Friday, September 26, 2008

Bradenton Herald newspaper farms out printing to Sarasota Herald-Tribune

This news has been out awhile but I haven't gotten around to noting it til now.
The Bradenton (FL) Herald also plans to have its 41,200-circulation paper printed elsewhere, as owner McClatchy looks to trim $100 million from expenses. The 118,000-circulation Sarasota Herald-Tribune, owned by the NY Times, will take on the work.

McClatchy took over the Bradenton paper when it bought Knight Ridder in 2006 for $6.5 billion in cash and debt. McClatchy said it was removing 1,150 jobs from its payrolls—10% of its workers. “Printing presses are so expensive and our production facilities are only 10 miles apart,” publisher Diane McFarlin told her paper. “We probably should have done this a long time ago, but competition got in the way.”

Consolidation and coordination is what McClatchy is all about right now. Effective September 29, the Modesto Bee will be printed at the Sacramento Bee facility, located about 80 miles from Modesto. In June, McClatchy's Idaho Statesman announced it would create a joint printing facility with The Idaho Press Tribune. The Raleigh and Charlotte newspapers are combing sports and political desks. McClatchy's newspapers in Washington are beginning to coordinate efforts, too.

Bradenton Herald to cut 44

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