Friday, July 18, 2008

Give it up for Charlie Daniels

One of the many under-reported stories of the Iraq war is the number of entertainers who have travelled to the Persian Gulf to entertain US troops. Today I want to highlight an unsung hero, country and southern rock musician Charlie Daniels.

A Grammy Award winner, Daniels has made several trips to the Persian Gulf to give concerts in Iraq. But he has also played for the armed forces in Germany, Cuba, South Korea, Bosnia, Kosovo, aboard the USS Roosevelt and on several Spirit of America Tours in the United States.
Always patriotic, here is Charlie Daniels on supporting US troops:
“Somebody needs to go over and say thank you – that regardless of what you have read here, we are behind you,” he said. “You are the sons and daughters of America. You deserve our support. These are young men and women investing years of their life on behalf of our country.”
Daniels doesn't think much of the news coverage of the Iraq war:
“The only thing networks tend to show is something bad, something bloody, something that makes our troops look bad,” he said.
Blackfive covered a 2005 Charlie Daniels concert at Camp Victory, Iraq here. Photos from a 2006 Iraq concert here. (Daniels was nearly 70 at the time.) A CD,"Live from Iraq"was made at one of the concerts. In 2007, the Pentagon honored Daniels for his support of the troops. Thank God for men and women like Charlie Daniels.

Photo via Blackfive.

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