Friday, August 15, 2008

Report: more layoffs at McClatchy's News & Observer in September

Expect McClatchy to announce more layoffs in September, according to a report from G. D. Gearino:
More layoffs are coming to the News & Observer, staffers say (or maybe that should be “reporters report”).

In his weekly meeting with the news staff Wednesday, editor John Drescher told journalists to expect more job cuts to be announced by corporate executives in September. The next day, publisher Orage Quarles told the staff in a company-wide email message that the N&O was “implementing an across-the-board, one-year wage freeze effective September 1, 2008.” The memo went on to say the pay freeze was being instituted everywhere within McClatchy, the N&O’s parent company.

Two other bits of information have leaked out of the newsroom recently: First, that the weekly entertainment section What’s Up apparently is headed for extinction; and second, that the N&O and the Charlotte Observer (also a McClatchy paper) are working on ways to produce a single Sports section and a single Features section for both papers.

G. D. has a good track record: last May, his prediction of looming cuts at the News & Observer turned out to be right on target.


Anonymous said...

HMMM same tune different place...I think the words go...You can't always get what you want...Yep I heard them words "somewhere" before. McClatchy needs some real leadership. Orage was a good leader at the Modesto paper. We didn't always agree with him, but he got things a big way too. Sorry to see him go.

Kevin Gregory said...

Orage got behind the eight-ball in covering the Edwards/Hunter scandal, which the N&O should have owned. Missed opportunity.