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Anonymous said...

Bammy's Nobel : Not Buying It, Even In Norway (Power Line)

Got curious about how the media in Norway is playing the Nobel Peace Prize decision (I read/write Norwegian fluently), so I check out the Aftenposten (largest daily) this morning.

Found one of those opinion poll widgets on their site- vote on if you think the prize to Obama was correct.

62% of Aftenposten's own Norwegian readers voted not vs 37% who voted yes. Just thought you'd be interested in how it plays out over there.

Swedish dailies are pretty much skewing this as a stupid joke the Norwegians have created (to be expected...Swedes love to laugh at dumb stuff their next door neighbors do).

Anonymous said...

A Nobel For Nothing (Washington Times)

The news Friday that President Obama was awarded the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize was met with widespread incredulity and skepticism. "For what?" was the most uttered phrase of the day.

The almost universal sense of disbelief was reinforced when word spread that the deadline for nominations had been Feb. 1, less than two weeks after Mr. Obama entered office.

By rights, the nomination should have been diagnosed as a symptom of an extreme case of Obamamania and quietly discarded.

Certainly there have been less deserved awards of the Nobel Peace Prize, such as the 1994 award to Palestinian terrorist Yasser Arafat, or the 2007 nod to former Vice President Al Gore for his big, scary science-fiction movie.

However, Mr. Obama stands out as history's only recipient who even the Nobel Committee admitted won more for what he hopes to do than anything substantive he actually has done.

Anonymous said...

O's albatross: Misguided Nobel will weigh on rest of his presidency (NY Post)

Americans were justifiably proud last week of their many Nobel Prize winners. Eight of the nine honorees in physics, chemistry and medicine were US citizens, some native-born, some naturalized, a near total American sweep.

And their achievements were glorious: better understanding how DNA works, the basis for enormous medical progress; developing fiber-optic cable, revolutionizing global communications; and advances in cell biology, with enormous implications for treating cancer.

In each case, these breakthroughs, some made as long as 20 years ago, have proven themselves beyond the laboratory, and already made enormous real-world differences.
Next to these marvels, how to explain the Nobel Peace Prize, the most prestigious of all, to President Barack Obama, in office less than nine months?

Anonymous said...

KGB-style, The Guardian removes Israelis from Nobel Prize winners list (NRO)

The British paper The Guardian – which one would just dismiss as an irrelevant left-wing rag, except that it is the overwhelming paper of choice for British teachers and for news staff at the BBC, the world’s largest broadcasting network, who are “inspired” by Guardian stories on a daily basis in their broadcasts – is no friend of Israel and the Jews, as I have noted before.

But now it has wiped Israel off the Nobel Prize map, much as Iranian despot Mahmoud Ahmadinejad would like to wipe Israel off the real map.

To accompany their story about Barack Obama winning the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, The Guardian posted on their website what they claimed was “every peace prize winner ever,” stating that the information came from the website But guess whose names The Guardian took off the list, KGB-style, hoping no-one would notice?

All three Israelis who have won the peace prize: Menachem Begin, Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres.

Anonymous said...

What happened to global warming? (BBC)

This headline may come as a bit of a surprise, so too might that fact that the warmest year recorded globally was not in 2008 or 2007, but in 1998.

Anonymous said...

Brrrr... Antarctic Ice Melt at Lowest Level in Recorded History (Gatewaypundit)

As Obama and democrats continue to push their massive cap-and-tax monstrosity that will cost American households around $1,761 a year a new report revealed that ice melt in Antarctica was at the lowest level in recorded history this past year.

World Climate Report revealed this week that the ice melt during the Antarctic summer of 2008-2009 was the lowest ever recorded in the satellite history.

A 30-year minimum Antarctic snowmelt record occurred during austral summer 2008–2009 according to spaceborne microwave observations for 1980–2009. Strong positive phases of both the El-NiƱo Southern Oscillation (ENSO) and the Southern Hemisphere Annular Mode (SAM) were recorded during the months leading up to and including the 2008–2009 melt season.

In August, Green Peace leader Gerd Leipold recently admitted that his organization's claim that the Arctic Ice will disappear by 2030 was "a mistake."

But, these facts won't stop Obama and Democrats from pushing their cap-&-tax legislation.

Anonymous said...

The WSJ Guide to ObamaCare. A comprehensive collection of our editorials.

50 or more live linked articles, editorials on big government, big business RINO/Socialism/Romney/Hilary/Obama central health planning from the people that gave you public housing slums, lousy expensive highways, lousy expensive public schools....

Anonymous said...

A dangerous secret to the Baucus health bill (Fortune)

Two in a series: Hidden in the Senate's health-care bill are huge incentives for corporate America to stop covering their workers. If that happens, the deficit could skyrocket.

