Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rage against one-party government and the lapdog media

I don't like the government's mega-billion-dollar bailout of GM. Not one bit. It is a payback to a major Dem constituency, the United Auto Workers union -- which donates overwhelmingly to Democrat candidates every election cycle.

The corruption should be obvious: the Dem power base in DC is using taxpayer money to prop up a major Dem donor. And you can bet the UAW will reward the Dems in 2010 by donating millions more to elect Dem candidates. The media covers it like a curiosity instead of a huge -- and corrupt -- advance toward socialism.

It is maddening to watch our one-party government spending untold billions on bailouts, and a media acting like a lapdog instead of watchdog. (Remember how indignant the media was under Bush's expansive use of executive power?... what happened to those outraged reporters and columnists?)

It's a helpless feeling; what can you do?

Here is one thing you can do. You can fight back by buying your next car from a company that isn't begging from the government. Buy a Ford.



Anonymous said...

What are the alternatives to government support and reorganization under chapter 11?

Given the woeful state of affairs at GM this near death experience is the best thing that could happen to the American automotive industry.

American's are demanding more from corporations. Free markets are the instrument by which these changes will be consolidated.

Increasingly consumers demand social justice and environmental responsibility. Firms who fail to respond to consumer demand will be punished in the marketplace.

The Obama administration is forcing GM to be more competitive by trimming the fat off an obese industry.

Please see "The Heartbeat of America in Cardiac Arrest"


Anonymous said...

The aftermath of the plant closings and the layoffs will affect towns, cities, states. The recent layoff announcement for 20,000 "salaried and hourly employees" does not tell the story. These job losses, plus the selloffs of Hummer and other models will result in the closings of suppliers, dealers, restaurants, dry cleaners, retail shops and service sector companies in all these places. Car ads are big business for small newspapers, so look for some more newspapers to close as well.

Obama does not know crap about the automobile industry, or America, and it is showing.

Now, although I have always driven GM cars -- Pontiacs, Buicks and Cadillacs -- I probably WILL buy a Ford. That is, if I can ever afford one.

I work for a supplier in the business jet industry -- another sector to which Obama cavalierly dealt a huge blow by demonizing those who own and fly these airplanes. It is a blow I am personally experiencing. My work hours will likely be cut in half later this year.

He's a menace.

Anonymous said...

Someone is smoking the weed if they think that government, Obama or otherwise, is going to slim down the auto industry and make it more competitive. All the government is going to do is to bloat GM, waste an astonishing amount of our money and prop up the interests of the UAW against the rest of us with our money.

Anonymous said...

Think of GM like Amtrak. The millstone of forty years. I would not buy a GM car for half the price. This is a union deal, and I for one am not paying their bloated pensions.

Anonymous said...

_ I probably WILL buy a Ford. That is, if I can ever afford one.-

Since '91 I have owned 2 Ford suvs and a Japanese luxury suv. For the Fords, average monthly maintenance including oil and tires was $95 a month. For the import, maintenance was $26. Draw your own conclusions.