Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Clinton headline demeaning?

John Landsberg says a headline in Prime Buzz announcing an upcoming appearance by Bill Clinton is demeaning.

Whether someone was a supporter of former President Bill Clinton or not, a headline in the "Prime Buzz" Web edition of the Kansas City Star not only demeans Clinton, but the office of the president and the prestigious award he is being presented.

Clinton is in town to receive "Harry S. Truman Award" at the Truman Library and Museum for his efforts in the international fight against aids and climate change. He is also being recognized for his public service before, during and after the presidency.

To warn people "To Lock Up the Women" in the headline not only diminishes Clinton, the Truman award organizers, but certainly the Kansas City Star.

I'm rarely in the position of defending Bill Clinton from Horndog jokes. And I think almost everyone reading the Prime Buzz blurb knows the headline is a joke. (Although this woman might not laugh.) Still, John is right about the unfairness to the group putting on the event at the Truman Library. That being said, I don't feel sorry for Bill Clinton -- I feel sorry for the beleaguered readers' rep at the KC Star, Derek Donovan, who will have to address it.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is mild compared to what could rightfully be said. Any group who would invite an adulterer and convicted felon who lost his right to practice law, pardoned convicted terrorists in his final days along with the largest tax fraud in the history of the US and sold the Chinese Government the hardened guidance systems that allowed them to strike US soil with nuclear weapons should have been prepared for a negative reaction.

It's on them. As far a Derrick Donovan, it shouldn't be a problem. He can stop selling ads long enough to put on his Ombudsman's hat and say, "Yep you're right, they should have been more sensitive and caring."

Of course it might cut into his obscene phone call time, but I doubt he has a quota.

Anonymous said...

Although I lean very much to the right, and concur with both the owner of this site, and with the above poster, with all of his astute comments, he should not be promoted this way.

If, on the other hand, after he makes his speech, he is roasted for the speeches content, with the proper references to his well documented proclivities, then fine.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Bloody daffodils.

"The Buzz" (prime or not) was the ONLY element of the newspaper I used to work for that made me truly ashamed on a daily basis. You can find bias wherever you want, if you look hard enough, but "The Buzz" dripped bias like a leaky faucet. Might as well put Barry's mug on the thing as a logo.

Anonymous said...

I can think of a whole lot more besides the buzz that was embarrassing, but, it did lead the way.