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Anonymous said...

Dunstan Prial
FOX Business

The Congressional Budget Office said Wednesday that the sweeping health care bill moving through the Senate Finance Committee would reduce the federal budget deficit by $81 billion over the next 10 years.

The plan will cost $829 billion over the same period and expand insurance coverage to 91% of U.S. residents, according to the CBO analysis.

President Barack Obama, who has made health care reform his top domestic priority, has sought a price tag of about $900 billion. Obama has also mandated that the plan not add to the federal deficit.

Anonymous said...

Veterans hit with hospital fee increase what's coming at us: media is smothering the story
(The Collins Report)

Want to see just a small part of what is in store for us under Obamacare?

The Veterans’ Administration increased hospital fee co-pays for veterans and active military personnel with no prior warning.

The increase is considerable at more than 20% for in-patient co-payments from military retirees and their dependents, by definition some of the neediest among us.

In the type of stealthy underhanded move we have come to expect from an underhanded double talking Administration, the Defense Department announced its rate hike on September 30, making it effective the very next day October 1, 2009.

Obviously this was done, in this manner, to head off any opposition to this burdensome increase.

The Military Officers Association of America (MOAA) has complained to everyone in Washington including Defense Secretary Gates, but the chances of reversing these increases are very slim given that Gates himself reassured MOAA earlier this year that no increases for FY2010 were being considered for Tricare (the military healthcare system).

Anonymous said...

Illinois stiffs vendors, health-care providers going under (Hot Air)

The state of Illinois can’t pay its bills, according to the local CBS affiliate in Chicago.

Illinois has a $3 billion cash gap in its budget, and is now pushing vendor payments out to three months on average. One health-care provider that supports at-home care may have to shut its doors and lay off its employees while it waits for almost a million dollars owed by the state:

The State of Illinois’ pile of unpaid bills has grown to a record-breaking $3 billion. Comptroller Dan Hynes said Tuesday it’s never before been this bad at this point in any previous fiscal year.

CBS 2 Political Editor Mike Flannery reports that some social service agencies that rely heavily on state reimbursement warn they will soon be forced out of business.

Hynes said that things are likely to get worse before the state’s bleak revenue picture begins to improve...

It’s all very discouraging to the physician who runs Family Home Service.

Dr. Norman James said he does not have enough cash to pay his 250 employees this Friday. He said he may have to close the doors, leaving more than 450 clients without the support they need to stay in their own homes and out of expensive nursing homes.

Anonymous said...

Obama's Backdoor insurance for illegals (Washington Times)

When President Obama addressed Congress last month he made a promise. "There are also those who claim that our [health care] reform effort will insure illegal immigrants. This, too, is false - the reforms I'm proposing would not apply to those who are here illegally." Rep. Joe Wilson, South Carolina Republican, yelled, "You lie," which made that section of the president's speech a part of every newscast.

Illegal immigrants technically are not covered in the bill. However, the health care bill that the Senate Finance Committee likely will pass today does not contain any mechanism to keep illegals from receiving benefits.

On a party-line vote, Democrats on the Senate Finance Committee rejected a proposed requirement that would require immigrants to prove their identity.

Imagine Congress passing age restrictions on alcohol and not requiring merchants to check IDs. Such a law could be described in a word: toothless.

Democrats seem to think we can trust illegal immigrants not to abuse the system. As Sen. Jeff Bingaman, New Mexico Democrat, put it: "The way I see the amendment, it's a solution without a problem."

Anonymous said...

Grandmother dies of ovarian cancer after being sent home FIVE times 'with trapped wind' (

A grandmother dying of ovarian cancer was sent home five times by medics who said her crippling pain was caused by trapped wind.

Barbara Collins, 68, was bed ridden for months with agonising pain and bowel problems, classic signs of the killer disease, but sent home with only laxatives.

The mother of four was correctly diagnosed with ovarian cancer a staggering four months after her first visit to Manchester Royal Infirmary, and died 10 days later.

