Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey media -- follow the money!

G. D. Gearino wonders why the chairman of the Edwards campaign finance committee would generously pay to relocate Rielle Hunter and her child to California. Very odd. You'd think the media would investigate this strange development.
It turns out that Hunter and a former Edwards staff aide who claims to be the father of her child were given financial help to leave North Carolina. The money came from a Dallas lawyer who was the chairman of the Edwards campaign finance committee, who said he wanted to help them “get away from those folks” — those folks being National Enquirer reporters who first reported on the affair and pregnancy. If you take Edwards’ story at face value, this was remarkable generosity. Why should the top finance guy care that much about two campaign workers who’d fornicated themselves into a pregnancy? Remember, at that point no one was taking the Enquirer’s story seriously, and vigorous denials by Edwards had kept mainstream reporters at bay. If Edwards truly had nothing to hide, why work that hard to keep the coupling campaign workers away from the Enquirer?
Given the lousy track record of the MSM in this case, I'm thinking either bloggers or the Enquirer will find the answer.

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