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Anonymous said...

Obama’s Safe Schools Czar’s Question to 14 Year Olds: “Spit vs. Swallow?… Is it Rude?” (audio-video)(GatewayPundit)

Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings founded the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

Recently he was appointed by the Obama administration to run the Office of Safe & Drug Free Schools in the US Department of Education.

In 2007 Kevin Jennings was paid $273,573.96 as the executive director of GLSEN.

In 2000 GLSEN held an anniversary conference. From the content of the workshops it was clear that the organization was not so much about tolerance as it was about teaching children about sex.

This conference was fully supported by the Massachusetts Department of Education, the Safe Schools Program, the Governor’s Commission on Gay & Lesbian Youth, and some of the presenters even received federal money.

In this clip one of the activists asks 14 year olds, “Spit or swallow?… Is it rude?”

The clip is from a lecture by Scott Whiteman from Mass Resistance. Scott attended the GLSEN conference on March 25, 2000 undercover. He recorded this clip at the GLSEN Conference. Here is the full exchange:

Male Teacher: … Spit versus swallowing – I don’t know about the calorie count of cum. All right. Is it rude? Let’s ask this question: Is it rude not to swallow?

Students: No! Oh, no! [Many "no's" from the children.]

Male Teacher: No. So it’s in good bedroom etiquette … [unclear] to spit out?

You just heard a public employee ask 14-year-olds if it was rude to spit rather than swallow during oral sex.

Kevin Jennings who ran GLSEN is now Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar.

Anonymous said...

Obama “Safe Schools” Czar’s Reading List PATTERICO

Breitbart co-founder Scott Baker and GatewayPundit have taken a closer look at a reading list endorsed by President Obama’s “Safe Schools” Czar Kevin Jennings:

“Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings was the founder, and for many years, Executive Director of an organization called the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN).

GLSEN started essentially as Jennings’ personal project and grew to become the culmination of his life’s work. And he was chosen by President Obama to be the nation’s Safe Schools Czar primarily because he had founded and led GLSEN (scroll for bio).

GLSEN’s stated mission is to empower gay youth in the schools and to stop harassment by other students.

It encourages the formation of Gay Student Alliances and condemns the use of hateful words. GLSEN also strives to influence the educational curriculum to include materials which the group believes will increase tolerance of gay students and decrease bullying.

To that end, GLSEN maintains a recommended reading list of books that it claims “furthers our mission to ensure safe schools for all students.” In other words, these are the books that GLSEN’s directors think all kids should be reading: gay kids should read them to raise their self-esteem, and straight kids should read them in order to become more aware and tolerant and stop bullying gay kids.”

What did they find in 11 of the books GLSEN recommended for 7th-12th graders?

“What we discovered shocked us. We were flabbergasted. Rendered speechless.

We were unprepared for what we encountered. Book after book after book contained stories and anecdotes that weren’t merely X-rated and pornographic, but which featured explicit descriptions of sex acts between pre-schoolers; stories that seemed to promote and recommend child-adult sexual relationships; stories of public masturbation, anal sex in restrooms, affairs between students and teachers, five-year-olds playing sex games, semen flying through the air.

One memoir even praised becoming a prostitute as a way to increase one’s self-esteem. Above all, the books seemed to have less to do with promoting tolerance than with an unabashed attempt to indoctrinate students into a hyper-sexualized worldview.”

Excerpts from the 11 GLSEN-recommended books are at the first link (here) and continued here.

In addition, GatewayPundit notes that, after posting the “Safe Schools” Czar reading list post, his website suffered two cyberattacks that temporarily shut down the server.

Anonymous said...

Among Other Problems, Obama's Safe School Czar has Ties to "NAMBLA" (The Book Worm Room)

This is very disturbing and has nothing to do with tolerance, good manners, or inclusiveness. This from the Bookworm Room.

Reason to be grateful Obama appointed gay porn-purveyor Jennings as Safe Schools Czar
No, my post title does not mean I’ve gone off my rocker and started supporting Kevin Jennings in his role as Safe Schools Czar.

Thanks to Terresa Monroe’s hard work, I’ve known for months exactly what kind of person Kevin Jennings, the “Safe School Czar” is.