Mrs Collins’ family criticised the medics, who they say made her feel like a nuisance.

She could have survived if only her cancer had been diagnosed sooner, they claim.
Daughter, Angela Stubbs, 44, from Partington, Greater Manchester, said: ‘It was tragic.

‘My mum went from being very active to lying in bed in pain in the space of a few months.
‘She was in agony and had terrible bowel problems, but time after time they gave her laxatives and sent her home - no one listened to her or to us.

Anonymous said...

Illinois Nursing Homes Mix Felons, Seniors[Errors And Omissions Understate Criminal Records]
Chicago Tribune

An elderly woman is raped in her room, and police arrest a 21-year-old ex-convict with acute psychiatric problems.

When the victim is interviewed by investigators five days later, she shakes with fear.

A frail man blind in one eye is slashed in the throat by a gang member, police say. About a year earlier, the same assailant allegedly had stabbed him in the face with an ice pick.

A man in a wheelchair dies of head injuries so severe that his doctor says it looked like he was hit with a baseball bat. One of the suspects is a 24-year-old mentally ill woman with a history of drug use and prostitution.

More than any other state, Illinois relies heavily on nursing homes to house mentally ill patients, including those who have committed crimes.

But a Tribune investigation found that government, law enforcement and the industry have failed to adequately manage the resulting influx of younger residents who shuttle into nursing facilities from jail cells, shelters and psychiatric wards.

Anonymous said...

Police: Nurse Wanted Elderly Patient 'To Suffer (Too lazy to reconnect ventilator) CBS3

According to court documents, Oke was taking care of an 81-year-old female patient at the facility who suffered from dementia, pneumonia and who has a tracheotomy.

The facility has a visual and audible alarm that goes off when a patient's ventilator becomes detached.

Instead a respiratory therapist who also heard the alarm, but was not responsible for the patient, responded.

The respiratory therapist told Plymouth Township police she found Oke in the patient's room behind the door with his hands folded.

She reconnected the patient who was blue and in respiratory distress to the ventilator.

Then she allegedly asked Oke if he saw that the patient was disconnected.

Anonymous said...

Commies, Fascists and Perverts, Oh My! (

Obama’s inner-circle is shaping-up like the bar scene from Star Wars.

It’s a swollen throng of unaccountable czars and policy advisors comprised of some of the most bizarre fringe leftists imaginable.

As mom always said, you’re known by the company you keep and Obama keeps some downright creepy company.

Here’s a sampling: First, we have disgraced former green-jobs czar Van “tinfoil hat” Jones. Jones, a self avowed communist and 9-11 “truther,” was forced to resign after revelations of his extremism became public.

Then there’s science czar John Holdren, the unzipped Harvard professor who wants a “Planetary Regime” to control world population through compulsory sterilization and forced abortion.

And of course there’s the administration’s very own Dr. Dolittle: regulatory czar Cass Sunstien, who advocates that animals be allowed to sue people.

But perhaps the creepiest of Obama’s advisers is “safe schools” chief Kevin Jennings. Jennings – an open homosexual activist – is former director of GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network), a highly controversial group of adult homosexual activists who promote sexual anarchy and tacitly work to normalize the criminal practice of pederasty.

GLSEN’s primary purpose is to push dangerous and even deadly homosexual and cross-dressing behaviors in our government schools on children as young as five.

So bold is Jennings in his promotion of homosexual behavior among children that he even penned the foreword to a book entitled “Queering Elementary Education.”

Anonymous said...

NAMBLA Supporter Inspired Obama’s Safe Schools Czar PATTERICO

Following up on an earlier post about Obama’s new Safe Schools Czar Kevin Jennings, the Washington Examiner reports Jennings was inspired by Harry Hay, a gay rights pioneer who was a strong supporter of NAMBLA:

“Kevin Jennings, President Obama’s Assistant Deputy Secretary of the Office of Safe and Drug FreeSchools at the U.S. Department of Education, is in hot water this week for having failed to report that a 15-year-old sophomore student in his school had told him of having sex with an older man.