Now that the Congressional Budget Office has concluded that the health-care bill proposed by Sen. Max Baucus will shrink the federal deficit over the next ten years, its champions are heralding the legislation as a model of fiscal responsibility.

But the CBO's comforting analysis relies on a big assumption that's highly questionable, an assumption that virtually no one on either side of the debate -- politicians, pundits, even economists -- is even challenging.

The assumption is that America's employers will keep providing coverage for their workers.

But, in fact, the Baucus bill severely undermines the employer rationale for offering insurance.

Economist Michael Tanner of the conservative Cato Institute points out two main reasons.

First, the Baucus bill would substantially increase the costs of coverage, for example by requiring rich benefits packages and coverage for Americans with pre-existing conditions at far less than their actual expense.

At some point, employers will decide that the appeal of offering insurance as a tool for recruiting and retaining employees no longer compensates for its soaring cost.

Second, the bill is based on perverse incentives that no one is even discussing. The subsidies it offers to citizens are so rich that if companies were to drop their plans, the majority of workers would get the same lavish coverage, and extra cash in their paychecks to boot.

"Those two factors will change the equilibrium," says Tanner. "With the government providing huge credits, employers will feel a lot less guilty about dumping their plans."

In fact, the Baucus bill is practically inviting employers to do just that: It imposes a fine of just $400 per employee on companies that...

Anonymous said...

The Lost Generation (The continuing job crisis is damaging the future of our young people)(Business Week)

Bright, eager—and unwanted. While unemployment is ravaging just about every part of the global workforce, the most enduring harm is being done to young people who can't grab onto the first rung of the career ladder.

Affected are a range of young people, from high school dropouts, to college grads, newly minted lawyers and MBAs across the developed world from Britain to Japan.

One indication: In the U.S., the unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds climbed to more than 18%, from 13% a year ago.

Anonymous said...

U.S. states suffer "unbelievable" revenue shortages

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. economy may be creeping toward recovery after the worst slowdown since the Great Depression, but many states see no end in sight to their diving tax revenues.

Tax revenues used to pay teachers and fuel police cars continue to trail even the most pessimistic expectations, despite the cash from the economic stimulus plan pouring into state coffers.

"It's crazy. It's really just unbelievable," said Scott Pattison, executive director of the National Association of State Budget Officers, and called the states' revenue situations "close to unprecedented."

Anonymous said...

Sen. DeMint On Honduras Trip: Our ambassador is the only person I met there who thinks there was a 'coup.' (Gatewaypundit)

For the first time in history the United States government is siding with Marxist leaders Hugo Chavez, Daniel Ortega, Raul Castro and Evo Morales against the pro-democratic Honduran government of Roberto Micheletti.

The Honduran Congress and Supreme Court along with the military ousted corrupt Leftist President Manuel Zelaya from power. Zelaya tried to illegally secure himself as president for life like his friend Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.

Zelaya was, of course, supported by regional Marxists in Venezuela, Bolivia, and Cuba. The Honduran government appointed Roberto Micheletti president until the planned elections in November.

At that time he will turn over control to the democratically elected successor. The Obama government has announced that they will not recognize the winner of the November election.

Manuel Zelaya, the ousted leftist leader of Honduras, is backed by Latin American Marxists Raul Castro, Evo Morales, Daniel Ortega and Hugo Chavez and American President Barack Obama.

Anonymous said...

Reason to delete trolls! Some trolls(*) are paid to disrupt a blog, and will ruin it if they are allowed.
The Obama Justice Department’s Secret Blogging Team… Is it Illegal?

Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, has apparently hired a cadre of left-wing, Democrat campaign bloggers to troll through the Internet looking for news stories and blog posts that denigrate the Obama agenda.

*[After such websites are found it is the job of these (secret lefty bloggers) to leave comments that come to the support of Obamaism in the comments sections.]

It seems that Eric Holder has created his own little propaganda unit in a valiant effort to become the Bloggi Riefenstahl of the Obama era. As reported at The Muffled Oar, a blog that first broke the story of Holder’s...
( ^

Kevin Gregory said...

A reader mentioned this earlier today... in an online poll in Norway, 62% say Obama hasn't earned the Nobel Peace Prize....

Anonymous said...

Obama said had not earned the Nobel Peace Prize.

Anonymous said...

Panhandling for Reparations
Public Radio Int. (Studio 360
Kurt Anderson

October 10th is the "National Day of Panhandling for Reparations." More than 30 people in dozens of cities will literally beg in the street for reparations. It's a performance project designed to call attention to the legacy of slavery today, organized by artist Damali Ayo.