Friday, June 19, 2009

Kansas City Star hiring

Who says the Star is shrinking?... I did a little research and discovered the Star is actually hiring. Here are some job openings at the KC Star:

Update: a reader says most of these jobs are paid by commission, and people who actually want to earn money won't be interested:

"... No one wants to work commission in a job where there are no sales."



Anonymous said...


Retail Account Executive..Cuba

Ink Magazine Account Executive..DNC HQ

Universal Sales Center Rep..N Korea

Account Executive SPACES Magazine
Operating Engineer..White House parking garage

John Altevogt said...

Real jobs, or independent contractors? All of these are sales jobs with the exception of the OE. ANd, what happened to the other folks who were doing this?

We had a couple of these guys come out to the office and give a presentation on their Internet ads and other programs they had. They went away empty handed from a real estate office.

No one wants to work commission in a job where there are no sales.

Nick said...

There still is some quiet right-sizing going on at the Star, too. Just hasn't leaked out yet. I expect John will have names soon...