Sunday, October 11, 2009

Democrats yell obsenities at GOP Governor, Bee gets the story wrong

A group of Democrat party officials in San Francisco booed and yelled profanities at Governor Schwarzenegger on Wednesday, but if you get your news from the mainstream media you haven't heard about it.

The scene was captured by this video produced by the GOP.

The Sacramento Bee's little story on this incident has Ammiano yelling "You lie!" instead of the vulgar phrase he actually used.



Bradley J. Fikes said...

Good work! Comparing the SacBee's sanitized version of the event with the video was an eye-opener.

Anonymous said...

Why does Arnie keep speaking during the insults?

Anonymous said...

Very respectful. Classy.

Of course the Bee is giving the heckler's cover. From their perspective it's not's telling the "truth behind the truth" that all we need to know.

Journalists no more.

Anonymous said...

Good question, why did the governor keep speaking. He was not invited, by the way. Nevertheless, this former Californian is embarrassed. For more info, go to