Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Here's some news I haven't seen in the Sacramento Bee

CNN: Biden, Obama helped keep 'Bridge to Nowhere' alive

CNN gives a little more background on the Bridge to Nowhere story. McCain voted against it twice. Although an early supporter of the bridge, Palin bucked the GOP powers in her state (Senator Stevens and others) and became an opponent. I doubt Bee readers know the full story.
Both Biden and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama voted to kill a Senate amendment that would have diverted federal funding for the bridge to repair a Louisiana span badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina, Senate records show.

And both voted for the final transportation bill that included the $223 million earmark for the Alaska project.An amendment offered by Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, would have stripped the money appropriated to connect the Alaskan coastal city of Ketchikan to its airport on sparsely populated Gravina Island and diverted the money to Louisiana.

But Biden andObama and 80 of their colleagues rejected the measure, an amendment to a massive 2005 transportation bill that funded thousands of projects across the country.

McClatchy reporter Tom Kizza published a story on the bridge to nowhere last month. Like most of the anti-Palin media herd, his piece consisted of pointing out Palin was an early supporter of the bridge. Having declared a triumph in his attempt to declare Palin a flip flopper, Kizza presumably moved on to the next Palin scandal instead of exploring the bridge issue in more depth.

UPDATE: Typo fixed. (Thank goodness for erasers.)

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