Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Bee writer's tribute to departing colleagues mysteriously disappears

Earlier this month Sacramento Bee writer Mike Dunne wrote a short tribute to some of his colleagues leaving the Bee. The tribute was posted on Dunne's blog on the Bee's site. I noted his post here.

Today Doni Greenberg brings word that Dunne's post has mysteriously disappeared.
The way in which Dunne’s farewell post was yanked seems consistent with how most newspapers routinely handle the indelicate news of their employees’ growing exodus: They don’t report it. Maybe they believe newspaper readers are so stupid we won’t notice missing bylines and shrinking content.
Fortunately Greenberg saved Dunne's complete post.


Anonymous said...

It is a time for a class action lawsuit......you can't tell me that some legal firm would not pick this up.

Anonymous said...

Oh, cry me a river! The PCB forgot to notice how mediocre it's become and how irrelevant. It's nice it functioned as a clubhouse for the in crowd, though.