Wednesday, September 24, 2008

To McClatchy employees working beyond the buyouts... (bumped)

If you are a McClatchy employee who will stay with the company past the current round of buyouts, I have some questions for you:

1. In addition to your own job, how many other jobs will you have to do?
2. Do you have hope/confidence in management that they know what they are doing?
3. Your thoughts on McClatchy's prospects for ad revenue from online?
4. What is your stress level?
5. How is the mood in your office?
6. What are you hearing about McClatchy hiring temp workers to do the jobs of permanent employees who are leaving?

Leave thoughts in comments.


Anonymous said...

1. 4

2. No, I'm sure that "they" have a plan but it is not obvious to the rank and file

3. Iffy

4. Extremely high waiting for the other "shoe to drop"

5. The lowest that I have seen in 20 years.

6. Haven't heard that one at my location.

Anonymous said...

1. Hard to quantify since duties of departing employees are being split among several of us survivors. I'd say 2.

2. Plan? What plan is that? You say "plan," they say, "Huh?"

3. I have no idea, but I'd guess not good.

4. Pretty high, but not catastrophic --- yet.

5. Fairly somber and resigned. But we're still working hard.

6. Haven't heard that, but our correspondent budget remains intact.

Anonymous said...

1. 3 (not counting being a vp of a 7x7 cube)
2. ....stop i may die from laughing so hard
3. as dumbfounded as sarah palin on the bush doctrine
5. well I use to know but I think I short circuited my mood ring
6. Ding! Fries are done!

Anonymous said...

1. None yet
2. About as much as I do Obama actually being able to do half of what he is pandering to folks.
3. Wishful thinking
4. High
5. LOW
6. Haven't heard that here.

Anonymous said...

Just another WONDERFUL AND EXCITING day at McClatchy. How lucky we are. Who goes today? We should start a lottery.

Anonymous said...

1. Undetermined. Copy desk down two with a third going on maternity leave, that is 30% less staffing from a year ago. Sports down two as well. We are going to be forced to do a modified universal desk and cross train.

2. They've never been through this before either.

3. Our paper has had the biggest percent increase in online ad revenue in the company. But it still isn't enough to make up for loss of print advertising.

4. Better after I after my standards lower so I won't be disappointed.

5. Depressed, but still take pride in our work.

6. We are not hiring anybody.

Anonymous said...

1. Our team used to be used to 9 artists once upon a time, now there are 4 of us - you do the math.
2. I have NO confidence mgt knows what they're doing - except that they're great at covering their own butts apparently b/c they never seem to cut any middle mgt around here! Just the people that actually DO the work.
3. They're selling it like crazy but it's so cheap it only helps so much...
4. Stress level? Nearly through the roof. They seem determined to get rid of all of the advertising artists and just outsource everything despite the fact that the outsourcing is going terribly thus far.
5. Depressing. Morale is incredibly low. We have no faith in mgt and are just waiting for the other shoe to drop and the dept to disappear altogether.
6. Haven't heard that. Where did this one come from - rumors somewhere??

Anonymous said...

It's the Dots they work cheaper. They have a plan don't kid yourself.

Anonymous said...

Any executives lose their job yet? How about just taking a paycut to save some hard working soul's job? It's public knowledge what they earn and it's sickening considering the current environment.

Anonymous said...

And I believe MBOs (Manager Bonus Opportunity) still are active. Which is 15% to 20% of their salaries. And if only 50% of the goals are met (meet deadline, reduced correx, etc...) than 50% of the bonus will be awarded. But 10% of 20% ... do the math.

If MBOs were eliminated I think we would have more faith, confidence and trust in the company.

Anonymous said...

None of the corporate bigwigs should have a salary combined with M.B.O.'s etc that is higher than the president of the United States

Anonymous said...

After the layoff/buyout you WILL most likely get a new job description...verbal most likely...and it can and most likely will change as the dust from the latest rumbling has settled. Good luck and do what you have to do.