Thursday, November 26, 2009

Give it up for Gary Sinise

One of Hollywood's good guys, Gary Sinise, is in Afghanistan entertaining US troops. Click here for the story by N&O reporter Jay Price with photos by Chuck Liddy.

(Above photo credit: U.S. Air Force photo/Senior Airman Susan Tracy)

For some reason, the media has given short shrift to the entertainers who have gone to the Persian Gulf.

Of course, when celebrities stayed home and criticized the Iraq war, the media gave them all kinds of props.

Below are some of my posts about celebrities who went to the Persian Gulf to entertain troops -- usually with no media fanfare:

Jimmy Buffett
Toby Keith
Carrie Underwood
Kelli Pickler
Kix Brooks
Kid Rock
Third Day
Previous Toby Keith
Charlie Daniels


Anonymous said...

Gary is WAY cool!

Anonymous said...

Roger that!

Anonymous said...

It's spelled 'Sinise'-

Kevin Gregory said...

12:48 thanks

Anonymous said...

You forgot Al Franken. He's gone numerous times with no media fanfare either. Funny you didn't mention him.