He’s a career gay man who is devoted to ensuring that children as young as five or six are exposed to a steady stream of sexual information that may help them get in contact with their homosexual side.

Nor is this merely an academic interest. As Zombie documented, Jennings has very close ties to NAMBLA, an organization that actively works to legalize pedophilia (see here, here and here for the results of Zombie’s working tying Jennings to NAMBLA and its leaders).

The latest hit against Jennings is a report at Gateway Pundit. This report details the way in which Jennings’ gay/education/political activism group, GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network), actively pushes schools to include in their reading lists extremely sexually explicit books aimed at kids in the 7th through 12th grades.

And when I say sexually explicit, I’m not talking about coy allusions to hand-holding, kissing and warm fuzzy feelings.

Gateway Pundit carefully documents precisely the kind of material Jennings’ organization wants your children to read. It is graphic.

No child — gay, straight, confused, whatever — should be reading this kind of material.

The listed books include pornographic pictures, descriptions of sado-masochistic acts, graphic descriptions of sexual acts, etc.
Nor is Jennings’ relationship to this group tenuous

Anonymous said...

Remove Kevin Jennings! An Open letter to Mr. Obama (Catholic Online)

You have filled your administration with people who hold the most outrageous, insane, and frightening views on everything from our climate to our animals and worst of all, the sexuality of our children....

Quite possibly the worst of all is Kevin Jennings, your so-called Safe Schools Czar. That you have given this man the task of making our public schools “safe” for students to learn is stunning.

Jennings has a view of “health” and “safety” for our kids that is shockingly corrupt and devoid of morality and you gave him the job.

I am unutterably sick to death of the hyper-sexualization of our children in this culture, and I will not silently allow you and Jennings to further this twisted agenda in our school system under the banner of tolerance and equality.

How dare you use the power of your office to pollute my children’s futures with rampant, forced, immoral sexual indoctrination!

I read through as much as I could stand of Jennings’ list of “safe reading” for our school children beginning in kindergarten all the way through 12th grade.

I saw some of the illustrations in these recommended books and I was glad I had an empty stomach. What I read and saw was revolting and pornographic.

This filth is what your czar wants our children to read in order to foster understanding, tolerance, and create a safe environment for learning?

Anonymous said...

Media should be ashamed for Tiger Woods coverage' (Race Card played)
(McClatchy Newspapers) Porkchop racist alert “...because many black supporters of Woods will view the entire attack on Woods as racist.”

For allegedly cheating on his blond-haired, blue-eyed wife, Tiger's pursuit of Nicklaus is going to resemble Aaron's pursuit of Ruth.

Tiger's galleries will be peppered with angry detractors who believe Tiger's infidelity makes him unworthy of holding golf's most prestigious record.

There will be a contentious racial division as Tiger chases Nicklaus, because a portion of the attack on Woods will have bigoted overtones and because many black supporters of Woods will view the entire attack on Woods as racist.

Did "Porkchop" or Lokeman write this?

Anonymous said...

New York Times Likely to Lay Off Staff (The Wall Street Journal) If they had any common sense it would include the five people manning the “Climate Change” desk.

The New York Times on Friday said it probably will have to lay off newsroom employees, because it doesn't expect to get enough people to volunteer for buyouts.

The paper in October announced plans to shed 100 jobs from its 1,250-person newsroom and said it hoped to achieve the reductions entirely through buyouts.

Employees were told they had until Dec. 7 to decide whether to take the offer and that the paper would resort to layoffs if too few people volunteered.

"We will not know until [Monday] how many Guild and excluded employees have opted to take buyouts, but it is almost certain the number will fall short of the 100 we need," Executive Editor Bill Keller wrote in a memo to employees on Friday.

Under the terms of the buyout package, offered to both union and nonunion members, employees typically will receive three weeks' pay for every year of service.

Over the past year, New York Times Co. has instituted a series of cost-cutting measures as advertising revenue in the industry has dried up and threatened the company's ability to manage its debt.

The company has borrowed money, sold assets and reduced wages, among other steps, hoping to avoid cuts to its news staff, which is larger than that of many competitors.

