Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tri-City Herald circulation numbers

OK, as promised, here are the M-F circulation numbers for the Tri-City Herald for the past 6 months:

Tri-City Herald
daily 3/31/09: 39,255
daily 9/30/09: 36,642
total loss in past 6 months: 2,613 (-6.7%)

Much better than the 10.6% national average drop. Later today I'll post numbers for all of McClatchy's newspapers in Washington.


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Anonymous said...

Those are interesting. When looking at these numbers you do have to take into consideration, the Tri-City area economically has been very steady, they are adding lots of jobs at the DOE site because of stimulus money. So you should expect their numbers to go up or stay steady! Not good for the paper. In a year and a half when the stimulus funds dry up, the numbers may look much worse.