Monday, October 12, 2009

Palin flashback: Anchorage Daily News posts anti-Palin slam from Daily KOS, then deletes it

I'm re-posting a few previous Sarah Palin posts before her book is released next month. It's a mini retrospective on how the elites in the media treated Sarah Palin. Below is a McClatchy Watch post from May 15, 2009:

Wednesday I noted the Anchorage Daily News had posted a list of proposed titles for Sarah Palin's new book.

Here are some of the cloddish titles:

“The Lyin', The Witch, And The Wardrobe”
“Bible Spice: Word Salad Made Easy”
“The Conscience of a Moron”
“The Audacity of a Dope”
“Knocked Up: The Palin Family Story”
“Wink: The Power of Winking Without Thinking”
“Brain Freeze - The Untold Story of Sarah Palin”
"A Book Report, by Me, Sarah Palin"
"Tuesdays With Moron"

A reader at Conservatives 4 Palin discovered the book titles were apparently taken from the Daily Kos web site.

Word got back to the ADN, because late in the day Thursday, the entire post was deleted. If you click the link I posted Wednesday, you get this error message. No explanation, no apology to Palin or ADN readers, no nothing.

Thankfully the post has been preserved for posterity here.

The ADN owes an explanation to its readers. And maybe an apology to Sarah Palin.

Ace has more.

Hat tip: Conservatives 4 Palin

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