But failure to report what appeared to be a case of statuatory rape of a child may be the least of Jennings’ worries.

Lori Roman of Regular Folks United points to statements by Jennings a decade or more ago when he praised Harry Hay of the North American Association for Man-Boy Love Association (NAMBLA), which promotes the legalization of sexual abuse of young boys by older men.

Roman provides damning details and links here. She also notes that Jennings wrote the forward “to a book called Queering Elementary Education.

And another fellow you may have heard of wrote one of the endorsements on the book jacket—Bill Ayers.” Ayers, of course, is the Weather Underground bomber from the 1960s who is just an “acquaintance” of Obama.”

Roman’s link includes the transcript of a speech Jennings gave in 1997. Here is the portion concerning Harry Hay and NAMBLA, but read the entire thing:

“One of the people that’s always inspired me is Harry Hay, who started the first ongoing gay rights groups in America. In 1948, he tried to get people to join the Mattachine Society [the first American homosexual “rights” group].

Anonymous said...

Safe Schools Czar: Some Critics of Gay-Only Schools Are Racists (Verum Serum)

"To be blunt I think some of the critics don’t like the idea of a lot of black boys being together. It scares them."

Verum Serum: Jennings is speaking at a panel discussion of “gender and education” at the Steinhardt School at New York University on April 25, 2008.

He has some interesting things to say about critics of publicly-funded, segregated schools for gay, lesbian and transgender students (such as the Harvey Milk School in New York).

Anonymous said...

Frédéric Mitterrand admitted to paying for sex with 'young boys’ in Thailand (Polanski's champion)

Frédéric Mitterrand, France’s culture minister, was under pressure to resign after it emerged that he had admitted to paying “young boys” for sexual acts while on holiday in Thailand.

The revelations in his 2005 autobiography “The Bad Life” have come back to haunt Mr Mitterrand after he emerged as one of the most vociferous defenders of Roman Polanski, the film director currently detained in Switzerland in connection with an outstanding conviction for unlawful sexual intercourse with a 13-year-old girl in the US in 1977.

In his book, Mr Mitterrand, the nephew of the late Socialist president François Mitterrand, wrote: “I got into the habit of paying for boys...All these rituals of the market for youths, the slave market excite me enormously.

“One could judge this abominable spectacle from a moral standpoint but it pleases me beyond the reasonable.”

Anonymous said...

VIDEO- Kevin Jennings: Every aspiring teacher should be required to take an LGBT course
Washington Times -The Water Cooler

This video comes from NYU's Apr 25, 2008 "Gender, Schooling and New York City" Education Policy Breakfast.

Kevin Jennings answers a question about what sort of policy could be implemented to counteract the "negative impact of stereotypes" against Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered students by their teachers.

Anonymous said...

Media Matters’ Defense of Kevin Jennings Reeks of Desperation
David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog

You can almost smell the flop sweat at Media Matters.

They're dancing as fast as they can, to keep new victim-hero, "safe schools czar" Kevin Jennings, from getting the hook.

Here's Media Matters' latest desperate attempt to steer attention away from Jennings, by playing "shoot the messenger":

"Wash. Times continues to smear Jennings with false claim that he failed to report 'sexual abuse' of student."

Having redeemed itself somewhat by denouncing Roman Polanski and his supporters in no uncertain terms, Media Matters is now minimizing the well-documented fact that after one of his high-school students told him he'd had sex with a stranger whom he'd met at the bus station, Jennings didn't report the incident to authorities, choosing instead to save it as a favorite anecdote in his many books and speeches.

Explaining the rise of Van Jones, Loudon says, "Seven years ago Van Jones was a Bay Area Alinskyite street communist. After hooking up with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, former '60s Maoists, Weather Underground supporters and Demos, he managed to land a job in the White House."

