Friday, December 4, 2009

News & Observer pays $10,000 in commissions to employees who sold 245 subscriptions

The News & Observer has awarded $10,000 in commissions to 65 employees who sold a total of 245 N&O subscriptions, according to an email sent to N&O employees Friday.

The News & Observer’s move to draft all of its employees to sell subscriptions has resulted in more than 245 paid orders sold by 65 employees, VP for Circulation Jim Puryear told The N&O’s staff in an e-mail Friday.

The paper is paying “commissions totaling a whopping $10,000″ in December 11 paychecks. And because the contest exceeded its goal of 200 paid orders, gift cards worth a total of $550 went to four salesmen.

That works out to something like $41 per subscription. A tidy sum -- the N&O management has to be crossing their fingers the new subscribers stick with the paper more than a few months.


Anonymous said...

If they're paying $41 commission per start, you can bet they were six-month pre-paid subscriptions or something similar.

Kevin Gregory said...

4:46 what's to stop the new starts from quitting the paper after a few weeks?

Anonymous said...

A warning to those employees at The News & Observer, Don't fall for promise of easy money ! Now since you proved to them that you can sell now they will slowly make it one of your goals. If you don't resist now you will be sorry.

Management will expect you to all continue selling. Who cares if you have other more pressing jobs to do, who cares if you already working 12 hour days. Now you will also have to spend hours trying to sell. If you don't you will be labeled "not part of the team". It happened here at the Sac Bee.

After you start your relatives and neighbors it's over.