Thursday, November 20, 2008

Kansas City Star lays off 10 accounting employees, will outsource the work to India

Another layoff announcement from the Kansas City Star.
The Kansas City Star will lay off 10 employees in its accounting division sometime in February and outsource the jobs, Marketing Director Tracy Hazen said Thursday.

The layoffs are in addition to 50 employees throughout the company The Star said Nov 10 it would lay off...

Star Publisher Mark Zieman said in an internal memo Sept. 17 that some McClatchy newspapers planned to outsource some financial functions “that can be performed effectively offsite” using Infosys Technologies Ltd. as the vendor and that The Star would consider outsourcing its financial functions to Infosys.

Kansas City, we have a problem. The Kansas City Star cut 120 jobs in June, and another 65 jobs in September, and another 50 in November. The paper raised its newsstand price from 50 cents to 75 cents in October. (And yes, the headquarters of Infosys is in India.)
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Anonymous said...

Oh good Tracy Hazan again the "know nothing" wasted salary person. She always speaks and never knows anything. She should have been the first of the departed back in June. Exactly, what does she do.

Just ask her how many employees the KC Star has and she'll tell you I don't know. Wouldn't that be something that she should know? Please give us a break find another spoke person.

Anonymous said...

Another announcement from "THE INDIA STAR" formerly known as the KC Star.

Anonymous said...

...Will they change the name to Kansas City 'Tirya' ?

* Hindustani for treacle, but in Hindustan it always means opium.

Anonymous said...

I guess is what they call a "blue print for success". Maybe in India?

Anonymous said...

The "Falling Star" will continue on this downward slide until McClatchy makes a decision to either go bankrupt or start selling assets. They can't borrow money and if they issued more stock it would have no value. We are on deathwatch for this media conglomerate. It is not a question of if, it is a question of when?

Kevin Gregory said...

Has anybody thought of outsourcing Zieman's publisher position to India?

Anonymous said...

Hazen owns a pretty nice Jaguar, and has the nerve to drive it to work, so obviously somebody's doing pretty well.

Anonymous said...

4:57 Zieman has his wife working there and has made it through all the cuts. What does this tell you?....shove it everybody.

Hazan and her Jaguar what does this tell you.....shove it everybody.

Somebody asked on this web site the other day.....why do people hate so is part of the answer.