By comparison, "Twenty two years ago Barack Obama was a Chicago Alinskyite 'community organizer.' After hooking up with the Committees of Correspondence for Democracy and Socialism, Democratic Socialists of America, former '60s Maoists, Weather Underground supporters and Demos, he managed to land a job in the White House." Just a coincidence?

Anonymous said...

Yahoo AP Invents Silent Majority, Rallies for Obamacare (AP Associated Press via Yahoo)

This is an AP story so I will chop up an excerpted quote.

Note that the organizers of this so-called grass-roots phenomenon are handing out copies of Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals.

Fired up? ... Obama's grass-roots supporters ... drowned out.... communities ... Obama organizers ... "silent majority," ... a government run plan to compete with private insurers.... opponents of ... health care revamp ... controlled the image war ... rowdy town halls ... Obama supporters ... mobilizing.... erroneous "death panel" accusations.... Organizer Geoff Berman.... Howard Dean.... tea party protests largely organized by FreedomWorks....

Spokesman Adam Brandon said all staffers are given a copy of "Rules for Radicals," the famed community organizing manual penned by the late activist and author Saul Alinsky. Brandon said most of the group's agenda is dictated by the grass roots.

Anonymous said...

"you were lied to by the media." The media is still lying, and they will until someone finally turns out the lights.
America, You've Been Punk'd

American Thinker
by Pedro Primavera

It's okay to admit it: you thought you were voting for a more benevolent and wiser version of Tiger Woods when all you got was a smoother version of Chicago-style, brass knuckle politics. It isn't so much that you voted for the wrong guy; [you were lied to by the media.]

Anonymous said...

The Nine Voting Lives of ACORN's Darnell Nash

American Spectator
Matthew Vadum

The activist group ACORN, which has long worked with criminals as it preys on the weak and the troubled, is on the verge of yet another public relations catastrophe. That's because a cross-dressing Ohio male escort whom ACORN registered multiple times to vote was convicted of full-fledged vote fraud in addition to the lesser crime of voter registration fraud. A spokesman for Cleveland prosecutor Bill Mason confirmed yesterday that a local investigation of ACORN remains wide open. The conviction of Darnell Nash, apparently known by several aliases including Serina "Sexy Slay" Gibbs, is hugely significant for several reasons, not least...
via: FreeRepublic

Anonymous said...

White House press czarina Anita Dunn on why she doesn't allow Obama and others to appear on Fox News:

"It's opinion journalism masquerading as news," Dunn says.

That's more accurately the definition of MSNBC. What a pile of steaming crap.

Anonymous said...

"Members of the Newspaper Guild at the Boston Globe must be seeing red now that their union chief has been formally charged with misappropriating funds. Daniel Totten spearheaded the union’s disastrous negotiations with The New York Times Company a few months ago. He’s been charged with, among other things, faking a countersignature on his own paycheck. The union’s governing board takes up the matter tomorrow night."
Via: Newspaper Death Watch

Anonymous said...

Obama's elusive 'safe schools czar': Kevin Jennings' inconsistencies pile up

Washington Times-Editorial
Kevin Jennings hasn't come clean. There are still many unanswered questions about how he handled a high-school sophomore who he said confessed to a homosexual relationship with an older man. On Friday, Brewster came forward and gave a statement to Media Matters, a group with clear partisan ties to Democrats, in which the former student corrected Mr. Jennings' statement of his age and denied any sexual relationship. That, CNN and the Obama administration claim, is the end of the controversy. Hardly. . . . .

Anonymous said...

"Anybody Butt Reid"

Utah bumper sticker-
I think they've got it, vote the bum out.

Anonymous said...

Another scary czar-

Obama's Regulatory Czar Cass Sustein says that America is too racist for socialism and defends communism.

World Net Daily reported, via FOX Nation: