Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday July 16 -- Got news or an update?

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Anonymous said...

At the Baseball All Star game, Zero throws out a weak lob pitch that lands in front of home plate, and the media gush and lie. Same-o, same-o, but don’t they know there is a video to catch them in their lies? The media is too old-school to survive. There were also boos for Zero, but that was conveniently left out of the news stories as well. Zero also misnamed the White Sox stadium in South Chicago, his old thuggery grounds. The media deserves to die the painful death we are watching now, they absolutely deserve it.
Obama's first "pitch" wasn't even close Video Highlights ^

There is a center field camera angle of Obama's ceremonial first pitch about 28 seconds into the video. The media report this pitch as a "strike" and that it "crossed the plate".

Anonymous said...

Internet humor:
-The liberal’s debt gravediggers are ‘shovel ready’-

Anonymous said...

The Flap Over Free
We don’t know if you’ve followed Wired editor Chris Anderson’s latest book, Free: The Future of a Radical Price, but the premise is worthy of attention from publishers. Anderson’s premise is that the Internet has created a new competitive dynamic that is relentlessly forcing the price of all things digital – and some things physical – toward zero.

Anonymous said...

Union Busting? This article is an interesting account from the union’s side, the writer accuses Knight Ridder of plans to drive the unions out of their business.
Happy anniversary, Detroit newspaper strike
Fourteen years ago today the union I belonged to, Newspaper Guild Local 22, walked out on strike at The Detroit News in response to the paper unilaterally imposing work conditions after it declared contract talks at an impasse. In reality, Gannett and Knight-Ridder, owners of The Detroit News and the Detroit Free Press, had been laying plans to drive the unions out of their businesses for many months.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the above posts.

I enjoy waking up to, and gladly reading truthful news about the bias news.

Anonymous said...

The Zero’s weak first pitch article has in comments a mention of the “presstitutes”, and that is an accurate identification at that, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Robinsons to buy Waco Tribune-Herald

For the first time since 1976, the Waco Tribune-Herald will be locally owned under an agreement announced Wednesday that gives control of the 117-year-old newspaper to civic leader and businessman Clifton Robinson and his son, Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Two alternative lifestyle papers bit the dust recently, perhaps they should receive stimulus money? The blacks want stimulus money for the black media. Something to stimulate the avant-garde journalists of the USA, but what color? Perhaps something like a stimulus rainbow package?

Anonymous said...

MGM passes audit, says it’s in ‘full compliance’ with debt requirements (LA Times)

The studio is scrambling to refinance its $3.7-billion loan and has not released a movie since December. Few in Hollywood think it can survive much longer without being sold or merged.

Anonymous said...

Who's next? What the Banner 's closure means for Boston's African-Americans (The Phoenix)

If Melvin B. Miller has his way, last week's shutdown of the Bay StateBanner — the African-American-focused weekly paper Miller ran as editor and publisher for nearly half a century — won't be the end. It will, instead, inspire a would-be successor or two to come out of the woodwork and bring the paper back to life. "I'm of an age where I think it's appropriate for a younger generation to come up and start running the Banner," Miller told the Phoenix last week. "That hasn't been able to materialize because of the downturn in the economy. So we just decided to generate greater interest, let's put it that way."

Anonymous said...

Rumor: Spin closing? (Magazine Death Pool)

Is Spin going to follow right behind Blender and Vibe doing the Posthumous Polka?

The Reaper has heard one rumor, but it's just that. One piece of hearsay.

However, it's not far fetched considering how close Spin has come to a permanent visit down here. Spin's ads are already down 28% this year.

After all the crying and long goodbyes for Vibe and Blender, Spin would bring out the handkerchiefs once more from all the ink-stained attendees of last night's Wilco concert. What do they say about bad things coming in threes?

Anonymous said...

The worst thing for the liberal press now, is that once they were known as biased, or even outright liars, no one believes anything they write. When they write fawning articles about Obobo, I figure it is a lie. If they write an article attacking someone, I figure just the opposite of what they wrote is true. Most of the time you can catch their retractions buried somewhere in the back pages. There doesn’t seem to be a shortage of liars these days, but thankfully the job market for them is drying up, and ‘The Darn Economy’ will usher in the ‘Unethical Cleansing’ the so-called journalism industry needs.

