Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McClatchy quotes "expert" who defends Obama's tax plan -- but doesn't disclose the "expert" is an Obama campaign donor

A McClatchy news story addressing the question of whether Barack Obama's tax plan is socialist quoted an "expert" who defended the Obama tax plan -- but the McClatchy reporters didn't disclose the "expert" is an Obama partisan who donated to the Obama campaign. Here is the quote:
"The answer is clearly no, Senator Obama is not a socialist," said Paul Beck, a professor of political science at Ohio State University. "We've had a progressive tax system for some time, and both Republicans and Democrats have bought into it."

Well McCain hasn't said Obama is a socialist, so Beck is answering a charge that hasn't been made. Obama has said, however, that he wants to redistribute wealth -- "spread the wealth around" as he told Joe the plumber.

But, according to this site, a Paul Beck who is a professor at Ohio State University donated $350 to Obama campaign this year. Is this the same Paul Beck that McClatchy quoted? A phone call to Paul Beck on Tuesday wasn't immediately returned.

You see McClatchy's schtick here -- get quotes from Obama partisans, present them as "experts" to debunk charges made the McCain campaign -- but don't disclose to readers the experts are Obama boosters.
McClatchy news stories are becoming indistinguishable from Obama campaign literature.
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