Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McClatchy reports on Palin's 68 percent approval rating like it's a bad thing

McClatchy reports today that Sarah Palin's approval rating has plunged to 68 percent. The headline: "Even in Alaska, Palin's popularity is taking a tumble."

And get this: the reporter who wrote the article quotes Ron Zandman-Zeman, who is identified as a retired school-teacher who had come to respect Sarah Palin as governor, but opposes her on the VP ticket.

If reporter Chris Adams had done few minutes research, he would have discovered Zandman-Zeman is an activist Democrat. Reporter Chris Adams should have known that, since his interview with Zandman Zeman took place at an Obama rally masquerading as an anti-Palin troopergate rally. (Nice of the McClatchy reporter to play along with the charade.)

To read McClatchy's piece of garbage from Alaska, click here.

(Of course, McClatchy readers will never be told the approval ratings for Nancy Pelosi's congress are below 15 percent.)

My post on the Obama "troopergate" rally in Anchorage is here.

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