H. Michael Sarkisian said...


In your Editorial Notebook of July 16, your suggest the use of city land for use as a homeless campground!

Given the dangerous summer temperatures, perhaps a better solution would be to house the homeless in the Sacramento Bee, where there is not only running water, but plenty of room and lean-tos would not be necessary.

Anonymous said...


TV Shows Bring Their Ads Online (WSJ)

Cable-TV shows, including TBS's "My Boys," are coming to the Web -- along with a full complement of ads.

The shows will be part of a new Web-TV trial that begins this month, spearheaded by cable operator Comcast Corp.

It involves more than a half-dozen other media companies, including CBS Corp. and Time Warner Inc. The idea is to put more TV shows online, but only for paying cable subscribers.

The effort aims to address one of the biggest concerns facing producers of cable programming (BUT NOT MNI)... to keep viewers from canceling their subscriptions to watch free TV (hear newspapaqers IDIOTS) online.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:39 Sing it to me baby! Truer words were never spoken !!!

McClatchy Watch said...

5:43 - heh

Anonymous said...


Recession Fuels Use Of Internet, Other Media (Media Post News)

Recessions may be bad for the media economy, but they appear to be improving the health of the media ecology.

Faced with tough economic times, consumers are consuming more media, not less of it, especially electronic media like the Internet and TV.

In fact, the recession is actually fueling Internet usage among people looking for advice and information to deal with troubling economic times, according to results of new research released Wednesday by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

The study finds that nearly a third (31%) of online users are utilizing the Internet more often to get information about the economy in the past year vs. only 10% who said they are going online less often.

Other recent data from TV ratings researchers Nielsen Co., and from the Nielsen-funded Council for Research Excellence, have shown that the amount of time Americans spend watching TV actually is growing, not declining.


Anonymous said...

o('.')o says: Let me make this clear, transparency is my middle name. I just added the name Hussein because my ghostwriter,just a man in my neighborhood, told me to.

Anonymous said...

Lib Journalists get wet dream: free phones for job seeking from government teat

Poor in Colorado may get free phones (denver post)

Thousands of low-income Coloradans reliant on public assistance could get a free cellphone under a plan before the state Public Utilities Commission.

If approved, the plan by TracFone Wireless in Miami would make Colorado the 17th state it has settled into with free cell service for the indigent, a form of wireless welfare that proponents say taps into one of the last untapped markets for the telecom technology.

Anonymous said...

I get such a laugh when Democrats say Obama inherited this economic downturn from President Bush. I guess they forgot the Democrats took over the congress in 2006, and their majority votes set us on the path Obama is fumbling today. Their reckless no money down home mortgages, starting the landslide into this recession. There are countless warnings from President Bush to rethink huge housing loans with no money down. If the media was honest, they would be placing the blame where it belongs, but they are so invested in their lies, they figure half the population will stay with them, even in deceit. Too bad that isn't enough Kool-aid drinkers to keep them in business!

Anonymous said...

Re: Obama renames Cellular Field in Chicago.
-Obama was thinking ahead to when he and Daley rename it "Alinsky Park."-
@Michelle Malkin

Anonymous said...

At a laying off discussion, a McClatchy journo tells his editor to stop with the ‘Blue-sky scenario’, fire me, praise Pruitt, and let me get out of this hellhole.”
This information comes from an anonymous source, and means the same as the elite media means with their anonymous sources, you don’t know if it is the truth or not. Tough shit, readers!

Anonymous said...

FT editor: Most news sites will soon charge for content

Financial Times editor Lionel Barber predicts that "almost all" news organizations will be charging for online content within a year. "How these online payment models work and how much revenue they can generate is still up in the air," he says.
via: Poynter Oline

Anonymous said...

There are several Blue Dog democrats that oppose Obooma’s socialistic healthcare plan, but as usual the NYT presents only their version of the news. I will be so glad when these “sneaky bastards” are holding tin cups on NYC street corners.
» NYT Decries ‘Partisan Divide’ in Healthcare, Never Mentions Democrat Opposition

Anonymous said...