Anonymous said...

New York Times Staffers Freaking As Bill Keller Raises The Axe(let it swing, often & hard!) (Business Insider) I love it when Liberals are no longer insulated from the effects of their policies.

New York Times Staffers Freaking As Bill Keller Raises The Axe
With just days to go until a Monday deadline, New York Times Executive Editor Bill Keller yesterday confirmed that he was unlikely to get 100 newsroom volunteers to accept buyouts -- meaning he'll wield the layoff ax for the second time in two years.

Sources said the newsroom was in a state of high anxiety this week because of chatter that just 50 unionized editorial workers from the Newspaper Guild are expected to step forward for voluntary buyouts by the deadline of close of business Monday.

50 unionized editorial workers? How many people does it take to come up with a boneheaded opinion?

Mostly glorified proof readers and fact checkers, and not particularly good ones.

They are propagandists. They wanted Hope and Change. Our “Hope” is the NY Times implodes. Their “Change” will be their new gig at McDonalds.

Anonymous said...

Journalism, in the state controlled press is terrified to report on the biggest scam in my life.

Day 15 and counting they are all joined at the hip in not reporting what is all over the internet.

It used to be funny in hearing them all say the same phrase on que, like Cheney brought weight to the Bush ticket and so on.

This is the same but in reverse. Who needs so many so called journalist when they printing what they are told to print?

Anonymous said...

Government to bail out newspapers? (Henry Waxman) ( since all the subsidized papers will be parroting the WH line anyway, we really don't need local papers - just a fax machine in every city. Efficiency!

The push to provide newspapers a government bailout to save “independent” media got another boost from a rather likely source yesterday.

As Danny Glover reports for Accuracy in Media, Rep. Henry Waxman (D-CA) spoke at an FTC seminar on the crisis in media markets, at which other speakers insisted that government has routinely intervened in media, even newspapers, and that opposition to it somehow violates the American tradition.

But first, Waxman said, newspapers had to ask Congress for a handout:
Rep. Henry Waxman trekked from Capitol Hill to Federal Trade Commission headquarters today to deliver a message to journalists and news consumers:

All of you need to reach a consensus about working with the government in order to bail out the struggling news industry.

The California Democrat, who chairs the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, didn’t say it quite so bluntly, but his point was clear. “Government’s going to have to be involved, in one way or the other,” to save journalism from an ongoing “market failure” that will only worsen without intervention, Waxman said.

Anonymous said...

All is not well (Obama will bankrupt America) (Washington Times)

When President Obama entered office in January, the greatest problem America faced was neither the war in Afghanistan nor the recession. It was the imminent crisis of the welfare state.

Not only has Mr. Obama failed to deal with this crisis, he is pursuing policies that will bankrupt America.

In March, the Peter G. Peterson Foundation, led by former U.S. Comptroller General David Walker, calculated the total value of the federal government's "unfunded liabilities" as they stood at the end of fiscal 2008.

These liabilities include the publicly held portion of the national debt plus the amount the government must pay to cover all the entitlement benefits it has promised to living Americans through Social Security, Medicare and other welfare-state programs minus the tax revenue the government can expect to collect to pay for these entitlements under existing tax law.

The sum of these unfunded liabilities, the foundation discovered, stood at $56.4 trillion. That equals $435,000 for every full-time worker in the United States.

Anonymous said...

'Angry’ Obama Condoned Gate Crashing When Done to Sarah Palin by Funder Jodie Evans (Big Government)

President Barack Obama is “angry” about the infiltration of a State Dinner for Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by two intruders, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Tuesday.

Yet little over a year ago in September 2008, candidate Obama placed his seal of approval on the actions of one of his top funders, Code Pink co-founder and terrorist supporter Jodie Evans, by meeting with her at a high profile Hollywood fundraiser just days after Jodie Evans attempted to storm the stage during Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech.

Jodie Evans had committed identity theft that enabled her to sneak past security at the Republican National Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota.

After the incident, the mainstream media refused to report on the ties between Obama and Jodie Evans.


Jodie Evans was welcomed by Barack Obama at a $28,500 per person fundraiser held at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills less than two weeks after she committed identity theft and attempted to storm the stage during Sarah Palin’s speech.

