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Anonymous said...

Kevin Jennings and “FistGate” Should Make Parents Furious

Man, am I about to sound like an uncool, homophobic, bigoted zealot who should be on a terror watch list (according to the paranormal progressives).

Why is that, you ask? Well, I think Obama’s G-boy, Kevin Jennings, should not be the Safe Schools Czar for many egregious reasons. Here are just a few.

I believe anyone who thinks it’s okay to teach 14-year-old boys how they can jam their fist up another 14-year-old boy’s tailpipe, or provides “fisting” kits for the kiddos, or thinks it’s neat-o to urinate on one another during teen sex, or passes out literature to your young ones on how they can find old pedophiles to hook up with at “gay leather bars,” or talks to your teen about the tricky pros and cons of spitting versus swallowing should not be the Safe Schools Czar.

Maybe Kevin Jennings could be the “Adam Lambert Eye Liner Czar” or Cher’s “Do You Believe in Life After Love Czar,” but not the Safe Schools Czar.

But then again, there I go being extreme. Shame on me for not being a hip parent who’s totally cool with adult flamers filling our fifth grade kids’ heads with filth. I am truly an ignorant, puritanical, buckle-shoed killjoy, ain’t I?

By the way, what the heck is up with liberals? They have their hands in our pockets, their noses in our business, and now they want their arms up our backsides.

How crazy of me that I would have the audacity to go public with the notion that someone who headed up an organization (GLSEN) that proselytizes confused kids on how they can insert their knuckles up someone else’s anus should not be the determiner of what is “safe” at school, eh? Hello!

Hey, Kev...last time I checked, trying to make your mate a hand puppet didn’t fall within the city limits of SafetyTown. Sounds kinda dangerous to me. Oh and here’s an aside for the butt pirates: Our rectums are an exit, not an entrance.

In addition, Mr. Jennings, apart from the “arm in arse” thing, from what I remember during 9th grade health class many moons ago, it’s also not wise to place one’s reproductive organ in the end of another’s digestive system.

A fist up a rectum? Are you kidding me? You guys sound like you have way too much time on your hands.

If you’re in need of an idea regarding what to do with your fist, here’s one: Why don’t take your fist and smack yourself in the face with it for poisoning America’s kids with your perverted crap?

For those not in the know, Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings, who was cherry picked by Obama, is not having a good week as whistleblowers are righteously shouting this guy down and trying to get him removed from calling the shots regarding what is nontoxic in your kids’ scholastic lives.

Why are watchdogs barking this dude down? Well, it’s not because he’s mildly gay but because he’s wildly militant in his homosexuality, and both he and his hombres at GLSEN have had no problemo whatsoever filling your kids’ heads and bodies with weirdness galore.

For the unbelievable full list of what this man and his organization have advocated and continue to advocate, check out the fantastic work Jim Holt has done on “FistGate” at

Also, don’t miss Jennings/GLSEN’s “Little Black Book” for your sons! Hellish.

I’ve gotta warn you, mom and dad: What you’re about to read regarding “FistGate” is very sick and twisted.

You’d better brace yourselves. I hope it thoroughly ticks you off that such baseness is being peddled to your babies.

In addition, I hope you raise major hell with your elected reps about permanently removing Jennings from anything that has to do with your children and our schools.

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid Slips Lifetime Limit Into Senate Bill (firedoglake)

When President Obama gave his speech on health care on September 10, he promised that there would be no limit on lifetime benefits under the health care bill:

"They will no longer be able to place some arbitrary cap on the amount of coverage you can receive in a given year or a lifetime.

We will place a limit on how much you can be charged for out-of-pocket expenses, because in the United States of America, no one should go broke because they get sick."

Harry Reid didn’t agree evidently.

Reid, who is solely responsible for crafting the bill that he introduced in the Senate, decided that there should be a limit on lifetime benefits.

So when people get sick and have huge bills for things like biologic drugs that cost $50,000 or $100,000 a year, whose bills could become “unreasonable” because Congress is granting drug manufacturers “indefinite monopolies” (per Henry Waxman) that prevent generics from coming to market to compete with them, Harry Reid thinks they should eventually be cut off:

Anonymous said...

Number-two Senate Democrat 'in the dark' about health care bill (Durbin Clueless About ReidCare) (Washington Examiner)

“I would say to the senator from Arizona that I am in the dark almost as much as he is, and I am in the leadership.”

