Saturday, September 27, 2008

End of an era in Modesto?... tonite is the last night the Modesto Bee will be printed in Modesto

From comments:
Tonight is the last night the paper is scheduled to run in Modesto...the night crew is on standby Sunday night just in case Sacto can't pull it off. It's the end of an era and a very sad day at the Modesto Bee.



Anonymous said...

I wish the modesto bee would report in honesty why they are printing in sac and putting people out of work and quit lying,hope the subscribers like a lousy looking and dirty paper. Also the content will be full of sac stories

Anonymous said...

With the Modesto Bee printing in Sacto, and now the Modesto Relay track event moving to Sacto, Let's just rename Modesto South South Sacramento...Who else is gonna jump ship and move North?
We know the truth about McClatchy and with the help of McClatchy Watch the truth can be heard...The McClatchy family sold out, hired an inexperienced, wet behind the ears CEO who sold them a snow job. Instead of getting rid of the bum, they let him have free reign and a WAY TOO BIG pay check. Now they can't undo the damage. Another year or so and I think McClatchy will be bought up, drawn and quartered.
Speaking of snow jobs, Check out Mark Vasche' hog wash on the "New" Bee