According to the pool report, Obama greeted his campaign donors and posed for photographs.

That Obama would meet with and take money from Jodie Evans after her actions at the Republican Convention implied his seal of approval on her behavior.

A little more than a week following the meeting with Obama, Jodie Evans met with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York City.

Candidate Obama was never challenged by the media about his connection with Jodie Evans.

Neither was President Obama, even though he met with Jodie Evans this fall, just weeks after she reportedly met with the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Identity theft, event crashing, cavorting with terrorist governments, sympathizing with Osama bin Laden, calling our troops baby killers — what does someone have to do to get denounced by Barack Obama?

Yes, that’s right, express your love and support for America. (L.A. Times Nov. 20, 2009: Obama Now Pleading for Money to Fight Sarah Palin).

Anonymous said...

Christmas trees banned for climate summit (Copenhagen post)

Participants in the COP15 climate summit should not be subject to Christmas symbols such as fir trees...

Although the COP15 climate conference is set to take place during the Christmas season, the Foreign Ministry believes the holiday and all its symbols should be kept well clear of the summit.

That point was bluntly illustrated when a sponsorship providing numerous Nordmann fir trees for the conference was rejected by the ministry...

Christmas is a religious holiday that has no place at a United Nations function...

Anonymous said...

What Are Global Warming Supporters Trying to Hide? (Fox News)

Why are global warming advocates so secretive about their data? So far, the spotlight has been on the University of East Anglia and its refusal to release their surface temperature data, by far the most comprehensive long-term worldwide surface data available, but global warming advocates reassure us that this shouldn’t really concern us because some other data sources reportedly show the same thing.

Unfortunately, the problem of secretiveness is hardly limited to the University of East Anglia. . . .

Anonymous said...

[UK Prime Minister] Gordon Brown: climate-change sceptics are 'flat-earthers' (The Telegraph)

People who doubt that human activity contributes to global warming are “flat-earthers” and “anti-science”

The Prime Minister launched an outspoken attack on climate-change sceptics amid growing signs of public doubts about the scientific and political consensus on the environment.

Anonymous said...

Phil Jones' Stunning e-mail admission

From: Phil Jones xxxxxxxx
To: John Christy xxxxxxxx
Subject: This and that
Date: Tue Jul 5 15:51:55 2005

"The scientific community would come down on me in no uncertain terms if I said the world had cooled from 1998.

OK it has but it is only 7 years of data and it isn't statistically significant."

If its "statistically insignificant" it means NO global warming occurred. In other words, the entire theory used to justify higher taxes, bigger government and far-reaching changes in the personal lives of millions was all built on a lie.

If it didn't happen, there is no need for the state to run our lives. They won't be honest today and all but the true believers are deserting the sinking "climate change" boat.

Anonymous said...

Critics Decry 'One-Sided' Media Coverage of Climate Change Debate (Earliest ever snow in Houston)(Fox news)

The mainstream media are abandoning objective reporting and acting as full-time advocates for measures to combat global warming, some media watchdogs say, accusing them of pushing for a sweeping international agreement on climate change.

As President Obama prepares to travel to Copenhagen, Denmark, to attend an international conference on climate change scheduled for Dec. 7-18, the media are already "out in front of the administration" in pushing a liberal agenda, says Dan Gainor, vice president for business and culture at the Media Research Center.

"There's no more clear religion in the mainstream media than the religion of global warming," Gainor told

"It's gone from being a situation where there was some debate, to now there's almost none," Gainor said. "You can't say anything that even raises the question that there might not be real science here.

That's not what journalism is supposed to do."

Anonymous said...

Obama Delays Copenhagen Trip PATTERICO

President Obama originally planned to travel to Copenhagen on December 9 for the opening day of the climate change summit and continue to Oslo on December 10 to receive his Nobel Peace Prize.

Now he’s changed his plans and will make separate trips so he can attend the final day of the Copenhagen summit on December 18:

“President Barack Obama will push back his visit to the international climate change treaty negotiations in Copenhagen from the first week of the conference to its final scheduled day, a senior White House official said this afternoon.