Senate Majority Whip Richard Durbin admitted Friday that he is "in the dark" about the national health care bill currently under construction by Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

In an exchange on the Senate floor, Republican Sen. John McCain asked Durbin,

"Should we not at least be informed as to what the proposal is that the Senate Majority Leader is going to propose to the entire Senate?"

Durbin's answer: "I would say to the senator from Arizona that I am in the dark almost as much as he is, and I am in the leadership."

Durbin explained that during a Democratic caucus, Reid and the small group of senators involved in crafting the bill turned to their fellow Democrats and "basically stood and said, 'We are sorry, we can't tell you in detail what was involved.'"

Anonymous said...

Lieberman Rules Out Voting for Health Bill (New York Times)

WASHINGTON — In a surprise setback for Democratic leaders, Senator Joseph I. Lieberman, independent of Connecticut, said on Sunday that he would vote against the health care legislation in its current form.

The bill’s supporters had said earlier that they thought they had secured Mr. Lieberman’s agreement to go along with a compromise they worked out to overcome an impasse within the party.

But on Sunday, Mr. Lieberman told the Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, to scrap the idea of expanding Medicare and to abandon the idea of a new government insurance plan, known as a public option.

On a separate issue, Mr. Reid tried over the weekend to concoct a compromise on abortion that would induce Senator Ben Nelson, Democrat of Nebraska, to vote for the bill. Mr. Nelson opposes abortion. Any provision that satisfies him risks alienating supporters of abortion rights.

In interviews on the CBS News program “Face the Nation,” Mr. Lieberman and Mr. Nelson said the bill did not have the 60 votes it would need to get through the Senate.

Anonymous said...

Harry Reid's lost weekend (NY Post)

Whatta boss that Harry Reid is -- al ways looking out for the welfare of his members and staff.
Seems the Senate majority leader asked Republicans to forego a scheduled debate so that everyone could stay home until Monday.

"I see no reason to punish everybody this weekend," he said.

A real standup guy, that Harry Reid -- notwithstanding the fact that, days earlier, he was quite emphatic on the need to work through the weekend.

"Fourteen thousand people lose their health insurance every day in America," he said.

"The American people don't get weekends off from this injustice."

Why the sudden change of heart?

What Reid failed to mention is that he needed to fly to New Orleans to raise cash for his faltering re-election campaign.
Republicans balked:

Anonymous said...

The Media's Top 10 Worst Economic Myths of 2009 (Business and Media Institute)

The Media's Top 10 Worst Economic Myths of 2009 From jobs 'saved or created,' to stimulus saving the economy, to 'deficit neutral' health care reform; here are ten biggest stories the media got wrong this year.

10. CBS, NY Times Support Ecuadorian Shakedown of U.S. oil company

9. Media Fail to Scrutinize Obama’s Job Claims

8. Government Stimulus is the Answer to Our Economic Problems

7. No Tax Increases for the Middle Class

6. The Recession was Over … by July.

5. Cash for Clunkers was a ‘Success’

4. Reagan vs. Obama on Jobs: Same Rate, Different Story

3. Health Care Reform will be ‘Deficit Neutral’

2. Tea Parties aren’t made up of grassroots protestors; they’re just ‘Astroturf.’

1. ClimateGate

Anonymous said...

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (The Dam Bursts: -19!!!)

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 23% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President.

Forty-two percent (42%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -19.

Today is the second straight day that Obama’s Approval Index rating has fallen to a new low.

Prior to the past two days, the Approval Index had never fallen below -15 during Obama’s time in office (see trends).

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama gives himself a B plus for his first year (Telegraph (U.K.)

US President Barack Obama has awarded himself a B plus for his first 11 months in office, stressing in an interview with Oprah Winfrey that there was still much to be done.

"A good solid B plus," Mr Obama said during an hour-long, intimate soft-focus ABC network Christmas at the White House special, when Winfrey asked what grade he would give himself.

Anonymous said...

Obama falls farther behind with Independents (-6.1) (

42.3% Approve; 48.3% Disapprove

Welcome to Obamaville! "I will not rest until every American can find a job..."

Anonymous said...


An Op-Ed Sarah Palin wrote for the Washington Post, that appeared in the July 14, 2009 edition, entitled The Cap and Tax Dead End, turns out to be the third most read Op-Ed of 2009.

The most recent Op-Ed Sarah penned for the august daily, which appeared this past Wednesday, December 9th, entitled Copenhagen’s Political Science, clocks in at the 21st most read.

