Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McClatchy reports on teacher suspended over video of public school students chanting Obama slogans

The Kansas City Star has published a story on the controversy over the YouTube video showing students from a public school chanting pro-Obama slogans. This video has been making the rounds over the internet the past few days. The teacher responsible for video was suspended by the Urban Community Leadership Academy on Monday. You can read the Kansas City Star article here.

The KC Star article omits what I think is an important issue -- the teacher was suspended for putting the video on YouTube, not for indoctrinating students or favoring one candidate over another. Here's the video:


Anonymous said...

According to the Fox story to which you linked, the teacher was suspended "for insubordination after he posted the video online," not because he posted the video online. The school only became aware of the incident after the video went public and tehy suspended the teacher in order to investigate further. It's ok though; no one expects republicans to know how to read anyway.

Anonymous said...

This is just creepy - like watching cult indoctrination film.