it would look better if the commander in chief was watching a self-indulgent fawning documentary about himself.

Interestingly, Obama apparently previewed the HBO special a few days earlier, as Gibbs himself explained to the blog Talking Points Memo: “White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says Obama has already seen ‘By the People’...Gibbs told TPMDC Obama’s review: ‘Thumbs up!’”

Anonymous said...

White House Overstates Number of Stimulus Jobs Created, Reviews Find (Obama lied, again!) FOX

The Obama administration appears to be using fuzzy math to count the number of jobs created by the $787 billion stimulus package, according to two analyses that show counters included pay raises and hours worked as actual jobs.

The government's claim that the controversial spending bill led to 640,000 jobs could be overstated by at least 20,000 because recipients of federal grants and contracts appear to have made mistakes when estimating the number of jobs that have been saved or created, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis.

And an Associated Press review found that more than two-thirds of 14,506 jobs credited to the stimulus under a popular federal preschool program were overstated because pay increases for existing workers were counted as jobs saved.

The reviews raise fresh questions about the process the Obama administration is using to tout the success of its economic recovery plan -- one in which half the money has been spent so far.

Last week's stimulus report claimed 640,000 jobs saved or created by the economic recovery plan so far. Those jobs came from 156,614 federal contracts, grants and loans awarded to more than 62,000 recipients, worth a total of $215 billion.

Anonymous said...

Axelrod: Obama Alone Can't Create Bipartisanship (“When pressed Axelrod could not come up with situations where the White House has reached out to republicans.” Priceless.) CBS News

As Barack Obama marks one year since his historic election, one of the architects of his campaign acknowledges the president has not forged the post-partisan atmosphere that he had hoped to achieve.

Senior Adviser David Axelrod said the president "is not a magician. You don't with a wave of a wand make everything different."

The top White House aide said while the president has "extended a hand of cooperation, some in the other party made a political decision that isn't in their interest."

Speaking with CBS Radio News, Axelrod was hard-pressed to specify areas of cooperation with Republicans on any major issues.

He pointed to relatively easy areas including national service and child health care.

But on the tough issues including health care reform he noted, "There's an awful lot of pressure from the right wing of the Republican party that has made it more difficult for moderate Republicans to step forward."

The longtime Democratic strategist said, "I don't think being in the opposition on every major issue is a winning formula for the Republican Party."

So the Dems have overwhelming control over Congress yet they can’t pass the WH agenda. Instead Joseph Goebbels (aka David Axelrod) blames the Reps.

1st step to bipartisanship. Don’t hold closed door meetings that exclude Republicans.

2nd step to bipartisanship. Don’t attack a news station just because it has a different viewpoint.

3rd step to bipartisanship. Get rid of Nancy Pelosi. She doesn’t want it.

Anonymous said...

Homosexual Leaders Blame TV Ads, Obama for Loss in Maine (CNS News)

Stunned and angry, national gay rights leaders Wednesday blamed scare-mongering ads - and President Barack Obama's lack of engagement - for a bitter election setback in Maine that could alter the dynamics for both sides in the gay-marriage debate.

Conservatives, in contrast, celebrated Maine voters' rejection of a law that would have allowed gay couples to wed, depicting it as a warning shot that should deter politicians in other states from pushing for same-sex marriage.

"Every time the citizens have voted on marriage, they have always sided with natural marriage," said Mathew Staver, founder of Liberty Counsel, a Florida-based Christian legal group.

"Maine dramatically illustrates the will of the people, and politicians should wake up and listen."

Gay activists were frustrated that Obama, who insists he staunchly supports their overall civil rights agenda, didn't speak out forcefully in defense of Maine's marriage law before Tuesday's referendum. The law was repealed in a vote of 53 percent to 47 percent.

"President Obama missed an opportunity to state his position against these discriminatory attacks with the clarity and moral imperative that would have helped in this close fight," said Evan Wolfson of the national advocacy group Freedom to Marry. "The anti-gay forces are throwing millions of dollars into various unsubtle ads aimed at scaring people, so subtle statements from the White House are not enough."

Anonymous said...

Change… White House Budget Director Orszag Now Says Deficits Are Bad (GatewayPundit)

Today’s Hope and Change…White House Budget Director Peter Orszag warned about the serious and unsustainable national deficit today.

The Hill reported: White House Budget Director Peter Orszag warned Tuesday that large federal deficits will eventually imperil the U.S. economy because they will lead to higher interest rates and more borrowing from overseas.

Orszag, in a speech in New York, said that deficits, expected to add $9 trillion to the current national debt of $12 trillion over the next decade, are “serious and ultimately unsustainable.”

