Thursday, April 3, 2008

Well that didn't take long... in an operation today, Israeli troops encountered 6 armed Palestinian militants and shot them

This morning I noted Israel had removed 50 roadblocks from the West Bank. I wondered how long it would be until the next Palestinian attack. Looks like Palestinian militants were preparing to attack Israelis even as the last roadblocks were being dismantled.

While conducting sweeps for weapons and munitions earlier today, Israeli troops encountered six armed Palestinian militants. From

The IDF shot six armed Palestinians near Khan Younis in Gaza. Initial reports claim three of the gunmen were killed.

The shootings came as the IDF was wrapping up an operation in the Strip that aimed to confiscate weapons and ammunition. Soldiers have noticed a growing problem with terrorists coming from Gaza.

Hamas-men and others have been making near constant attempts to approach and infiltrate the border with Israel. In some instances, armed men have shot at Israeli soldiers on the Israeli side of the border. Further attempts have been aimed at hitting Israeli civilians in nearby

The IDF has been pursuing a strategy of pushing terrorists 'back into Gaza' to prevent border breaches.

Call me crazy, but I don't think the Palestinian gunmen were headed to the range for target practice.

Remind me again, why do the Palestinians deserve a country?
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