Saturday, November 8, 2008

Publisher of McClatchy's Kansas City Star is registered to vote in 2 states (updated)

Here's your bizarre McClatchy news of the day:

It seems Kansas City Star Publisher Mark Zieman likes registering to vote so much he just can’t stop himself.

According to the sources below, Zieman is registered to vote twice, once on each side of the state line. Zieman and his wife, “syndicated” columnist Rhonda Chriss Lokeman, are registered to vote from their Kansas City home in Ward 8, Precinct 8. There the voter rolls list Zieman as “Gregory M. Zieman”. But Mark Zieman is also registered to vote in Overland Park, Kansas. There he is registered in OP-5-4 at an address where his daughter is also listed. Zieman is listed there as G. Mark Zieman.

It remains to be seen if Zieman will actually try to vote in both places. Even if he doesn’t, the deception in having two registrations, with two different names, in two different states raises a serious question about Zieman’s character. Even worse, Zieman seems to have avoided answering questions about the dual registrations.

In Kansas, Zieman registered as a Democrat. Party affiliation is not maintained in the Missouri voter database. (The sources mentioned above are here and here.)
UPDATE: Just found a response from Gregory Zieman addressing this issue -- he blames the election offices.
As you must well know, and as The Kansas City Star has extensively reported, it is not illegal to be registered in more than one place. It is only illegal to vote twice in the same election — which I have never done and which both the Missouri and Kansas Secretaries of State office will confirm. In fact, tens of thousands of people are registered in more than one place because, like me, they have moved and election officials in their new location did not notify those in their prior location. This is a communication problem involving the election offices — not the fault of the voters themselves — and is something The Star also has reported.


Anonymous said...

What do you expect from the head man at the KC Star. Since he took over his major accomplishment are: 1. Cutting employees. 2. Cutting pages. 3. Wanting readers to write stories for free. 4. Freelance data input work from home. 5. Ad Services having to train their own replacments from India.!!! 6. More cuts coming Monday.

Job Well Done. Quess you made a name for yourself and your job is secured.

Anonymous said...


So to any reasonable person, this is the fault of the election boards' failure to communicate, not Zieman's.

Does any reasonable person believe someone would do this on purpose? I mean, seriously.

If you want to see how a real blog that tackles a newspaper chain, go here.

McClatchy Watch is full of partisan nonsense and this post just proves it, and it's run by a guy whose ax is ground down so far it's a toothpick. This really proves it.

So nice work discrediting yourself. hahahaha

Anonymous said...

...So saeth Mark M. Zieman, who knows what reasonable people think. about. voting. twice.

Anonymous said...

Just for fun, Google "Gregory Zieman vote" and see what you get from blogs and news sources.

This controversy has gotten alot of attention.

Anonymous said...

6:46 Didn't mention 1 - 6 that 6:02 mentioned so you must be proud of conducting business like that. What goes around comes around.

If you like Gannetts blog so much go there better yet get a job there. Oh that's right they don't have a "white elephant" print plant that will be vacant in 5 years because nobody wants a printed paper.

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:46 if you think this blog is so bad what are you doing here....Oh I know to get informed.

Anonymous said...

Hard not to be partisan against McClatchy papers just look at all the crap they do against their employees 6:02 just showed you.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if his wife has to worry about her job at the KC Star. No, probably just everybody else.

Anonymous said...

Are you kidding? Rhonda Chriss Lokeman is the only date that Mark could ever get. He isn't about to cut that off.

Anonymous said...

"This controversy has gotten alot of attention..." among the rabid right, not anywhere else.

Remember the McClatchy Watch motto: "We'll run with anything anyone says."

Anonymous said...

Isn't it funny that none of the issues on how employees are/were treated as 6:02 sited are addressed. They just attack McClatchy Watch. That's how people with NOTHING to say deal with stuff.

Anonymous said...

So, did he vote twice?

Anonymous said...

There is no way to know if he voted twice, three times or five. When they start using the aliases like that the software can't detect it. That is why ACORN was so successful. Seeing how he is a leftist operative, the odds are he voted multiple times.

Honest is not his strong point, otherwise he would never have altered his bio so completely and left out the real origins of his expertise. (Adversing Salesman)