Thursday, July 30, 2009

Craig Nannini quoted in Charlotte Observer's coverage of upcoming council election

Jeff Taylor notes the Charlotte Observer quoted Craig Nannini, a Tea Party organizer, in the paper's coverage of upcoming city council election.

“City Council has its priorities all messed up,” said Craig Nannini, a Republican at-large candidate.

Nannini criticized city leaders spending money for light rail and a proposed streetcar route that would go from Eastland Mall to the Rosa Parks Transit Station on Beatties Ford Road. The City Council recently voted to spend $8 million for an engineering study of the project, which is expected to cost about $373 million.

“It will bankrupt the city,” Nannini said.

I'm glad to see a Tea Party organizer mixing it up with the insiders who've made a mess of things. (See the full Observer article here.)



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