But, that isn’t what he said a few months ago. White House Budget Director Peter Orszag told Cavuto back on February 26: “We need a shared sacrifice” and “Deficits are good.”

Anonymous said...

Rent clothes to cut carbon emissions, says green watchdog(AGW idiocy) ( )

Large wardrobes of seldom-used clothes are no longer environmentally acceptable and people should instead rent outfits and accessories, according to the Government’s waste watchdog.

The Waste & Resources Action Programme (Wrap) claims that overcoming our obsession with owning goods could be a “secret weapon” in meeting climate change targets.

It has called for a fifth of all household spending, £148 billion out of an annual total of £732 billion, to be converted to renting by 2020.

Anonymous said...

Major Media Outlets Ignore Report on Energy (Bob McCarty Writes)

Members of the mainstream media — people who call themselves “journalists” — seem to have paid absolutely no attention to a Congressional Research Service report on energy released Oct. 27 — this, despite the fact that two energy-related measures (i.e., the Kerry-Boxer and Waxman-Markey) are at the center of heated debate now taking place on Capitol Hill.

I used Google News Search this morning to search for the use of the exact phrase, “Congressional Research Service,” and either of the terms, “Kerry-Boxer” or “Waxman-Markey”, during the past month. Only eight results surfaced.

Among the eight results, I found that no major media outlets in the United States had mentioned the CRS report, that two Canadian news outlets did mention it, and that one conservative publication in the U.S., National Review, covered it here.

What did they miss? Two of the most-noteworthy items highlighted in the report produced by the nonpartisan research arm of Congress were as follows:

* The United States has the largest supply of energy resources on Earth — more than Russia or Saudi Arabia; and

* The United States has tapped into only 13 percent of these energy resources, with the other 87percent still untouched.

For a more-detailed look at what the journalistic wannabes have missed, read a related post, United States Could Be Energy Independent If….

Anonymous said...

♫ More, more, more ♫
How do you like it,
how do you like it?

**11 Uncovered School Videos Feature Songs Praising Obama**
Who can still doubt the Obooba school speech and follow-up propaganda lessons were not a fully orchestrated event from the White House?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I know RINO, but what is a DIABLO?
Democrat In All But Label Only

Originally a reference to Scozzafava in NY.

Anonymous said...

The Civil War was in 1993?

San Fran Nan claims VICTORY!!!
“Pelosi dismisses Dem losses in Virginia and New Jersey”
“We had one race that we were engaged in, it was in northern New York, it was a race where a Republican has held the seat since the Civil War.”

Anonymous said...

Re: More, more, more-
Elementary Epidemic: 11 Uncovered Videos Show

School Children Performing Praises to Obama
Read these lyrics. They make you want to sing and dance....and hurl.

Anonymous said...

Scuzzafava a GOP??? She was so left-wing she made Owens look conservative in NY-23.

Anonymous said...

More Obama songs of praise? I hope parents wake up and see the rot in the public school system. Perhaps leftist school teachers will be taught a few lessons about forcing political propaganda on our children. The unions have ruined education professionals just as they have ruined everyone they have touched.

Anonymous said...

Favorite blog election comment:

“Bravo to New Jersey, New York and Virginia in getting the job done and encouraging the rest of us…to continue the flame of freedom burning brightly to show us the way home back to a free America…free of the Democratzi!!”

Anonymous said...

The corrupt media never mentions the NY race was almost won by a third party candidate with little money, and about 30 days of notable support. The GOP was wise to toss out a RINO, and get back to being conservative, IMO. That is what the American people really want. The next election slogan will be ‘Change” and it won’t mean to socialism, “No you can’t”, and “Chicago Thugs need not apply.”

Anonymous said...

TOTUS caused the weakling to speak with a forked tongue?
Voters reject Obama's double talk
Washington Examiner

... It was not a good day to be a Democrat linked with Washington's biggest problem -- politicians who promise one thing, but then do something else entirely.

Anonymous said...

The Democrats have become so bold in their dishonesty, they don’t even try to hide their corruption any longer; they must be insane. Even the fawning media looks ridiculous trying to cover for unleashed socialists.
You call a $6 billion slush
fund draining the swamp?
Washington Examiner
by Barbara Hollingsworth

Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised to “drain the swamp” created by earmark-crazed Republicans when Democrats took control of the House in 2006. But Pelosi is not above some earmarking herself when it suits her purposes. The Heritage Foundation’s Dennis Smith says that a “manager’s amendment” to Pelosi’s controversial 1,900 –page health care bill includes new provisions that will allow back-door payoffs to specific members of Congress, such as more [favorable Medicare reimbursements] to particular doctors or hospitals and lower taxes on medical device manufacturers [in certain congressional districts.]

