Friday, December 4, 2009

Recommended reading

The photo above (hat tip: Blackfive) shows cadets waiting for President Obama to deliver his speech at West Point Tuesday. One cadet is reading "Kill Bin Laden" by Dalton Fury.

Looks like a great book. Would make an excellent Christmas gift, too. Hardback price is $10.38 plus shipping. 352 pages. Click the link below to order -- and help me pay my bills in the process.

Update: more about the cadet...a commenter at Blackfive has this:

He was indentified this evening as Konrad Bunde, a freshman or first year cadet, belonging to Company A3. A Times analysis of the badges on the cadet’s chest shows that he is a “prior service” student at the academy, recommended for a place there after active service in Iraq. He is an Army Ranger who has earned an Iraq Campaign Medal and six other awards including an Army Commendation Medal, an Army Good Conduct Medal, a National Defense Service Medal and a Global War on Terrorism Service Medal.
Now click the badge below to order the book.



Anonymous said...

How wouldja like to have a beer with that guy to the reader's left? ha ha ha ha.

gruuuumpy. And possibly psycho.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Based on his uniform and ribbons, I believe the man in question is an officer, not a cadet.

Anonymous said...

11B3V with a CIB as a freshman. I'll bet he is having the time of his life. ;-P

I wonder how much they pay him to shine his boots.