Obviously that’s sort of big news, or at least a significant piece of trivia, as WaPo runs thousands of Op-Eds yearly.

This obviously says that when Sarah speaks, people listen, and when Sarah writes, people read. Of course, supporters know that already, and her record shattering books sales, and 1.1 million Facebook supporters that read her every note, certainly attest to Sarah’s ability to draw readers in and hold their attention.

As you may remember, when Sarah wrote the Op-Ed in July, the left went berserk, and trotted out known climate scientist, John F.Kerry, who served in Vietnam, to deliver a meager rebuttal, which of course was an epic failure.

This latest Op-Ed though has the entire left all wee-wee’d up! As you know, Sarah has taken on the biggest liar in the whole global warming scam, Al Gore, as well as demanding, for a second time, that Obama take a pass on Copenhagen.

This of course has the usual suspects losing their minds, while they perform mental and verbal gymnastics trying to justify their pagan beliefs, in the wake of the global warming hoax being exposed to the general public, with more proof coming out daily.

What is remarkable though, are the attacks on the Washington Post itself, for even running Sarah’s Op-Eds! Deliciously,

Greg Sargent of the WaPo’s own Plum Line blog, is in high dudgeon and full cross burning mode over this:

“Sarah Palin’s Copenhagen-Bashing Op-Ed One Of Most Read WaPo Opinion Pieces Of The Year

Anonymous said...

Rasmussen shows continued slippage for Obama (American Thinker)

If the President and his political team were looking for an approval bounce from the troika of the Copenhagen Climate summit, the Nobel Peace speech and "the Oprah effect" from her Christmas special, it appears they are sifting through coal and ashes instead.

For the second day in a row, the Rasmussen index of strongly inclined voters has hit startling new lows:

Anonymous said...

Pelosi Negatives Go Up When She’s Identified As House Speaker
(Rasmussen Report)

One of the things that political pros often overestimate is how well known politicians are. Nancy Pelosi is one of the most visible elected politicians in the country and the first woman ever to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives.

Rasmussen Reports recently asked voters their opinion of “Nancy Pelosi” and the responses were mixed. Forty-six percent (46%) offered a favorable opinion and 50%an unfavorable view.

Just half the nation’s voters voiced a strong opinion about Pelosi—14% Very Favorable and 36% Very Unfavorable.

However, in a separate survey conducted the same night, Rasmussen Reports asked voters their opinion of “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi” and the response was more negative.

When identifying Pelosi in this way, just 38% voiced a positive opinion while 58% had a negative view.

Anonymous said...

Ruh-Roh… Blago’s Lawyers Want FBI to Give Up Details on Obama, Rahmbo and Jarret Interviews (GatewayPundit)

Ruh-Roh… Is Blago about to turn on the Obama regime?

The lawyers for former democratic Illinois Governer Rod Blagojevich want the FBI to turn over interviews conducted last year as part of their investigation into the sale of Obama’s senate seat.

The Sun-Times reported:Rod Blagojevich’s lawyers want the FBI to give up details of interviews conducted last year of President Obama, his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and others as part of the investigation into the former governor.

In a Friday filing, Blagojevich attorneys also asked for information regarding first lady Michelle Obama.

However, a source said late Friday that the FBI never interviewed the first lady.

Then-President-elect Obama, Emanuel and Jarrett sat down with the FBI about a year ago — just after Blagojevich was arrested on charges of trying to sell Obama’s recently vacated Senate seat to the highest bidder.

Obama revealed he was interviewed in a report he made public last December.

The defense request, filed in federal court, asks for “notes, transcripts and reports” of interviews with the Obamas, Emanuel, Jarrett and union chiefs Thomas Balanoff and Andy Stern.

The request was part of a larger bid by defense lawyers to have prosecutors turn over additional materials, including witness statements, six months before the June trial date.

Typically, prosecutors give the defense such information 30 days before the trial.

This could get exciting.

Anonymous said...

How Did Tiger Keep His Secrets? (Los Angeles Times) He didn’t keep his secrets, just like Dear leader, the news media kept them. Does JFK and Marilyn ring any bells?

One of the world's most scrutinized professional athletes, with a pristine image, has been keeping infidelity under wraps.
Many wonder how he pulled it off.

As the carefully constructed public image of Tiger Woods continued its excruciating free fall last week, one question perplexed those who think there should have been hints of trouble:

How was it possible for Woods, among the world's most scrutinized professional athletes, to keep his infidelity secret for so long?

