Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Revealed - former bigshot McClatchy editor is a Dennis Kucinich donor -- Updated - I had the wrong David Westphal

Updated 1:40 PM: I have confirmed that the David Westphal who contributed to the Dennis Kucinich campaign is NOT the David Westphal who recently left McClatchy, as I said in the original post. My apologies for my error - especially to David Westpahl. I will have more on this later today. (I am leaving up the 5 paragraphs of the original post so you can see what I posted this morning. More later.)

Campaign documents reveal David Westphal, former Washington editor at McClatchy who recently left McClatchy to join his wife in a cushy gig at the USC School of Journalism, is a fan of lunatic fringe candidate Dennis Kucinich.

While working for McClatchy during 2007, Westphal donated to Dennis Kucinich, according to this site. During 2007, of course, Kucinich was a vocal proponent of impeaching President Bush. Also during 2007, Kucinch revealed that he had once seen a UFO. This year, while still on McClatchy's payroll, Westphal donated to Democrat Barack Obama.

Are David Westphal's leftwing views consistent with most McClatchy reporters and editors? Probably. And do those left-wing views risk alienating subscribers? Absolutely.
By the way, last year it was revealed a McClatchy (then Knight Ridder) employee who worked with Westphal got into trouble when it was discovered she had violated Knight Ridder policy with her political contributions. Westphal's co-worker offered to resign; Westphal apparently violated the same standard but walked away without consequence.

Just for fun, here is video of crazyman Dennis Kucinich at one of the Dem debates telling Tim Russert about seeing a UFO:

UPDATE 11:10 AM: A commenter says I have the wrong David Westpahl. I am trying to verify. Will do more investigation and update later.

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Howard said...

This is clearly a false and libelous accusation. Obviously, you didn't ask David Westphal if this was him; didn't you even look at the address on the link you provide? What possible reason can you have for associating McClatchy's former Washington Editor with someone of the same name in Maine?

You owe David an apology -- and perhaps much more.

Dave said...

Why do you think it's honorable to toss around an obviously and provably false accusation like this without checking? With me, for example. I made no such contribution. I'd like an explanation and an apology.
-- David Westphal

Anonymous said...

I have found the following link to be much more reliable.


Anonymous said...

So you made a mistake your not perfect and what we're all dealing with here is a mess that McClatchy seems to love making. Talk about truth. How about some of their papers printing what is really going and how McClatchy runs its business.

Anonymous said...

It would be nice if Howard W would be so quick to answer a lot of what else is said on this blog. Seems he has a lot of questions to answer but only wants to pick out this. He has even limited his own blog so that it more favorable to McClatchy. Hey Howard, go get lost to your own blog we know the truth here.