Monday, June 22, 2009

Kansas City Star advertising for a telecommunications reporter

At Poynter, I found another McClatchy job announcement:

The Kansas City Star is seeking to hire a reporter to cover telecommunications, technology and biosciences. This reporter’s main responsibility will be to cover Sprint, which is based in a Kansas City suburb. Sprint is the area’s top private employer and The Star tracks it closely. As part of the Sprint beat, the reporter will maintain the award-winning Sprint Connections blog.

The prospective candidate will also be expected to follow consumer technology, discovering trends and new products that affect consumers directly. Finally, he or she will also be assigned to watch and do occasional stories on the area’s growing biosciences sector.

We are looking for someone who is eager and hard-working, with winning ideas. He or she must be an excellent writer.
NOTES: US Residents Only. Employer will assist with relocation costs.

Additional Salary Information: negotiable


Traditional training at newspapers or wire services is preferred. Being web-savvy or having experience with online news is paramount.

Besides taking ownership of a beat, the prospective candidate must be a team player, willing to share ideas and information, support other reporters and take direction from editors. We’re looking for somebody with flexibility, resilience and perseverance.

Update: John Landsberg points out the Star's previous telecom reporter, Jason Gertzen, was hired by Sprint after writing several dubious Sprint puff pieces.



Anonymous said...

"We’re looking for somebody with flexibility, resilience and perseverance."

And, pay them next to nothing!

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to believe that the Scar couldn’t find the right person for this job among the journalists they have kicked to the curb. Perhaps the slave wages part was a sticky issue?

Anonymous said...

“US Residents Only. Employer will assist with relocation costs.”

Translation: One-way bus ticket.

Anonymous said...

With McClatchy’s Florida paper, “Cut and pasting” from Cuba’s Pravda’s paper, why not just pay a Sprint employee to be a sock puppet, a McClatchy strongpoint? This way they can smartly keep the “U.S. Resident” component.

Anonymous said...

7:11 AM They had a Sprint employee doing the job, but things got tough and he went back to Overland Park.

Besides, Sprint hires foreigners by the gaggle and put them up in the Apartment Complexes off Metcalf. I am sure they are all HUD by now.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:30 Amazing, simply amazing! Thanks for the clarification

Anonymous said...

Some of the most bitter comments from former MNI employees is that they relocated for a job, and got laid off after just a few months. No re-relocating expenses help offered. The “Sneaky Bastards” label applies once again, IMO.