Just about everyone is at a loss: the golf writers who banter with Woods (when he allows it), golf fanatics who can tell you which way his golf ball's Nike logo was facing when Woods chipped it into the 16th hole in the final round of the 2005 Masters, paparazzi whose paid informants can sniff out a straying spouse a mile away.

How was Woods, 33, able to maintain a pristine image as a loving husband, father and son that was apparently at raging odds with his private life?

The nerve of this being published by the L.A. Times! The same newspaper who hid Edwards affair and the Obama/Khalidi tape. The press knew about Rock Hudson, Liberace, the Kennedys, Edwards, etc.

They know about Obama and other dirty politicos. They keep their mouths shut because they have skin in the game and they want continued access.

Anonymous said...

SPECIAL INVESTIGATION: Climate change emails row deepens (The Daily Mail)

The claim was both simple and terrifying: that temperatures on planet Earth are now ‘likely the highest in at least the past 1,300 years’.

As its authors from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) must have expected, it made headlines around the world.

Yet some of the scientists who helped to draft it, The Mail on Sunday can reveal, harboured uncomfortable doubts.

In the words of one, David Rind from the US space agency Nasa, it ‘looks like there were years around 1000AD that could have been just as warm’.

Keith Briffa from the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit (CRU), which plays a key role in forming IPCC assessments, urged caution, warning that when it came to historical climate records, there was no new data, only the ‘same old evidence’ that had been around for years.

‘Let us not try to over-egg the pudding,’ he wrote in an email to an IPCC colleague in September 2006
‘True, there have been many different techniques used to aggregate and scale data - but the efficacy of these is still far from established.’

But when the ‘warmest for 1,300 years’ claim was published in 2007 in the IPCC’s fourth report, the doubters kept silent.

It is only now that their concerns have started to emerge from the thousands of pages of ‘Warmergate’ emails leaked last month from the CRU’s computers, along with references to performing a ‘trick’ to ‘hide’ temperature decline and instructions to resist all efforts by the CRU’s critics to use the Freedom of Information Act to check the unit’s data and conclusions.

Last week, as an official inquiry by the former civil servant Sir Muir Russell began, I tried to assess Warmergate’s wider significance.

Anonymous said...

Markey: Climate-Gate Has Become 'Tree Ring Circus' (They get busted but continue with the hoax) (Fox)

The release of e-mails that suggest climate change data were manipulated is causing a "tree ring circus" that is trying to inflate a scandal to prevent international efforts to reduce global warming, a leading House proponent of climate change legislation said Sunday.

Rep. Ed Markey, D-Mass., who co-authored legislation to reduce U.S. manmade greenhouse gas production by 17 percent over the next 10 years, told "Fox News Sunday" that the thousands of e-mails now known as "Climate-gate" are actually a minute aspect of the overall study on global warming produced by the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Markey's legislation with Rep. Henry Waxman passed the House of Representatives earlier this year but stalled after passing the Senate Environmental and Public Works Committee.

He said efforts to try to minimize studies that prove global warming -- like one that looked at the size of rings in trees in Siberia -- will make it harder to pass legislation that could help save both U.S. industries and the earth.

"The deniers want to create a Siberian tree ring circus," Markey said. "They want to take a small percentage of this entire study, a couple pages of it -- 1,000 pages -- and throw out the conclusion. ...

The real scandal will be is if we don't solve this problem for coming generations."

But Sen. James Inhofe, the ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee and the top skeptic in the Senate of manmade climate change, said the data are flawed, something he warned about in a 2005speech in which he described complaints from some scientists who claimed they were being sidelined for their dissenting views that the science is "cooked."

Anonymous said...

Cal Thomas: Scientists 'Can't Get the Grants if They Don't Toe the Line' on Climate Change (NewsBusters)

While it is not uncommon to see those who are climate change skeptics challenged in the media for having a pro-business financial interest in voicing their views, on Saturday's Fox News Watch, conservative columnist and regular panel member Cal Thomas made an observation that cuts in the opposite direction rarely given attention in the mainstream media -- that there are financial incentives that can also pressure scientists to voice agreement with the climate change theory that blames human activity for affecting climate patterns.

After panel member Judith Miller argued that Climategate should have inspired more public debate among scientists -- which could then have been covered by the media -- Thomas responded:

Well, one of the reasons it didn’t happen, of course, is because of the oppression of much scientific opinion. I’ve talked to scientists who say they can’t get the grants if they don’t toe the line.

