Sunday, July 19, 2009

Miami Herald hiring "photo researcher" ... $12 to $20 an hour, no benefits

The Miami Herald is advertising for a freelance photo researcher.


ASSIGNMENT SUMMARY: Looking for a freelance assistant to perform image/archival research, archival quality scanning, metadata entry, file upload to databases, and basic file conversion.


Working experience with photography, publishing, libraries or graphic design is desired. Experience handling archival/photographic materials (transparencies, prints, microfilm, and/or digital content) is a plus. PC and Microsoft Office proficiency. Basic knowledge of Adobe Photoshop. Basic understanding of copyright law and principles is a plus. Excellent research skills. Must be able to perform under tight deadlines, follow through on projects and coordinate multiple projects at the same time.

This is a strictly a freelance opportunity, 30 hours/week.

Location: Miami

Salary: $12-20/hr, based on experience

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Anonymous said...

This it the future of McClatchy - no benefits, low pay, part-time hours and huge turnover in staff. What a company!

Anonymous said...

I think you’re partially right.

Based on the blogs last two posts, McClatchy’s future is in Photos.

They’re turning, what’s left of their sinking and stinking paper, into a digital comic book for their illiterate masses!

Anonymous said...

That kind of pay-and-benefits package warms the hearts of true red-state conservatives everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Not only does McClatchy support the welfare state, they are creating one.

Anonymous said...

Really, this is where all of journalism is going: contractors. Need a photo? Call Joe Smith, laid-off seasoned photog, have him fire off a few good ones. Pay him $100. Need a story? Call Heather Green, college correspondent, and have her knock out 10 inches and pay her $50. Got a weekend afternoon shift to fill? Jake Jones will work for $7 an hour. Same with designers and copy editors... they'll be bit workers, on-call as needed. Only the editor and the upper management will have to remain, of course. They're paid the big bucks. And they want to keep it that way.

Anonymous said...

When you can be replaced by a part time $7/hour worker, it says less about the company than it does about you.

What are you worth to an employer? Just like you shop for the best product at the least cost, employers search for the best employee at the best price.

The company does not work for you. You work for the company. If you are making $50K a year with an additional $10K a year in benefits, the company (any company) must find a way that your service can generate more than $60K in revenue. Are you worth that much? What is it that you do that generates that much revenue?

It is a competitive world. English majors and journalism majors are a dime a dozen. If someone is willing to do the job for X dollars why should an employer pay someone else 2X to do the same job.

If you want welfare, look at the public sector. If you can't, or won't compete, don't complain when someone else takes your job from you.

Companies are in business to turn a profit, they are not social welfare agencies. If you don't like what is happening to you, start your own company. And, if you do, let me know if you feel an overwhelming urge to pay your employees more than they are worth.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:00

Dude, it's biased DNC, lib McClathy that's paying those wages.

What say you,Dude!

Anonymous said...

That kind of pay-and-benefits package warms the hearts of true red-state conservatives everywhere.

Sure does. It is always heart warming to sit back while a bunch of leftists f(*k their fellow leftists in the butt.

Pruitt: Slap! I bet you liked that, didn't you boy!

McGirlie reporter: Yes dadde. Do me some more.

Anonymous said...

2:11 PM: Good point, but that goes for any industry. Are we getting to the point where *everyone* has to justify whether he or she makes enough revenue for his or her company, or gets so many page views, or so many viewers? If that were the case, half of Americans would be unemployed.

Anonymous said...

McClatchy has been paying these wages for years.

Anonymous said...

6:45... There is a name for companies that do not justify the cost of each and every employee. They are called bankrupt companies.

Start your own company, put your own time and money on the line and let me know how you feel about non-producers taking food out of your child's mouth.

That is where the problem with unions and their love of feather bedding comes into play. Ref: General Motors and Chrysler.

See... half of Americans are going to be unemployed because this simple economic truth as been perverted by government intervention in private business, affirmative action, environmental terrorism, and a workforce that thinks the world owes them a living.

If there are people living in India or Hawaii or Kansas that can do your job at half the price, you better figure out how to make yourself twice as valuable or your ass is gone.

Liberals are all hung up on wealth envy when they should be looking at talent envy or skill envy.

Anonymous said...

"Sure does. It is always heart warming to sit back while a bunch of leftists f(*k their fellow leftists in the butt. "

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