Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McClatchy editorial: pointing out voter fraud at ACORN is "just politics"

The News & Observer continues blocking and tackling for its preferred candidate, Barack Obama. In the latest example, the N&O published an editorial Tuesday which claimed that voter fraud committed by ACORN isn't significant, and people who raise concerns about ACORN are just playing politics.

Well, isn't that special. If the fraud was being committed by the GOP, you can bet there would be screaming headlines at every McClatchy newspaper, demanding immediate investigations and special prosecutors.

In comments, some readers are not happy with the N&O:
Pretty soon the N&O op/ed staff will be reduced to being ACORN day laborers, signing up bogus voters for a few $$$. Regardless of the elections result, The N&O is on life support. I like the sound of that.

McClatchey is at it again, trying to spin for ACORN now. there were 2000 voter registrations in Gary Indiana with similar signatures, in Ohio one teenager was asked to register 73 times and a woman asked to register 112 times. ACORN has been convicted in the past as well in Washington state for voter registration fraud. This editorial is a sham. Everytime Acorn sends in a registration they get paid. It is corrupt and needs to be cleaned out. But of course the guilty will squeal innocence, it just so happens they are tied to Obama, even though Obama lies about it. Obama's campaign just recently paid them 800 thousand dollars.

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