The move comes in response to greenhouse gas emissions reduction pledges made in recent days by China and India.

It will put Obama at the conference at the same time as dozens of other heads of state, and it immediately raises expectations anew for some type of climate agreement to result from the talks.

By switching his visit from Dec. 9 to Dec. 18, Obama appears to be betting that his presence can – as he has expressed hope for several times in the past – push the negotiations “over the top” toward an agreement.”

However, France’s Sarkozy questioned Obama’s travel plans from the time they were first announced, saying that “[o]nly the heads of state and government can take the major decisions which have to be made” and the “decisive moment is December 17 and 18.”

Score one for Sarkozy.
What are those decisions, you ask?

Here’s a hint: It involves the President promising to spend more of American taxpayers’ money:

“This week, the President discussed the status of the negotiations with Prime Minister Rudd, Chancellor Merkel, President Sarkozy, and Prime Minister Brown and concluded that there appears to be an emerging consensus that a core element of the Copenhagen accord should be to mobilize $10 billion a year by 2012 to support adaptation and mitigation in developing countries, particularly the most vulnerable and least developed countries that could be destabilized by the impacts of climate change.

The United States will pay its fair share of that amount and other countries will make substantial commitments as well.”

I hope Americans aren’t planning a big Christmas this year. We need to save for climate change.

Anonymous said...

Weather Channel scrubs historic data for Copenhagen (Weather Channel)

Weather Channel scrubs historic data for Copenhagen.

The “Weather” Channel has been “purchased (bought and paid for)” by NBC(GE) awhile ago and is now part and parcel of the “Globull Warming” crowd.

Anonymous said...

Texas Email Subject Line: 'Global Warming Lecture Postponed Due to Cooling' (NewsBusters) Because of the Gore Effect, attendees at the Copenhagen Conference are advised to dress very warmly. In fact, they may need Arctic gear.

Houston, we have a problem.

And the problem is unusually cold weather in Houston to the extent that city had its earliest recorded snowfall on Friday.

Plus much of the rest of Texas also had quite cold weather which caused the cancellation of a global warming lecture at the University of Texas in Austin.

Here is the e-mail received by the Houston Chronicle SciGuy blogger Eric Berger:

Global Warming lecture postponed due to cooling

Given the travel advisories issued and the likelihood of freezing weather for the Austin area tomorrow evening, we are postponing the December 4 event, Global Warming - Lone Star Impacts.

Anonymous said...

Obama regime has begun to fall apart


The Department of Justice announced yesterday that Deputy U.S. Attorney General, David Ogden, the second highest ranking official under Eric Holder, would resign on February 10th and return to private practice.

Nia-Malika Henderson, writing for, a markedly liberal leaning site, could not deny the facts:

The second-in-command at the Justice Department is leaving his post, officials announced Thursday — making him the third top Obama legal official to announce his departure in recent weeks.

Deputy Attorney General David W. Ogden will return to private practice in February. White House General Counsel Greg Craig will step down in January, and Phillip Carter, a top Defense Department deputy assistant secretary dealing with detainee issues, has already left.

Anonymous said...

CNN Poll Shows Tumble in Obama Approval: Pooper Says 'Look, It's Just One Poll' (NewsBusters)

On Friday night's Anderson Pooper 360, the CNN anchor tried hard to spin bad polling news for Obama.

"In the latest CNN/Opinion Research poll, 48 percent, less than half, said they approve of President Obama's performance, while 50 percent disapprove.

The question is, how significant is this shift? Some folks will say, 'Look, it's just one poll.'"

But any White House would shudder at the tumble. CNN's poll on November 13-15 was 55-42 approve, and just three weeks later, it's 48to 50.

On Friday, NBC's Chuck Todd observed on Twitter, "CNN's poll had consistently shown the president with a slightly higher approval rating than either the Gallup, Pew or NBC/WSJ surveys."

Pooper brought in analyst David Gergen to explore whether this kind of tumble has been a historic problem for presidents.

They puzzled over the biggest collapse, among non-college educated whites, guessing that's about the economy, not war.

