Friday, October 17, 2008

McClatchy shares drop 7 percent Friday

McClatchy (MNI) shares dropped 7 percent in trading on Friday. By contrast, the Dow fell 1.5 percent. The above chart shows the decline in McClatchy shares over the past year.


Anonymous said...

That graph sure makes me want to invest. Ha

Anonymous said...

Hey, tremendous comment! It kills! In fact, I would like to nominate this for comment of the week.

For everyone who doesn't get it: The comment is witty because the stock price has dropped a long way, and it dropped more. He doesn't really want to invest -- he's saying the opposite of what he means.

Comedy gold!

I look forward to more of your comments. Please make sure to put 'Ha' at the end of them, so that I know it's you. It also will help me figure out when you're not being completely serious.

This stuff is great!

McClatchy Watch said...

anonymous 10:10 -- was your sarcasm detector off?

I thought it was obvious the 6:55 comment was sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee! This is great, too.


nick said...

the web is kill mcclatchy newspapers ceo is kill mcclatchy

Anonymous said...

Kenneth: What is the frequency?