And many in the media don’t ask those kinds of questions, and so they feel, you know, shut out and shut up.

Below is a transcript of the relevant portion of the Saturday, December 12, Fox News Watch on FNC:

Anonymous said...

IPCC: The Bernie Madoff of the Science Community JamieWearingFool)

Today the British paper The Daily Mail has an exhaustive article on just how far the scientists at University of East Anglia's Climatic Research Unit (CRU) and then by extension the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC ) at the UN went to promote their fairy tale of the end of civilization as we know it now derisively referred to as Global Warming went.

Among some of the revelations revealed are these.

In the words of one, David Rind from the US space agency Nasa, it ‘looks like there were years around 1000AD that could have been just as warm’.

That is a time long before automobiles and factories.

In other cases they simply hid or stopped using data that did not fit their narrative. One such example is the use of the data obtained from tree rings.

In 1961 when the data started showing a decline in temperature, they simply quit using it and hid the information in their flashy Powerpoint® slides.

The CRU and the IPCC did so much manipulation of the data that I no longer believe that any serious scientists can accept their conclusions and by doing so they have discredited the entire scientific community.

This suggested that average temperatures had risen there by about two degrees Celsius.

However, the raw data had been ‘adjusted’ in a series of abrupt upward steps by exactly the same amount: without the adjustment, the Darwin temperature record would have stayed level.

In 2007, McIntyre examined records across America. He found that between 1999 and 2007, the US equivalent of the Met Office had changed the way it adjusted old data.

The result was to make the Thirties seem cooler, and the years since 1990 much warmer.

Previously, the warmest year since records began in America had been 1934.

Even in light of all this damning evidence and the continuing unraveling of this scientific hoax, the progressives all across the globe will continue to push their political agenda using this work of fiction as the justification.

Anonymous said...

Turn the clock back to 1875? No thanks (Spiked!)

The crazy, progress-stalling carbon cuts being proposed at Copenhagen just aren’t going to happen – and it’s a good thing too.

In September, Steven F Hayward of the American Enterprise Institute put the proposed carbon cuts into perspective in an article for the Wall Street Journal: ‘For the US, the 80 per cent target means reducing fossil-fuel greenhouse-gas emissions to a level the nation last experienced in 1910.’

However, in 1910, the population of America was 92million. Today, it is around 300million.

In 2050, the US Census Bureau estimates the US will have 420million people

What that means for greenhouse gas emissions, argues Hayward, is that on ‘a per-capita basis, we’d have to go back to the level of about 1875’.

Anonymous said...

Record Cold To hit Global Warming Conference (Copenhagen To Break Dec 17th Record by 7 Degrees!) (Observations of Weather underground reporting)

It seems the "Al Gore effect" (Record low temps or snow) is in full force yet again.

Once again its bad timing for a global warming meeting as all time record cold temperatures are set to strike the the U.N. global warming conference in Copenhagen.

Last week "warmists" were confronted with reports that November Arctic Sea Ice growth exceeded the 1979-2000 average and that "in general, the ice edge is now at or slightly beyond its average location".

The bad timing for "warmists" this time is that Copenhagen, home to the UN global warming conference until December 18th, is set to break the all time low temperature record for December 17th.

Anonymous said...

Socialism and Radical Environmentalism (Christian Today)

. . . the so-called New Left of the 60s was really just a rehashing of the Old Left of the 30s and 40s.

It was simply a case of the same tired doctrines being arrayed in new garb. As one heavily involved in the New Left at the time, I am fully aware of how we were simply seeking to breathe new life into an old ideology.

And as all ideologues, we were blind to the realities of our own position. We willfully chose to ignore or excuse the ugly Soviet expression of the socialist creed.

We chose to pretend that the mass slaughters and repression of freedom and democracy did not occur, or were in fact necessary to create the revolutionary New Man and bring in the new golden age of a classless society.

In the name of some utopian ideal, we were willing to excuse and condone mass atrocities, mass cruelties and mass killings . . .

“Socialism having failed so spectacularly, the left was adrift until it struck upon a brilliant gambit: metamorphosis from red to green.

The cultural elites went straight from the memorial service for socialism to the altar of the environment.

The objective is the same: highly centralized power given to the best and the brightest, the new class of experts, managers and technocrats.

This time, however, the alleged justification is not abolishing oppression and inequality but saving the planet.”

Quite right. And just as there were plenty of dupes who were sucked into the ideology of Soviet Socialism, and even Christians who applauded the Soviets, so too there are plenty who are being beguiled by the climate fear mongers and the Copenhagen circuses of our time.

