Saturday, October 18, 2008

McClatchy Obama endorsements?

I've been running a reader poll, asking readers to predict how many of McClatchy's 32 newspapers will endorse Obama. So far, most readers think McClatchy's newspapers will be endorsing Obama.

If you want to vote, click here.


Anonymous said...

My hometown paper is the only one in town - The Kansas City Star. Its OP/ED and City Voice staff is heavily weighted by liberal Democrats, and it editorializes in the news/reporting section as well. The post last week by McClatchy, run in all their papers, that claims the financial crisis had nothing to do with lax/incompetent Democrat congressional ovefrsight of Freddie & Fanny is just one of many examples of that. I would bet that all of the 32 McClatch papers that offer endorsements will champion Mr. Obama and his income redistribution policies. And I would also bet that contrary to their stated policies, McClatchy controls or strongly influences the political content of its agenda driven newsprint outlets.

John Morrissey
Lee's Summit, MO

Anonymous said...

Your paper is a prime example of why people do not want newspapers anymore. No content. It took about 30 minutes to read the entire Sunday paper. I will not renew my subscription even though I have a liberal slant I want my monies is not. So I will get my news online on multiple sources and read a book and have less trash to take out on trash day.