The TechCrunch piece has a lot of Twitter information for anyone who wants to follow up the Gawker article.
Gawker editor: Who is Twitter to get prissy about corporate privacy?
All Things D | Gawker

Twitter is consulting with attorneys about how to deal with websites that are posting internal documents that were grabbed by a hacker. Gawker editor-in-chief Gabriel Snyder says: "It's hilarious to see Twitter, which has become a conduit for real-time, unauthorized information from places like the New York Times' internal meetings, now get prissy about corporate privacy."

> TechCrunch has published one of the hacked documents

Via: Romenesko

Anonymous said...

Everybody jump on the "on-line band wagon"
From the McClatchy 2008 annual report model
we’re creating for our hybrid print and online news and
advertising company.

Our Strategy...realign our business
particular emphasis on internet advertising. (internet)
Second, growing total audience based on the unduplicated
reach of our print and online products. (online)
Third, providing and expanding our range of high
quality public service journalism, in all channels, print
and digital. (There is that "d" word again. Do you see a theme here?).
Fourth, permanently reducing our cost structure. (Layoffs, sell the buildings every man for himself)
And fifth, continuing to pay down debt and improving
our financial position. (More layoffs etc.)

Improving Revenues:
Reallocating sales staff, particularly to online sales.
Implementing new sales incentive plans focused
on online sales...
...And partnering with technology companies...

We were also pleased to note that an increasing
amount of our digital advertising revenue came from
ads placed only online; that is, they were not tied to a
joint print buy.And online only advertising is growing
quickly – up 41.4% in 2008.We believe this independent
revenue stream bodes well for the future of our
digital business and is evidence of its importance as a
resource for advertisers.

We are an industry leader in online advertising,...

Growing Audiences
Our success online is built on growing audiences.

Providing Quality Journalism
That future is based on audiences attracted by highquality,
value-added information they can’t get
anywhere else.We enhance information through selection,
verification and presentation to make it a unique
and valuable community resource. (Selection? is that called creative editing?)

Permanently Reducing Our Cost Structure: We announced two restructuring plans in 2008 that
reduced staff by about 20%, and included other cost
saving initiatives to save an estimated $200 million
annually. ...Two of our newspapers,
Bradenton, FL and Modesto, CA, are now printed at
other facilities. Two others in the Northwest are under
contract to be printed by nearby papers in 2009, with
more to come. (More layoffs to come)
In 2008 we reduced debt by $433
million, and total debt at year end was $2.038 billion. (Oh WOW!)

Looking Forward (to more layoffs)In the coming months you will see the full
effect of our restructuring actions and we will continue
to streamline operations in 2009.
(YEP! We see it, the stock is down even further, more jobs cut, buildings for sale or being leased...the list goes on. Gary, keep gazing into your crystal ball and you lose sight of reality.)

Anonymous said...

yes, lets get rid of the byassed news. And this is from both right and left. If you deny this fact, then your either lying or stupid. But back to my point, lets get rid of byassed news and then what?

Then what? where are you going to get your news, moreover how can you prevent it from being just as byassed as what we currently get?

Everyone is quick to kill the donky but nobody has mentioned how to replace it.

I dont know about you but ignorance is not bliss, and i want to know whats going on in the world without having to rely on blogs and other sources that do not have any back up to there info.

At least with the current spin on news, you can fact check it. Cant fact check some guy sitting in his house pretending to deliver news.

Anonymous said...

3:56 PM, Propaganda is useless news. Corrupted journalism has to die, and hopefully return as something more honest, and needed by the people to participate in their government. What the biased press did this past election will haunt the USA taxpayers for generations to come. Socialism doesn’t work, socialized medicine doesn’t work, the whole Obama administration is flooded with tax cheats, and that should not work. Obama is a colossal fraud, and more people realize that fact by the day. Previous ACORN experience does not ready anyone to be president. Why didn’t the press flush out the inexperience of BO? They spent tons of print on Sarah Palin. You say the biased press is still needed, indeed not!
MOO Stan