Anonymous said...

Biased reporting paying the ultimate price- I wish I had said this:

“Suffice it to say, barry soetoro dunham odingo barack hussien obama has shown newspaper owners what happens when you appoint the delivery boy to be editor in chief.”

Anonymous said...

♫ What a Difference a Day Makes ♫

So much Obama damage control, that
David Axelrod even talks to Fox News

Los Angeles Times, by Andrew Malcolm

Anonymous said...

Community organizing experience readies one to be president? I don’t think many voters think that is intelligent thinking now.
New bumper sticker:
Obama, Obviously
American Spectator, by R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.

WASHINGTON -- What strikes me about politics over the last couple of years is how obvious it all has been. In 2008, as the junior senator from Illinois campaigned across the country demonstrating his gifts as a motivational speaker and community organizer, all one had to do was review his recent life to know that he was about to bring down on the country -- ever so incompetently --

Anonymous said...

Some journalists finally wake up and smell the stink! Maybe the worm turns? Who kept swooning over Obama's smarts? The so-called journalists out of work? I feel so sorry for them!
-Famously smart, Obama
was stupid about economy-

San Francisco Examiner
by Chris Stirewalt

Anonymous said...

MSNBC's 'Countdown' Goes
Drag to Rip Sarah Palin

Newsbusters, by Jeff Poor

Stay classy, MSNBC. On the day after the Republican Party showed gains in a few statewide elections and with key health care and cap-and-trade legislation pending, MSNBC went back to the well to do what it does best - attack the character of one of the network's favorite targets, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Anonymous said...

Analysis: Democrats have
short memory on judges

Associated Press, by Larry Margasak
Ten months into Barack Obama's presidency, Democrats are accusing Republicans of creating ''a dark mark on the Senate'' by delaying confirmation of his federal court nominees. The mark might not be as dark as Democrats make it seem. Of the 27 judicial nominations Obama has made so far, all five brought up for votes in the Senate have won relatively quick confirmations, including new Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. So what is this ''dark mark''

Anonymous said...

Fox News annihilated its competition on Election Night, setting a cable news vote-night record for prime-time viewership - more than 4 million. The real news here is that these are viewers who ALWAYS vote. Obama has good reason to fear the Fox.

Anonymous said...

MSNBC may as well be the official state-run media. It can't make it on the free market, which is why Obama props it up by sweetening up deals with parent company GE. Basically, we the taxpayers are keeping MSNBC on the air which make me want to hurl.

Anonymous said...

House Squeaker Pelousie is compared to the obsessed British major in the film 'Bridge on the River Kwai. Good one, and quite right old chap.

The Madness of Queen Nancy
Wall Street journal, by John Fund

It's one thing to be serene under fire, it's another to be delusional. More than a few Democrats in Congress are perplexed and worried that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is insisting on ramming through a 1,900-page health care bill on Saturday, just days after her party took heavy losses in Tuesday's elections. "It reminds me of Major Nicholson, the obsessed British major in the film 'Bridge on the River Kwai,'"

Anonymous said...

The NY election was just a one year fill-in. Think what Doug Hoffman can do in full campaign mode. He nearly won as a third party candidate. Bring it on in 2010! Doug Hoffman just received a ton of positive attention almost free.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt media is making a huge deal about Sarah Palin endorsing Doug Hoffman, and he lost. They say nothing about the lame president campaigning for two Democrats in high profile elections, and both lost. Such is the uselessness of the ‘Fringe’ media. They never mention the difference in the campaign funding either. Useless media, if useless is even the correct word.

Anonymous said...

Re: AARP backs the socialist Obamacare
AARP is backing this because the government takeover reform bill will close the Medicare Advantage Plan which AARP does not sell and push seniors into the Medigap Plan which AARP does sell. There are already thousands of blog comments to boycott AARP, they are not looking out for seniors, they are trying to get one over on seniors. They are in fact the dreaded big insurance goons Obama says he wants to eliminate. Odd that.

Anonymous said...

AARP is just a liberal shill for an insurance company. Their Dem ties are obvious. This is just another Obama backroom deal. These people are selling out their members, and their special interests are again exposed. Dump AARP! Liars that they are.

Anonymous said...

Just shredded my membership renewal and plan to mail it back to AARP. Bastards.

TruthHurts001 said...

12 dead soldiers, and Obama blathers on and on, giving a "shout out" to one of his fellow commies.

What an absolute disgrace!!