POOPER: So it's not so much about Afghanistan, which was obviously a big story this week, and liberal Democrat dissatisfaction with him sending in more troops. It's really about money, the bad situation a lot of folks are still in?

Anonymous said...

Baucus Nominated Girlfriend for U.S. Attorney (Roll Call)

Senate Finance Chairman Max Baucus’ office confirmed late Friday night that the Montana Democrat was carrying on an extramarital affair with his state office director, Melodee Hanes, when he nominated her to be U.S. attorney in Montana.

According to a source familiar with their relationship, Hanes and Baucus began their relationship in the summer of 2008 – nearly a year before Baucus and his wife, Wanda, formally separated in April.

The Senator has since divorced his wife. Hanes ended her employment with Baucus in the spring of this year.

Hanes, who is divorced and now lives with Baucus in the Eastern Market neighborhood of Washington, D.C., ultimately withdrew her name from consideration for the U.S. attorney position in order to move to Washington, and she now works in the Justice Department’s Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention as a counselor to the administrator.

Baucus spokesman Tyler Matsdorf said the relationship was not the cause of Baucus’ divorce and that Baucus did not arrange for her current position with DOJ.

Anonymous said...

Name That Party: CNN Saturday Morning Edition, Refuses to name DEMOCRAT Baucus by political party (NewsBusters)

On CNN Saturday Morning News today, anchors Betty Nguyen and T.J. Holmes reported on a U.S. senator who nominated his girlfriend to serve as a federal prosecutor earlier this year:

Anonymous said...

Unemployment Figures Inspire Hope (Updated x2) PATTERICO Sounds to me that they are just running out of jobs to lose...

Today’s unemployment figures from the Labor Department show workers are losing jobs at a slower rate:

“Federal figures released Friday showed that the rate fell from 10.2percent in October to 10 percent as employers shed the fewest number of jobs since the recession began two years ago.

The government also said far fewer jobs were lost in September and October than first reported.

And the so-called underemployment rate, counting part-time workers who want full-time jobs and laid-off workers who have given up their job hunt, also fell, from 17.5 percent in October to 17.2 percent.”

November saw job losses of 11,000 compared to 111,000 lost jobs in October 2009. November’s job losses were the lowest since December 2007.

UPDATE: Black unemployment reaches Great Depression levels:

“The Black unemployment rate is officially 15.7 percent nationwide compared to 9.5 percent for whites. *** Joblessness for 16-to-24-year old Black men has reached Great Depression proportions — 34.5percent in October, more than three times the rate for the general U.S. population according to the Center for Labor Market Studies.”

Members of the Congressional Black Caucus are not happy and want President Obama to know it:

“In what is being portrayed as a direct rebuke of the White House’s lack of response to the deepening unemployment meltdown, Rep. Maxine Waters D-California, chair of the powerful Financial Services sub committee killed a scheduled November 19 vote on President Barack Obama’s financial regulation reform bill.


Waters led a bloc of African American House Democrats angry and frustrated that the Obama administration is mired in heated partisan battles over healthcare reform, war troop levels and fixing Wall Street and is not doing enough to address the plight of Blacks and Browns on Main Street.

The groups have been hit much harder than any other by unemployment.”

UPDATE 2: The Instapundit has a jobs chart showing what the Obama Administration promised vs what it delivered.

They have been waiting for the short term Christmas hired so they could pat themselves on the back.

They’re also counting on seasonal employment to start in Apr so they can brag the second quarter is an improvement.

Bet they don’t mention the 50%+ unemployment rate for teens. All I see from D.C. is lies and the liars who tell them.

Anonymous said...

Copenhagen cap-and-trade agreement might never be reached (The Examiner)

As Members of the US Congress continue to talk hopefully of a cap-and-trade system for the United States, the United Nations is now preparing to host its annual Climate Change Conference in the hope of eventually establishing a worldwide cap-and-trade scheme.

But recent political and diplomatic developments, to say nothing of the climate-science scandals in England, New Zealand, and the United States, cast doubt on the likelihood and even the workability of such a scheme.

On Tuesday, the English-language Copenhagen Post first reported on multiple cases of securities fraud involving the Denmark CO2 Quotas Register, the world's largest.

