Monday, June 16, 2008

"Bloody Monday" breakdown - multiple updates


Nationwide, McClatchy will eliminate about 1,400 positions. Here is the breakdown I have pieced together so far:

Miami Herald will cut 250 jobs (17 percent?!)
Fort Worth Star-Telegram will cut 130 jobs
Charlotte Observer will cut 123 jobs (including 22 in the newsroom)
Kansas City Star will cut 120 jobs
Sacramento Bee will cut 86 jobs (46 though layoffs)
Tacoma News Tribune will cut 84 jobs
Raleigh News & Observer will cut 70 jobs
Fresno Bee will cut 44 jobs
Anchorage Daily News will cut 35 jobs
Lexington Herald-Leader will eliminate 17 jobs
The Olympian will cut 17 jobs
Idaho Statesman to cut 16 jobs
Modesto Bee will cut 15 jobs
Bellingham Herald will cut 13 jobs
Wichita Eagle will cut 12 jobs
Belleville News-Democrat will cut 12 jobs
The State (South Carolina) will cut about 12 jobs
Biloxi Sun Herald will cut fewer than 10 jobs
Myrtle Beach Sun News will cut 9 jobs
Tri-City Herald (WA) will cut 9 jobs
Macon Telegraph will cut 8 positions
San Luis Obispo Tribune will cut 5 jobs
Bradenton Herald will cut 1 job
Rock Hill Herald (South Carolina) will cut 0 jobs

As of 5:35 PM I have no information on:

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer
Merced Sun Star
Beaufort Gazette
The Island Packet (Hilton Head)
Centre Daily Times
The Olathe News
El Nuevo (the totals for Miami Herald may include El Nuevo)

UPDATE 6:00 PM - The numbers I have found don't come close to the 1,400 figure that McClatchy announced Monday. The information I linked to for the above newspapers totals approximately 976 jobs cut. There are 7 newspapers unaccounted for, but they are smaller. I don't see how layoffs at the 7 unaccounted for newspapers could bring the total close to 1,400. So what does the 1,400 figure actually mean? Maybe it includes positions that are vacant but the number of people actually laid off is 976. But something is odd here. (Total updated to 976 6/17 based on the Biloxi news I received 6/17.)

A commenter at Gearino says 70 people at Raleigh's News & Observer were laid off. (That seems less than 10 percent.)

Meck Deck says the email from the Charlotte Observer publisher contains a paragraph identical to language in the email from Miami Herald publisher. Plagiarism, or using a form letter supplied by the main office?

Herald Watch has the memo from Miami Herald's publisher.

I will update as more information comes in... I stopped counting updates after 10, but I will continue updating the list. Thanks to readers sending me info and links!

UPDATED 9:15 to add info on Myrtle Beach and Bradenton newspapers.
UPDATED 10:17 to add comment from Gearino site, Meck Deck's info on boilerplate language from the Miami publisher and Charlotte publisher, and link to Herald Watch.
UPDATED 10:45 to add info on Anchorage Daily News and Modesto Bee
UPDATED 11:00 AM to add Fresno Bee and News Tribune
UPDATED 11:20 AM to add Wichita Eagle
UPDATED 11:45 to add Raleigh News & Observer (Thanks to reader W. Abbott for the link)
UPDATED 11:55 to add Sacramento Bee... corrected name of Lexington Herald-Leader, I previously had incorrect name
UPDATED 12:30 to add San Luis Obispo Tribune and Idaho Statesman
UPDATED 1:14 to add Bellingham Herald
UPDATED 1:20 to add Macon Telegraph
UPDATED 1:50 to add The State and Rock Hill Herald
UPDATED 2:36 to add Belleville News-Democrat and The Olympian

UPDATED 9:05 6/17 to add Biloxi (thanks to reader W. Abbot for the link)