Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is Ted Kennedy eligible for burial at Arlington Cemetery??

Jonn at This Ain't Hell reviews the criteria and says "yes."


Anonymous said...

It always seemed to me that Kennedy despised the military. For him to be surrounded by our fallen heroes seems distasteful to me. I disliked him alive, I do feel sorry that his family has lost a member, but I do not regret that he is finally out of the Senate. I will not watch one minute of the Kennedy circus the liberal media will conduct. The Democrats can try to revive the doomed health care bill as Kennedycare, but they will misjudge the amount of people that think he let a young woman die for his career’s sake. There are many people who know who the Kennedy boys really were, and think the corrupt media struggles to pitch their phony Camelot image.

Anonymous said...

Scoundrels always try to infest places of honor.

Anonymous said...

Ted Kennedy,["his life was not as simple, nor heroic, as is now being portrayed."] The media continues to do what they do best, lie.
Ted Kennedy’s legacy not
as heroic as some might think -

Boston Herald, by Howie Carr

I never voted for Ted Kennedy, not once, and neither did maybe a quarter to one-third of the Massachusetts electorate, although you’d never know that from the echo chamber of the mainstream media since his death in Hyannisport late Tuesday night. While offering condolences to the Kennedy family at this sad moment, it is important to note that [his life was not as simple, nor heroic, as is now being portrayed.] On the cable channels yesterday..

Anonymous said...

There are many people that feel, if not for Chappaquiddick, Ted would have been elected president. GAG!
What happened in Chappaquiddick?
Examiner [DC]
by Marc Sandalow

Forty years later there are still more questions than answers. Why did Kennedy, then a 37-year-old married senator, leave the party with 29-year-old Mary Jo Kopechne? Why did he drive in the wrong direction, swerve off the bridge, fail to pull her body from the water, and take 10 hours to report the accident? Did a concussion blur his judgment? Might Kennedy have become president? This much is certain: Kennedy’s fate and the nation’s history were altered by what happened on Chappaquiddick Island in the summer of 1969.

Anonymous said...

The UK tells it like it is. It seems odd we have to read UK news to find out the truth about the USA.
Ted Kennedy: The Senator of Sleaze
who was a drunk sexual bully... and
left a young woman to die

Daily Mail [UK]
by Charlie Laurence

Senator Edward 'Ted' Kennedy stood for sleaze. Bloated and drunken, he used his standing in the Kennedy clan to chase vulnerable women - which brought his dream of reaching the White House to a shameful end. (Snip) Incredibly, he was in line to inherit his brother John F. Kennedy's legendary presidency, but his chances were dashed following the drowning of the pretty, young campaign assistant Mary Jo Kopechne.

Anonymous said...

The leftist media is trying to gin up a huge TV audience for the Kennedy circus Saturday, but their glorification of a person like Ted Kennedy will not interest at least 50% of the US population. It’s like the media didn’t learn anything when few watched Zero’s TV blitz. Reruns of the Beverly Hillbillies is still the better choice for your Saturday TV viewing.

Anonymous said...

Though the above posters are so very correct, sadly, because his father hid Private kennedy in Paris during the Korean War (after being kicked out of Harvard for cheating), and because he infested the Taxachusetts senate, the communist druck, murderer is eligible.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many of you right-wing Nazi scumbags could pass the perfection test? You hypocrites turn my stomach.

Anonymous said...

7:52 AM

What a rebuttal! Did you think that up all by yourself?

Anonymous said...

You can't handle the truth.

Dave D. said...

...Sadly, all the Potters Fields in Mass. are full of his constituants, so there is nowhere else to plant him. I've been to Arlington where his brothers are buried, and it seems most appropriate to bury this sot under the concrete steps leading to their graves. DEEP under the steps.

Anonymous said...

You can't handle the truth.


What truth? National Socialists (Nazis) are leftists you stupid dweeb. As far as hypocrites, you sure qualified that one!

Where did you pick up your effective communication skills? Juvenile detention?

Anonymous said...

I don't give a damn where they bury him. Just so long as he is dead, buried and has no chance of coming back!

John Altevogt said...

The left is already milking his death to pimp for Deathcare. The Star's editorial for the day asks to pass it in Kennedy's "honor'. Talk about morbid. Let's commit mass murder among the elderly to honor the last remaining misogynistic son of an Irish mobster. Please.

Anonymous said...

...It always seemed to me that Kennedy despised the military...

What did he do or say to give you that impression?

Anonymous said...

