Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rasmussen: 55% say media is more biased this year in election coverage -- but don't expect the media to get a clue

This Rasmussen poll should be a wake up call to newspaper executives desperate to stem the steady decline of newspaper subscribers.

In previous years when I noticed media bias, I usually chalked it up to otherwise well-meaning reporters who were unconscious that their opinions were seeping into their reporting. This year, they've dropped the pretense of fairness and are deliberately favoring Obama.

This new approach may help the media get the president they want, but in the process, their credibility with half their readers collapses.

How many McClatchy subscribers are Republicans? Easily 40 percent, probably more. And when your GOP-leaning subscribers view you as a mouthpiece of the Dem party, they'll begin dropping their subscriptions.

At McClatchy, it starts at the top. McClatchy's Washington Bureau chief John Walcott recently declared there is no need to present both sides fairly. (G.D. Gearino read Walcott's speech and came to the same conclusion I did.)

I don't expect McClatchy or any other newspaper companies to change their ways -- with the media, arrogance trumps the bottom line. So in 2009 or 2010, media executives might take some satisfaction that they helped elect Barack Obama, too bad their company is in bankruptcy.

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Anonymous said...

As a newspaper employee with a family, I sure do appreciate your support and good thoughts. You've done wonders, I can tell, to move forward the conversation about the state of newspapers in the country in 2008. We should all heed your lead and just, well, bitch I guess.