Anonymous said...

Did AmeriCorps official lie about
possible First Lady link to IG firing?
Recently released White House logs show aide to Michelle meddling in Gerald Walpin's firing.
More at

Anonymous said...

Humorist Presumes Liberal Bias in Unveiling 'Secrets Journalists Never Told You'
By Brent Baker - NewsBusters

In “sharing my do's and don'ts” as a journalist, Washington Post humor columnist Gene Weingarten found good fodder in the presumption journalists are out to help liberals and Democrats while hurting conservatives and Republicans. “When deliberately slanting stories in support of liberal causes, always cover your tracks by quoting the other side,” he advised. “Example: 'President Obama wants universal health care, whereas Rush Limbaugh, the big fat drug addict, contends it is a bad idea.'”
That's not far from reality.
Two more of the bits of advice he offered in “Unfit to print: The secrets that journalists never told you, until now,” his “Below the Beltway” column on the back page of the December 13 Washington Post Magazine:
♦ Remember always that your word is your bond. “Off the record” means off the record, unless it's something you can use to embarrass a Republican.
♦ Never, ever write directly about the mandatory class you took in journalism school in how to give aid and comfort to America's enemies at home and abroad, or the seminar in how to disrespect the memories of our fallen heroes. These classes are a fraternal secret, like Skull and Bones.
A parody?
Eric Shansby provided a "scale of justice" illustration (larger image) showing a journalist pressing his finger down in favor of a Democratic donkey over a Republican elephant

Anonymous said...

ClimateGate Research Unit Disables Its Website

Will global warming-obsessed media that have been either ignoring or downplaying ClimateGate notice what's happened at the website of the CRU in the middle of this scandal, and if they do, how will they report it?

Anonymous said...

This letter says all the things I wish I could say to people dumb enough to vote for the fraud Obama.

By Katharine DeBrecht (

Last year at this time, you were giddy beyond words for your part in a historic election. You were utterly smitten with the first bi-racial President-elect of the United States. Like a child on Christmas Eve, you could hardly contain yourselves waiting for that Inauguration morning when this messianic figure would leave the columns in Denver behind and deliver unto you your wildest dreams once in the White House.

Anonymous said...

-America’s Two Unconstitutional Presidents- Dianna Cotter

Students of history know that history repeats itself, and today we are reliving the past of 1880’s. Some of the similarities between the 21st President and the 44th are startling, and the ramifications are huge.

Anonymous said...

Obama sinks to lowest approval ratings ever in Rasmussen Poll - 44 percent. I think Gallup had him at 43 percent last week.

Anonymous said...

HarryCare or Obamacare, either one is scary as hell.

Anonymous said...

Momsters vs Obamaliens!
by Chris Muir

Great cartoon @ Big Hollywood

Anonymous said...

Dodging Shoes, One Year Later
Mark Lasswell

What a difference a year makes when it comes to breaches of presidential security. Oh, how the world laughed when an Iraqi reporter threw his shoes at President Bush during a news conference in Baghdad on December 14 last year. The episode in the waning days of the Bush administration was catnip for the chattering class: an aptly ludicrous finale for a presidency that smug critics had lampooned at every opportunity.
Yet when a genuinely comic security lapse occurred nearly 12 months later—the invasion of a White House state dinner by a couple apparently bent on the shabby fame of reality TV—the same folks who guffawed at the Baghdad shoe-throwing episode fretted about the potential threat to President Obama. A congressional hearing was quickly convened for the airing of much worried tut-tutting…….

Anonymous said...

hi folks, i'm the troll who usually checks in about now criticizing the corporate stooge who cuts and pastes ... too wobbly and sore to be angry today ... my boyfriend worked me raw last night and i'm also really hung over

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:52 ROFLMAO. You sir, are very funny!!!!

Me thinks there is now a time of short reflection since the unexpected and hard demise of their fellow traveler and acolyte Editor and Publisher.

McClatchy lib, cockroach types may have had the OMG epiphany of, “If they can get them...they...can get us?”

I expect their cancerous rhetoric to go to the center just a bit to try to fool a few more coupon looking subscribers

Anonymous said...

What do you get when you mix Oprah and Obama for a Sunday night White House Xmas suckup? Bad TV ratings. The regularly scheduled show for that time slot, "Brothers & Sisters" draws higher ratings than the Obama Christmas Special!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:30 Love it!