Monday, November 10, 2008

The axe is swinging at the Kansas City Star -- layoffs said to be "stunning"

As rumored, more job cuts at the Kansas City Star appear to be in the works right now. Bottom Line Communications is reporting the Kansas City Star is laying off some of the most recognizable reporters and columnists at the newspaper.

The Kansas City Star, which has been rocked with layoffs the past several months that have resulted in a reduction of about 100 editorial employees, is in the process today of letting go some of the most recognizable reporters and columnists in the history of the area's largest newspaper.

The list of the 16 people being terminated reads like a "Who's Who" of area journalism and is absolutely stunning.

"The newspaper is definitely on a death watch now," says a source. "These are simply folks who cannot be replaced. These moves will definitely affect the product and circulation."

The list of names is expected to be released later today.

If confirmed, the loss of talented reporters and columnists would be a body blow. The Kansas City Star cut 120 jobs in June, and another 65 jobs in September. Just last month, the paper raised its newsstand price from 50 cents to 75 cents. Hat tip: comments

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