Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dumped by McClatchy

Writer Susan F. Benjamin explains how it came to be that she got dumped by McClatchy:
For many years, I've been writing articles and opinion pieces distributed through Knight Ridder then the McClatchy Group. One day I get an e-mail from my editor saying he was reassigned and he department was closing down...leaving writers like me stranded.

What ensued was about a dozen calls to editors at the publications which once published my work. And the story was bleak - getting bleaker. No one wants to advertise in the newspaper. No one reads the newspaper. No one has budget for anything. No one is hiring. This was tantamount to clinical depression, with self-pity (lots of it) thrown in. What to do...what to do.

I was busy looking online and found a really great place to send my pieces - one who posts and distributes them, much as McClatchy did. It's Take a look - lots up there. In the meantime, I still haven't given up on print publications - just bidding my time until they make a recovery after, we can hope, some economic rehab.

Interesting to see the turmoil inside McClatchy from the perspective of a writer who lost her gig.

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Anonymous said...

Someone once said, about reading the old comic strip "Nancy," that so little happened in it, it actually took longer to ignore. It takes a few seconds to ignore the comic strip "Mallard Fillmore," but it's worth the time.