Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Anchorage Daily News didn't keep promise to delete crude comments from ADN web site

Pat Dougherty at the ADN promised to clean up the comments section at the ADN website, but a recent look at the comments section shows plenty of vile and abusive comments -- mostly about Sarah Palin -- still populate the comments section on the ADN's web site.

Here is the ADN's promise to clean up the vile comments from January:
When we see them, we will delete comments that are off topic, crude, attack other posters or are part of an apparent campaign to spam the boards with messages. We will ban users whose comments are particularly egregious, those who show a pattern of unwillingness to follow the rules and spammers. We will continue to allow critical comments about public figures and subjects of stories, but we will not allow crude comments about them or their personal lives.
But despite the January promise to delete crude comments about public figures, the ADN still allows vile comments about Sarah Palin. Here's a few comments about Sarah Palin -- and her children --collected from this weekend:

Obama1Fan wrote on 04/03/2009 05:19:44 PM:
Talk about WHITE TRASH.....LOL.

BunkerBuster wrote on 04/03/2009 05:47:47 PM: The Palin's are a joke a minute. Bristol already has a new boyfriend too. The Palins = The Beverly Hillbillies.

pmalaska wrote on 04/03/2009 08:46:14 PM: The Palins really are the modern version of Beverly Hillbillies. Trailor courts, drug dealing relatives, child pregnancy and drug busts, and now petty burglaries.

Ninette wrote on 04/03/2009 09:01:46 PM: ooooooooooweeeeeee! Cue the banjo song from Deliverance.

Alaskan4Ever wrote on 04/04/2009 01:50:58 PM: The Palin Family is an embarrassment to Alaska and Alaskans. GO AWAY SARAH! And take your crazy family with you!

lived9lives wrote on 04/04/2009 11:28:14 AM:
Oh, sorry about my previous post. I now realize Sarah was busy listening to Levi and Bristol practicing abstinence in the bedroom of HER home. (See Levi's commments @ bedroom) Guess that's why she couldn't read the Stimulus Package.

I wonder how quick the ADN is to delete crude comments about The Messiah.

As for this blog, my readers know I allow a wide range of comments. Unlike Doughtery and the ADN, I never promised to delete crude comments... I usually delete profanity or spam but that's about it.


Anonymous said...

This will be McClatchy newest and next cost saving measure, I'm so damn happy I'm gone from this sad ass company.

First Furloughs, Now Paid Vacation Accruals, Halted At Some MediaNews Papers

By E&P Staff

Published: April 06, 2009 11:20 AM ET
CHICAGO Employees at MediaNews Los Angeles Newspaper Group (LANG) papers are no longer accruing paid vacation.

Under a policy that began Sunday, vacation accrual for employees at the Los Angeles Daily News and other papers in the Southern California group was suspended until at least July 4.

Separate memos were sent to employees at the various newspapers, and were first reported by the blog "LA Observed."

Inland Division Publisher Fred Hamilton wrote in his memo that the suspension is "another step our newspapers are taking to tackle the difficult economic challenges that we are facing." Employees were encouraged to take vacation already banked.

LANG's newest cost-cutting measure comes as employees were just completing a one-week unpaid furlough that was ordered to be taken between Feb. 1 and March 31.

Anonymous said...

You're getting after ADN despite all the garbage you let ride on here? Because you didn't promise?

At least they bother to pay lip service to civil discourse. You revel in misinformation and nastiness.

Anonymous said...

5:46, I had the same thought. There are some extremely hateful comments left posted on this blog. I see Kevin included the "usually delete them" phrase as a defense against that accusation.

I don't think the examples cited are that bad, they're pretty tame as far as nasty comments go. I can find worse on Obama or Hillary Clinton any day of the week.

Anonymous said...

It's comical to even give a hint of whining about how Palin is treated on blogs. What she is getting pales in comparison to what is being said about Obama.

She is a media hound and deserves any negative feedback she gets since she takes every opportunity to step in front of a camera.

Anonymous said...

"She is a media hound and deserves any negative feedback she gets"

That's true. And who was it that used her children as props? Palin herself. It's not fair to them that she did that, or that they get ugly comments directed at them, but that's old hat, just ask Chelsea Clinton.

T. D. said...

ADN's word on this is as good as their word on regular news coverage. If it's in line with their biases, fine. If not, tough luck.

Remember that even though their reporters covered Gov. Palin during the nine months of her pregnancy, and reported on Trig's birth April 18, 2008, they only thought to ask her questions about whether Trig was her son eight months after his birth. Talk about heads up journalism.

Anonymous said...

ADN is all class

Look what shows up a their No. 3 story today


ADN is the National Enquirer with poor picture quality.

Denny, Alaska said...

And to think, Pat Dougherty's "All Anti-Palin, All The Time" meme has kept ADN from sinking.

Donald Dunlop said...

You're giving yourself credit for the ADN finally stepping up and reminding people about some simple decorum?

I'm sure none of the other thousand Palin-apoloogist whiners who hate free speech influenced him with their continuous drone about not picking on dear Sarah ... it was all the blog entry that you're now pimping on their comment section.

OMG ... The hilarious irony of that is precious.

Unknown said...

It would appear that even on target blogs are now suspect at ADN. This is the most egregious form of censorship.