Two days later, NASA's James Hansen delivered to the London Times his opinion that a cap-and-trade scheme was inherently flawed and would never serve the intended purpose.

Now an insightful analysis by Sean Higgins of Investors Business Daily suggests that Russia, and other countries who accumulated vast emissions credits after their economies went into recession or depression, may scuttle any cap-and-trade deal unless they are allowed to preserve the credits they say they earned under the Kyoto Protocol.

Anonymous said...

Morning Joe Guest: ClimateGate Scientists Being 'Swiftboated' (NewsBusters)

Fake but accurate rides again!

The same lame defense Dan Rather used in Memogate has been trotted out on ClimateGate by Columbia Univ. Prof. Jeffrey Sachs.

Appearing on Morning Joe today, the author of Common Wealth [note play on words: your money is our money] alleged that the real victims in this scandal are

. . . the number-fudging scientists. People are attempting to "Swiftboat" those poor CRU guys, sighed Sachs.

For good measure, the good professor asserted that "what happened is not a very big deal."

Anonymous said...

ClimateGate Held Hostage: Day 14

Yet again the Thursday network evening newscasts on NBC, ABC, and CBS failed to cover the (Climate Gate Scandal)

However, ABC World News did manage to devote a two minute story to the release of singer Susan Boyle’s first album.

On Thursday afternoon, ABC White House correspondent Jake Tapper (reported the controversy on his blog:) “President Obama’s science adviser, Dr. John Holdren, faced a barrage of questions yesterday from Republican Members of Congress about a series of hacked emails at the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit that climate change skeptics have seized upon as evidence that the whole concept of climate change is a hoax.”

Apparently ABC reporters are allowed to discuss the topic online, just not on air.

Interestingly, World News anchor Charles Gibson did a brief report on climate change on Thursday, about how the bad economy has reduced carbon emissions:

“The government said today that one offshoot of the recession is cleaner air. Total greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S. fell 2.2% last year, the decline due in part to record high oil prices, which resulted in less driving.”

Gibson looked for that economic upside as he reported live outside the White House for the Obama administration’s jobs summit.

Anonymous said...

Media Will Ignore Climategate Until They Hear ‘I Was Wrong’
(Pajamas Media) Associated Press assigned eleven reporters to fact check Sarah Palin’s book but has not yet noticed anything newsworthy about the Climategate e-mails!

The media rarely says it: “We were wrong.” I have worked in newsrooms for 56 years — I have never heard it.

On several occasions I have heard “we were misinformed,” “we were misled,” and even “we were duped.”

On several occasions I have heard “we must correct this item” —but even on these rare occasions there is great reluctance.

It would take a monumental event to force the media to say “we were wrong.”

The media claims to be unbiased, but everybody knows that is not true. “Fair and balanced” is a great slogan, but it’s not a reality.

I have witnessed that bias at all three of the old-line networks (yes, I did the circuit) and major market network stations.

There happens to be less bias and better balance at the small independent station where I work now in my retirement job than anywhere else I have worked.

But still, every person in the newsroom — including me — comes to work with personal biases, and as hard as we try to set them aside, they shine through from time to time.

Generally speaking, people who launch media careers are “do-gooders,” wanting to inform the people regarding how to make the world and their communities better places.

It comes off, mostly, as a liberal bias. Most news people in the United States voted for Al Gore.

Anonymous said...

United Nations is Behind Climate Science Fraud; models do not account for solar variation!

Letter suggests that climate models do not account for variations in the Sun's emissions! is a compilation of the E-mails that were hacked from the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit. This letter suggests that the United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change asked climate scientists to commit academic dishonesty and scientific misconduct in favor of the United Nations' agenda to regulate so-called greenhouse gases.

When the climate scientists insisted on behaving ethically by reporting uncertainties and contradictory evidence in their models, the IPCC altered the published results on its own.

Barnett knows how easily this can happen. He was a lead author for a critical chapter in the last IPCC scientific assessment, which investigated "the detection of climate change and attribution of causes".

It formulated the IPCC case that the evidence points towards a human influence on climate, but it warned repeatedly that great uncertainties remained.

