Tuesday, October 21, 2008

McClatchy slips to #14 in internet news hits

McClatchy ranked #14 for internet news hits during September, dropping two notches from August. Here are the top 15:

1. MSNBC Digital Network
2. Yahoo! News
3. CNN Digital Network
4. AOL News
5. NYTimes.com
6. Tribune Newspapers
7. ABCNEWS Digital Network
8. Fox News Digital Network
9. Gannett Newspapers and Newspaper Division
10. Google News
11. washingtonpost.com
12. USATODAY.com
13. CBS News Digital Network
14. McClatchy Newspaper Network
15. Hearst Newspapers Digital

This has to be a major disappointment for McClatchy, since the company invested huge resources in Alaska during that time period, tracking down any Palin critics who would give a negative quote to publish.

McClatchy was #11 in June and #12 in July and #12 in August

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Anonymous said...

Invested huge resources in Alaska?