A great man. His ashes should be spread in the water beneath the Chappaquiddick bridge and a national program of swimming lessons should be started in his honor.

Anonymous said...

i want to know why THIS MAN gets to be buried in arlington before all our hero's in war. It seems there is a waiting period of weeks to get buried there. But THIS MAN gets to move a head of the class. It's not right!!

Anonymous said...

Bob & Valerie & Ted & Mary Jo PATTERICO

Editor and Publisher has compiled a list of where establishment media outlets placed the first mention of the Chappaquiddick accident in their obits of Ted Kennedy.

E&P claims they compiled a similar list of where news outlets first mentioned the Plame case in covering the death of Robert Novak, but failed to provide a link — and searches failed to find it. Out of curiousity, I decided to compare them myself.

The Associated Press mentioned Chappaquiddick in the 7th graf of the Kennedy obit; Plame appears in the 2nd graf of the Novak obit (which later had to be corrected regarding the Plame case).

Reuters mentioned Chappaquiddick in the 18th graf, but mentioned the Plame case in the lede. The New York Times mentioned Chappaquiddick in the 14th graf, Plame in the lede.

The Washington Post put Chappaquiddick in the 9th graf, Plame in the 2nd graf (and the second sentence).

The Chicago Tribune and the L.A. Times put Chappaquiddick in the 12th graf, Plame in the lede. USA Today put Chappaquiddick in the 19th graf, Plame in the 6th graf.

The Hill made no mention of Chappaquiddick, but put the Plame case in the second graf. Roll Call put Chappaquiddick in the 25th graf, Plame in the 12th. The NY Daily News put Chappaquiddick in the 13th graf, Plame in the 9th graf.

Not every media outlet followed the pattern. The Politico put Chappaquiddick in the 24th graf, but put Plame in the 30th.

The Wall Street Journal placed Chappaquiddick in the 6th graf, and Plame in the 11th. But these were the exceptions proving the rule.

WaPo media critic Howard Kurtz may have been surprised that Chappaquiddick was a trending topic on Twitter (and a number of the hottest searches on Google), but few in flyover country are likely to be surprised.

Chappaquiddick — in addition to its inherent tragedy — is a milestone in double-standards, both in American politics and the establishment media


How bad is this double-standard?

As the two men were dying of brain cancer, Ted Kennedy was far kinder to Robert Novak in life than Novak’s media colleagues were to Novak in death.

Anonymous said...

I heard he was born in Kenya. Better check his birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

"kill grandma for the gipper Teddy"- Beautifying Kennedy's past is no easy job. Now, not only would the death panels have written him off a few years back, but he was overweight, and that is a no-no, in the new plan as well. How does he become a poster boy for the Obama/Soros socialist health care reform? He was a poster boy for term limits, IMHO.
@Yid With Lid
This Saturday, President Obama will give the eulogy at Ted Kennedy's funeral, it is certain that within the flowery prose, the POTUS will urge the Congress to complete Kennedy's work, and go out and [kill grandma for the gipper Teddy.]

Anonymous said...

I have successfully managed to not watch any news about Ted Kennedy today on TV. I absolutely refuse to watch the people of Massachusetts act as if Kennedy was some great person. I feel sorry for the people, the media has feed them a line of crap about the Kennedy’s’ for years. The home of the original Tea Party has become a sorry home to socialism and high taxes, brought by liberal elected officials. Hard times might wake a few people up to what socialism really means, and a few updated tea parties would help.

Anonymous said...

Ted the environmentalist? Well sometimes anyway. Ted always worked for the downtrodden, he worked tirelessly to lower their energy costs, yet save the environment, or did he?
Ted was all for wind turbines until he was against them. The shit hit the fan when they planned some turbines where is sailed his yacht.
“But like a lot of well-to-do Cape and Islands landowners and sailing enthusiasts, Kennedy doesn't want to share his Atlantic playground with an energy facility, no matter how clean, green, and nearly unseen. Last month he secretly arranged for a poison-pill amendment, never debated in either house of Congress, to be slipped into an unrelated Coast Guard bill.

When word of the amendment leaked out, environmentalists were appalled. The wind farm proposal is supported by the leading environmental organizations, and they never expected to be sandbagged by one of their legislative heroes. Even if Kennedy would prefer to see Cape Wind plant its windmills in somebody else's sailing grounds, he has always claimed to support the development of wind power.”

Anonymous said...

Regardless of what you think of him, he was not a veteran. How can you be buried there and not be.