Sunday, December 6, 2009

Miami Herald joins 56 newspapers worldwide to print "common editorial" demanding urgent action on global warming

Fifty six newspapers have agreed to publish a common editorial Monday, calling for urgent action on global warming. Most of the newspapers will print the editorial on their front page. More info here.

The graphic below shows some of the participating newspapers.

I wonder how many of these news organizations have reported on Climategate.


Anonymous said...

Media complicity in Climategate
(Washington Times)

A tale of destroyed documents, fraud, conspiracy and the misuse of millions of government dollars would seem to have all the juicy ingredients of a scandal that journalists would kill to cover.

However, the mainstream media apparently doesn't think that Climategate is news.

ABC News hasn't deemed the story newsworthy. Neither has CBS nor NBC. If Americans only got their news from the networks, they would not know about the global-warming fraud or would merely think there was a simple misunderstanding about what scientists meant in some vague e-mails

Never mind that two major universities have at least temporarily removed prominent academics from heading major climate research facilities.

Never mind that there are real questions raised about the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change's (IPCC) controversial assessment report that the Obama administration and global-warming advocates have continually hyped in order to advance their case for new global regulations to curtail purported global warming. . . .

Anonymous said...

Busted: Global Warming (best ClimateGate clips) (

As ClimateGate erupted, CRU scientists were asked, again, to release their raw temperature data so the scientific community could verify their “global warming” conclusions.

The CRU response? They announced that ALL their raw temperature data was “lost” when they switched offices. So the dog ate their homework!

That excuse doesn’t work for schoolkids, and it shouldn’t work for “scientists” cooking a scam to steal trillions of dollars from people worldwide.

But which lab will be next? Who will next claim “You can’t have our raw data because OUR dog ate ours TOO?” At what point do folks say, “Hmm. That’s lots of dogs, in 50 countries, eating all that homework at 200 different universities, government agencies, and UN labs.”

Anonymous said...

The fact that I had to find out about
climategate on the blogs (Mc Watch for one)
shows how bad our so called news
orginizations are. Can anyone with a
journalism degree explain how your
profession can be so worthless?

Anonymous said...

Just like them, our newspaper has been totally silent on the emails that were disclosed on the Climategate. This will sound odd but I have become so disillusioned from working for the newspaper business. I grew up with a paper and coffee on the table as being what you do. We trusted that source. Now that I have made a career of it, it is like when you first discovered that mom and dad were Santa.

Anonymous said...

How can reporters and editors have any pride today? They are merely shills for the White House, DNC and special interests.
The Internet bloggers who link stories are becoming a major source of information for the masses. It may not be all factual, but then facts have no bearing on the mainstream media either.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure there's a whopping big river of money just under the surface of all this. And to the victor will go the spoils.

John Altevogt said...

List The Star as yet another of the Stalinist press corp spinning the coverage in favor of scientific fraud. These people are a joke.

Jenny Hanniver said...

As a Miami resident from age 15 to 21, I can only deplore the narrow understanding of those touting "Climategate." I am proud of the HERALD and McClatchey for joining the 56.

But the blog comments remind me why I happily left Florida forever to attend Navy OCS in Newport, RI and a Navy career less than two weeks after I graduated from college. After I got out of the Navy I realized what fossil fuels were causing and made energy conservation and alternate energy my career. (Until Reagan wrecked our budding industry on behalf of the super-rich.)

If any of you were scientists, you would know that the best researchers are very self- deprecating at their own expense, love a good joke, and speak freely and easily (perhaps naively) with their colleagues. That's all "Climategate" is. Not a hurricane, just another silly tempest in a teapot blown up by those who seek to benefit from public ignorance.

Global warming and energy pollution are real and serious. It's dangerous to be suckered by propaganda. Don't live in Denial--or you'll go glugging and drowning in the waters of that old river when Miami is inundated by the sea, as it will be if things don't change.

To get some of the data you want, plus terrifying predictions about the release of methane from the permafrost, read science magazines, not web junk--magazines like SCIENCE and SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN. You won't get all the data because most of it's been in the public domain for 40 years. Nor do scientists need to keep repeating other certainties, like proof that the earth orbits the sun, or the moon isn't made of green cheese.

Anonymous said...

To Jenny, should we all just take your word for it? Or maybe should we all look at the data gathered? Oh, wait, much of the original data appears to be missing.

The politics and money involved with this hyped up 'global warming' now called 'climate change' should make investigative journalists get off their asses and work on it. 1200 limos and 140 private jets convening to talk about taxing climate change. Give me an effing break! And Reagan screwed your industry over?

John Altevogt said...

If all the global warming was real, why are these "scientists" falsifying data? If it's all real why are they trying to silence skeptics and keep them from publishing their work?

This is the same crap I've seen in the debate over macro Darwinian theory. Name one real scientific theory that has to go to court to keep alternative theories from being presented or to even have radical statements like telling students to keep an open mind removed from text books.

The academy, like everything soiled by liberalism, has become a fascist enterprise that serves only to indoctrinate, not foster open debate.

I can't tell you how many of my former mentors (all left-wingers) now hide in their offices fearful of uttering the wrong pro-noun, or stepping on some other career ending politically correct landmine.

These weasels falsified the data so they could keep the government trough flowing full to the brim. So spare us the hypocrisy of how evil corporations are protecting their self interests.

Academia, like the legal "profession" is in drastic need of radical reform and an introduction to real academic freedom, not the current tripe that serves only to protect these kooks.

Anonymous said...

Jenny Hanniver? Of Code Pink fame?

Anonymous said...

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