Saturday, July 11, 2009

Saturday July 11 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

The backers of Sonia Sotomayor are “[quietly targeting the Connecticut firefighter]”
Liberals have found another ‘Joe the Plumber’ to destroy. They may not get away with targeting a firefighter. The unions will be in a terrible quandary. Do they support their liberal politicians or their fellow union member?
Sotomayor backers urge reporters to probe New Haven firefighter

McClatchy Newspapers ^
Michael Doyle and David Lightman

WASHINGTON — Supporters of Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor are [quietly targeting the Connecticut firefighter] who's at the center of Sotomayor's most controversial ruling. On the eve of Sotomayor's Senate confirmation hearing, her [advocates have been urging journalists] to scrutinize what one called the "troubled and litigious work history" of firefighter Frank Ricci.

Anonymous said...

McClatchy is reporting that the lefites supporting Sotamayor are planning an attack on the firefighter who brought suit in New Haven.

"On the eve of Sotomayor's Senate confirmation hearing, her advocates have been urging journalists to scrutinize what one called the "troubled and litigious work history" of firefighter Frank Ricci."

Nice to see that the the media is on the leash of her advocates. It must be nice to have your own newspaper reporter to investigate and attack on demand. I wonder if they are housebroken too.

Anonymous said...

It sort of looks like even McClatchy is trying to write a more ‘fair and balanced’ political article. Too little, too late! However, it is Sotomayor’s record that needs to be probed, by the so-called journalists. Probes on demand, what a handy political tool that is. What is that “Burn me twice, shame on me” thingy?

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see if the leftie media takes the bait and attacks on command.

Anonymous said...

New SNL joke:
“0bama: "I can see Mecca from the WH portico."

Kevin Gregory said...

Link to the McClatchy article by Michael Doyle is here.

Anonymous said...

I got a new job and no longer care about the crappy company that is McClatchy! Woohoo!

John Altevogt said...

Ground Hog Day at The Star? Since May 15 the same list of articles has been listed on The Star's website for Midwest Voice and never updated.

Bad news when you can't even afford to maintain your website.

Anonymous said...

You have to have a good memory when you are a liar. TOTUS can’t keep everything on the screen for his master.
Where Obama Met His Wife
By Michael Williams
President Obama says he met his wife in class at Harvard:

Too bad the Obamas didn't overlap as students at Harvard:
Though both Barack and Michelle went to Harvard Law, they didn't overlap — she got her degree in '88 and he graduated in '91. They actually met in Chicago when he was a summer associate at a law firm in Chicago.

More, and a You Tube video @

Anonymous said...

Guess what? The wife of a guy in the Debt President’s neighborhood worked at the law firm where the Obamas met. How lucky was that? Obama and Ayers could possible write a book together, “The Over Capacity of Audacity” - Or, “Dashed Dreams of Hope”
Williams continues:
Tell us more about this "chicago law firm" where the Obamas met!
Actually, Barack Obama landed this amazing summer job while in school at the Sidley Austin Law Firm where terrorist Bernadine Dohrn, the wife of terrorist Bill Ayers, just happened to be working. Bill Ayers' father had pull at the firm. Barack met his future wife Michelle at that law firm.

Anonymous said...

John... the website has not been updated because the tech-free dinosaurs in management can't figure out how to get more ink into the server now that they laid off everyone with any knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Obama’s grand GM scheme uses our money to shut down mining in Montana. The Bam said as much about coal mining, so where’s the surprise here? Weren’t the unions listening? No, they campaigned for Obama. Didn’t the liberal Governor of Montana realize Obama meant ‘all’ mining? It’s only the loss of 1300 jobs, and it’s for the good of the planet. Like Schweizer didn’t know? Get real!
Montana gov blasts GM mine contract cancellation (Obama closes US mines in Montana)
Business Week ^ | Matt Brown

Gov. Brian Schweitzer is calling on the Obama administration to force General Motors to honor its contract with a Montana mining company instead of going overseas to buy the precious metals used to control vehicle pollution.

ex-worker Bee said...

Read "the about" McClatchy page here

It should be called the BS about McClatchy.

And check this out on their home page.

McClatchy is engaged in a continuing reengineering of our company that has been years in the making. While today's dismal economy has masked many of the advances, we have made good progress and see better days ahead.

"Reengineering..." mass layoffs, closing papers, selling property, tanking the stock...

I love that line,"been years in the making." Gary and the wrecking crew couldn't ruin McClatchy fast enough!

..."we have made good progress." Yep, not too many more jobs left to cut.

..."and see better days ahead." What? from the aft deck of your yachts, or the deck of your multi-million dollar mansion?!?

Anonymous said...

2:00 PM One slight correction. They don't have yachts, they have boats. While a 30' boat in California is called a yacht, elsewhere that is called a Tender.

California's predatory governance makes real yacht ownership and docking all but impossible.

Anonymous said...

2010 Election: The Democrats are not worried about ramming a health care bill down our throats. What do you think the payoff to ACORN is about? What do you think a Black Panther carrying a big stick at a voting booth is all about? They won once with the help of thugs, why wouldn’t they think it is a winning scheme to use again?