Friday, December 4, 2009

Fitch: newspapers won't benefit from the coming ad recovery

Via The Medium, The Message, analysts at Fitch don't expect print media to benefit from the expected 2010 ad recovery.

“Fitch expects print mediums, namely newspapers, yellow pages and consumer magazines, to be down again off very easy comparable periods due to permanent shifts in advertiser sentiment and excess ad inventory that will plague the industry for years to come,” the magazine says. Radio will probably be flat and outdoor advertising “should begin a ’slow recovery’ later in the year.”



Anonymous said...

Hello to my favorite Beer and Journalism people!

Thought you folks might have a candidate or two for this interesting job posting ...



Anonymous said...

This is great news for newspaper people. It's going to get worse. And here we thought it couldn't. Damn!

Kevin Gregory said...

9:53 here's the link: Newspaper looking for reporter to cover beer industry

Anonymous said...

Advertisers have decided that the newspaper no longer supports the image they wish to convey. Newspapers will be a great place to advertise tatoos and escorts but the days of high end brands wanting exposure in the daily paper are ending.
The conduct of the big chains like MNI have made a temporary downturn permanent.