Friday, December 11, 2009

Did Romenesko kill Editor & Publisher?

John Temple, former editor of the Rocky Mountain News, thinks so:

It's easy to underestimate the power of aggregation. But the truth, in my view, is that Romenesko replaced Editor & Publisher long ago as the place where journalists turned to find out what was going on in their world. It's not limited by one medium or industry. It's timely. And it's deep. The magazine couldn't compete. And it's not just Romenesko. There are many sites and blogs to turn to today to learn what's going on in journalism. Which is why E&P couldn't survive as a viable business. I know many would like to think that the same thing couldn't happen to other publications.



Anonymous said...

Make no mistake, it was Greg Mitchell that killed E&P. Romenesko was simply the lock on the coffin that made sure there was no way to get out.

Kevin Gregory said...

3:24 The buck stops with Greg Mitchell.

Instead of positioning E&P to adapt to the times, Mitchell spent his time posting at Daily KOS and Huffington Post, tweeting and blogging endless anti-Bush tripe.

Anonymous said...

One down, one McC-one to go!

Anonymous said...

Romenesko is next. Not enough people active in the biz to traffic these high-maintenance sites. All they post is the company line and useless contest "winners." I rarely go to that site anymore.

Anonymous said...

E&P made its money from employment advertising. When job ads disappeared from the publication, it was only a matter of time until the publication ceased to exist. End of story.