"We wrote a long list of caveats in that chapter," says Barnett. "We got a lot of static from within IPCC, from people who wanted to water down and delete some of those caveats. We had to work very hard to keep them all in."

Even so, when the findings were first leaked to the New York Times, it was under the headline "Scientists finally confirm human role in global warming".

of clean water and clean air, and protect our natural areas....

Anonymous said...

I’m fixing to say I told you so (climate-gate scam) (The Monticello News)

I told you that man made global warming was a scam, and now it has been exposed as exactly that.

In what has been coined as “Climate Gate,” due to the leaking of thousands of private e-mails from within the global warming priesthood centered within the University of East Anglia’s Climate Research Unit in Great Britain, a pattern of manipulation, suppression and selection of data and evidence all designed to create and maintain the global warming myth has been discovered.

In other words they have been “cooking the books,” to make it appear global warming is being caused by human beings and predicting the world would warm to catastrophic levels unless trillions of dollars are spent to avert it.

Where would all this money come from? From obvious and underhanded carbon taxes, environmental fees and emission permit fees funded from increased energy and food costs, which would fall on every consumer and every shareholder, and is contained in the Cap and Trade (cap and tax) climate legislation which the U.S. Senate began open partisan debate on this week.

I must confess this close knit group of American and British scientists responsible for this, the greatest fraud of all time, have done an outstanding job using their influence in driving the worldwide alarm over global warming through their role in the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

Some schools are actually teaching this false theory as fact.

McClatchy Watch said...

Looks like "Safe Schools Czar" Kevin Jennings will be the next to resign.

Anonymous said...

Re: Catching a Tiger by the Tale
I agree with this comment: “The list of the richest women in Sweden will soon undergo an update.”

Anonymous said...

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll (12/6/9, Obama at -14; at 25, "strongly approve" is lowest ever.)

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Sunday shows that 25% of the nation's voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President.

Thirty-nine percent (39%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14.

Anonymous said...

Kevin Jennings brings all the sleaze we have come to expect from the Obama administration.

Anonymous said...

“Did "Porkchop" or Lokeman write this?”
As Obama slides into the Carter-like failure abyss, it almost makes me miss the blather of O’ Three Tire. She could wax poetic about her little faux messiah. She never quite grasp the ‘Garbage in-garbage out’ concept.

Anonymous said...

AP: Tiger Woods Is Racist - (Because) He Only Cheats With White Women

NewsBusters ^ | December 6, 2009 | Noel Sheppard

Associated Press headline: Tiger’s Troubles Widen His Distance From Blacks ‘Two layers of suspicion ... one is the pattern in the race of his partners’ The article that followed labeled the golfer racist not only for "declin[ing] to identify himself as black," but also because of "the race of the women" he's involved with. On top of this, the AP made the case that America's fascination with Woods's philandering is only because he's cheating with white women (h/t NB reader Matthew Noll): Amid all the headlines generated by Tiger Woods' troubles — the puzzling car accident, the suggestions of...

Anonymous said...

"Glowbull Warming theory"

Anonymous said...

Interesting. After the usual volley of early-morning anti-Obama and anti-administration garbage from the daily paid lobbyist, there's one post by MW, followed by just a few more posts, some of which probably came from the same lobbyist. No posts on any other threads. Kind of makes it clear how few are paying any attention to MW these days, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Kind of makes it clear how few are paying any attention to MW these days, doesn't it?

Nope, it makes it clear that our troll is the only one that has no other life on weekends. Sorry for you troll. I know it was hard keeping your sock puppet stuffed in your mouth all last week while MW savaged McClatchy with the truth about their pension fund.

Must suck to be you.

Anonymous said...

3:39 PM It's very telling that you do not dispute the content of articles posted here, the fact that they are posted period. Are you a McClatchy editor throwing a hissy fit because you cannot dictate the content of this blog?

Anonymous said...

3:39... I am so glad you have found this site where you can come and express our inner asshole. A catharsis for your anal retentive soul. We are so glad you can and do take advantage of the opportunity for reflection and expressing the actual quality and purity of your astounding assholeness.

Thank you for sharing with us.